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Saturday, November 07, 2015

batteries, batteries...

Things I would love to find amongst my holiday gifts:

I have been researching new gift ideas for my Amazon Stores and purchasing a lot of the holiday gifts I plan on giving. I am pretty pleased with some of my finds. That is how [researching holiday gift ideas] I found the Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker listed above.

Do you worry about battery life for all of the new mobile devices on the market today, like the Fugoo Speaker?

I have found that if I have electric power available and my device, e.g. android/tablet is fully charged, then I use electric power and save the battery life. I would do the same for the Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker.

The caution: try not to leave mobile devices [using non-removable batteries] that are off connected to an electrical power source. That is, if you turn off your android/tablet; then unplug it from the power supply if you are leaving it unattended. Charge it while it is on, even if you leave it. The device can stop charging if fully charged in sleep mode.

Most new mobile devices that are OFF cannot determine if the battery is fully charged and therefore continue charging until the unit is turned ON and the monitor can check the charge level of the battery. This is often how batteries are damaged, so unplug your device if it is OFF.

That said, my older Macbook and Netbook use both electric and removable batteries as power sources. I can leave these mobile devices off and recharge the batteries, however I cannot with my android tablet, a bluetooth keyboard nor my Mother's tablet. These latter items all use non-removable batteries.

Other things I have been up to? Replacing batteries on some of my newest watches. New watches are often hard to open because they are water resistant. The backs are also hard to close once you get them open.

In the past, I spent between $6 - $10 to have a new battery installed. There used to be a little jeweler in the Crystal City Underground near my office. Today, I replace them myself. If you can afford to have a jeweler do it-- then you should...

Other things I will be doing?

  • Planning Holiday Dinners
  • ATP Men's Championships
  • Completing my Holiday Shopping

I have a couple of other distractions, however mostly busy with research for projects.

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