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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sleep Makes Me Happy

It was mostly an uneventful week. A lot of tennis [watching], more sleep than in recent weeks and several items I ordered arrived - including the watch shown in the second set of photos for this post. I originally purchased the watch as a gift-- but decided to keep it for myself. I am almost ashamed of the great deal I got on the watch and think I can pair it with a lot of things in my closet.

Sometimes I just take photos of things I am eating. Lunch one day last week and snacks over the course of the week.

Last week, I was really pleased to find a new setting for my Canon PowerShot A590 [I've only had it since 2008] which allows me to record video using vivid color. After a video I shot and loaded to my Facebook account in February showing the effects of a recent wind/snow storm- I looked into getting a new video camera.

The short video I posted was almost black and white. I used the wrong setting. I have decided I do not need a new video camera just yet.

I am so pleased with how sharp the video- produced by my camera, I have been playing around with AVI video conversions to MP4 and WEBM formats for use with HTML5. AVI the format my camera uses to record video.

In recent weeks, including the week before last, I appear so tired in the photos, I was a little worried. Last week I did get more sleep. Photos taken over the week showing a less tired me. Why post? Documentation. I no longer post the seemingly endless news about why this happened-- only the effects it is still having on me.

Normally, I do my hair and makeup everyday. For some reason, I got busy doing something else and stayed in my PJs with my hair up all day. I'll get back to normal tomorrow.

Some family going out of town for Easter so it will be a quiet holiday here.

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