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Monday, February 15, 2016

It's cold here...

I did nothing special for Valentine's Day other than cook.

Saturday evening, I made a butter cake with chocolate buttercream icing. Sunday, after defrosting and braising a huge chuck roast [from Christmas/ we had Pork TenderLoin instead], I put the roast in the slow cooker for three and a half hours. The last half hour I added potatoes and a small whole onion.

Sunday dinner was pretty good, and leftovers even better today for lunch.

Last week, I watched several tennis matches via the TennisChannel and my Android. I have also been watching the Showtime series "Billions, so last night, I watched the fourth episode. The television in my bedroom is not HD so often when the show is after hours-- I watch via my Andriod which provides HD quality. Following graphic shows what I have been watching via my Android.

Several weeks ago- I ordered new sunglasses and they arrived in short order. I am pleased with the glasses even though they are not Ray Bans. I have been sporting them around town... [bank, photos for a business project, minor errands..].

Nothing else going on right now. As always, updating my Amazon Stores and other minor research projects.

It's snowing again today-- so I am hoping the two-three inches on the ground will melt with tomorrow's predicted 51° temperatures.

Temperatures--over the weekend mostly in the teens. Nice to stay in and keep warm.

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