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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Business Attire

I love black suits and I loved wearing black suits to the office. I still have quite a few of my suits, however they are mostly too tight and if I did need to make a business appearance, I would have little to choose from.

Like many business owners that work from home, I have picked up several bad habits including:

  • Not worrying about proper business attire.
  • Staying fit.
  • Overeating.
  • Working all hours of the day.

That said, earlier this year I did decide I needed to keep my hair "ready to go" and I apply a little makeup everyday [my hair looked too "done" to go without], no matter if I leave the house or not.

This routine may become obsolete if I get my treadmill repaired. I used to fast or play tennis to stay in shape. These days, I do not like the idea of fasting, so physical exercise is my only option. When I have a working treadmill I stay on morning, noon and night [about half an hour each session]-- so while in "lose mode" hair will have to wait.

While I am still debating what to do about my slightly larger size, I decided I needed more business attire options in case a situation did arise, wherein I needed an easy business look.

Believe it or not-- one basic element is going to work for me and I found it on Amazon, here.

I am very pleased with this purchase and plan to purchase one or two other colors in a slightly smaller size. I like the quality of the material and the way it feels and hangs. I can combine the skirts with things I already have to create several different looks for business or slightly more formal occasions.

I have to confess, I am someone that owns a lot of more expensive lined skirts that are dry cleaned. I was a little skeptical, however I have a shorter Spandex skirt without the Rayon [purchased from H&M several years ago] that I use when I need a slightly more formal look than jeans or sweats. It does not need dry cleaning. The problem, it is above the knee but very easy to wear and achieve different looks with. That is why I thought I would give this longer skirt with Rayon, and a slit a try. I am pleased.

Why would I worry about a "business look" when I can do most things from home? Just in case.

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