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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Belgian Buttermilk Waffles

Christmas 2012, one of the gifts I gave my Mother was the Oster Thick Belgian Flip Waffle Maker. Ease of use- great, however until yesterday I had only tried a commercial waffle mix that did not require milk or eggs.

Though I tried enhancing the flavor with blueberries and chocolate, I never really felt it was worth giving up the frozen waffles I love. That is, until yesterday. I made this Belgian Buttermilk Waffles recipe [with non-fat buttermilk] and the only thing I can say "gosh was that good"- and I mean really.

My sister purchased her Belgian Waffle Maker a couple of years earlier than we did [2012], so I know the trend for this type of purchase [remember the George Foreman...] is not as popular now. She tends to keep up with new innovations for the kitchen.

That said, if you love Buttermilk Waffles from scratch, then this is the recipe to use. Yesterday, I added the Oster Thick Belgian Flip Waffle Maker [I chose] to my Amazon Store [Home & Kitchen] because for the price, it is rated pretty well and I agree. See all of my Amazon Stores:

I love blueberries so I may try this recipe with that added ingredient, but not because I need to enhance the flavor.

Please note: Yesterday, I only made half the recipe. It made 2 large waffles [each waffle having 4 quarters as shown in the photo above]. I also used Pam to coat the waffle maker cook surface. I love Baker's Joy and Pam.

PS: I did not have much success with the Buttercream Chocolate Cake I discuss here.

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