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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Plans for the morning... [why?]

I slept well last night. This is the first time I have been awake at 6:30 am in the morning and felt fully refreshed. I was asleep by 11:30 last night and slept straight through until 6:30 am. This is rare these days.

So I laid in bed, checked overnight and early morning results for tennis tournaments I am tracking, added two items to my Amazon wish list and researched a brand I recently referenced.

Anyway, so after I got up about [7:00 am], I went downstairs and made these Buttermilk Belgian Waffles, bacon and sausage for breakfast, unloaded the dishwasher then loaded it back up.

Here's what I look like this morning, except where noted.

I then gathered the trash for pickup tomorrow.

Gathered my dark clothes for the wash.

Also, took photos to show the current state of the tasks I am working this morning, including these.

Now why would I do this, i.e., take photos of the mundane tasks I have this morning? Well FBI, why would I do this? Yes, I want this morning flagged. Please get the tapes so we all understand.

Yes, horrific issues that have been ongoing for awhile were held at bay last night, however other issues still on the table. This morning, I remarked-- now that I am not in pain-- I can complain about issues still remaining. I thought someone threatened me again. Do you have the tapes?

FBI-- why do I have to layout my mundane morning in this manner?

It's 11:08 am and I am going to layout the photos for this post. All taken this morning except where noted.

FBI, do I look incompetent? You do know that all of the work for QiSoftware and my online interests is mine. I can also prove this. Why are so many under the impression I am incompetent? Don't believe me? Get the tapes from this morning.

What did you have for breakfast? Is your kid in school learning to solve for X? I learned in middle school. Get off me. I graduated with a four year degree in math... I repeat, get off me.... Because my mundane household tasks are not done? I can assure you, there are. DOJ-- I said no.. I really need you to shut this crap down.

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