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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lining up online profiles & eating junk food. FBI, please note.

Lately, I have been so tired that I have done very little. Over the last two days, I felt pretty good, however the seven days prior- too tired. Too much noise at night that I cannot escape from. FBI, I need relief from this, in that it is beginning to amp up, again. This is too invasive, too hard and too unfair.

That said, I did get a couple of things done. My Mother and I, both have extensive brass collections and when we combined them-- those collections became even larger.

I have discussed the set of brass fish in the main bath before, however earlier in the week I finally found a set that is very similar so I added it to my Amazon Store under the Brass category.

What have I been doing since waking this morning [out of bed at 9:00 am or so, this is late for me]:

  • Paid my Verizon cell phone bill
  • Lunch
  • Updated the blog I maintain at with my Gravatar photo. See note below.
  • Noting the Oscar News and posting to my Tumblr account.

You may have noticed, more of my accounts [i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Patch,,, etc.] are now using the same profile photo. The photo was taken in the Summer of 2015 and originally posted in this blog entry.

The Australian Open begins Sunday, so this morning I also captured the screen-grab shown below. ESPN and the TennisChannel will be carrying a lot of the action.

Of course, most of the live action can only be seen between 8:00 pm and 6:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.

The fact that I been watching some of the early action from other down-under tournaments, these last two weeks- have anything to do with my lack of sleep? No. See the photo from the last post. I am extremely tired in that photo. It was taken last Saturday, January 9th, 2016. Compare the photos from August and last Saturday. Both are untouched. I have complained about being tired before. A photo of me taken today [where my eyes are lifted], does not look as tired. Why is this still happening? What really bothers me? I was so tired, but could not sleep. Then at last Wednesday, no problems. This morning, I slept because I stayed in bed late. The problem has been ongoing since about 4:00 this morning. I need this to go away... Please look into this. I am too tired with this constant hammering.

Could someone check with old prison guards. My earpiece was put in sometime around 1995. I am told they stopped using that version because it was too dangerous. I am being tortured by crazy people. Please check.

There should be tapes, that show the constant drum on my heart can cause me to fall asleep within hours of my waking. There should also be tapes of the constant hammering that keeps me awake at night. This is not on my heart. Massaging my heart puts me to sleep. Should a console in a house within a block of me-- be able to do that?

On tuesday, I could not sleep and yet I could barely keep my eyes open. Please listen to the idiots doing this. I never left my bedroom the whole day. This is dangerous and idiots are doing this... Please listen.

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