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Sunday, February 28, 2016

he is a cutie

A couple of days ago, I found this video on Instagram and decided to check in on Bei Bei via the Smithsonian Zoo Cam links for the Giant Pandas.

I started watching the live video last night around eight I think, and Bei Bei was just about to fall asleep. So this morning around 6:40, I waited and he and his mother started moving about around 6:50 or so. Mei, his mother came in to the area where he sleeps twice before he decided to join her in the larger area.

An hour later he was outside climbing a tree.. He is really kind of funny.

Around 3:00 pm this afternoon, Mother and son were having a meal and both fell asleep when they finished. Screengrabs taken after they finished their meals:

I watched as Bei Bei pulled his fresh bambo into the area where I saw him sleeping last night, eat a bit, roll around, and then fall asleep. His mother was already eating in the larger area where Zoo keepers had placed a lot of bambo [no I did not see that], when I tuned in. She ate a lot more than Bei Bei then fell asleep. I guess it takes a lot of energy to eat all that bambo.

I am researching live video capture on my Android-- so I decided to post this Instagram video to test compatibility issues with older browsers. I used the Instagram Embed code offered-- but I am also looking into capturing live video from the screen.

That said.. I really like the Giant Pandas at the National Zoo and the technology that allows me to check in to see them.

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