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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Instagram and Other Issues...

I know, you have had your Instagram account for so long that my newbie research in this area- tends to suggest I need to get a life. That said, I am having fun playing around with this resource.

I have been researching how others are using their accounts. Recently, a Blogher article suggested ways to use Instagram as an advertising tool, however I have not gotten that far.

I simply take photos of every day things I see-- or, thinking about. For instance, one of my recent photos was of a Verizon FiOS remote. This because, at the time I was looking into issues related to my Android and FiOS Mobile television viewing.

I was out Saturday, and took these photos with Instagram in mind.

I have also been thinking about videos, however have not come up with anything I can post online. I am making Enchiladas one day this week-- however I don't think I am going to video myself doing this. Maybe photos, in-line with what I normally do when I cook and post online. I also found this great app which allows me to post Instagram images, I like to my Tumblr blog. I think I am going to be doing a lot with my Instagram account.

I have also been thinking about minor changes to my upstairs office. I used to work in there all the time-- however rarely these days. Well not since I decided to go mobile with my Macbook in 2008. Purchased my Macbook in January 2008 and we went broadband with Verizon FiOS Internet in March 2008. I tend to work from anywhere, but mostly downstairs in front of a nice view of the backyard or in bed.

The minor changes? Adding my diplomas and awards to my office walls, like lawyers tend to do. They call theirs "I love me" walls, this according to one of the attorneys I met with in 1995.

I used to have a Rockwell award on one of my office walls at work-- however, I can no longer find my "Engineering Excellence" award, or the Cup, but I do have an anniversary pendant. I never installed my diplomas and other awards in offices outside of the home.

Does it always seem as if I am always making a case? Just in case I need to prove something?

Anyway, Saturday when I was upstairs working, I also took photos of me in the office.

I am planning a full week of new projects and more Tennis. The Australian Open, a Grand Slam begins Sunday, January 17, 2016 for us-- for them its Monday, so I plan to catch a lot of that.

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