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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Paying Bills, Ordering, Social Media Posts

A few years ago, I wondered what I would do with an iPad or Android. I need power for software development and at the time, could think of no reason I would need a tablet. These days, I wonder what I would do without such a device.

For instance, this morning I noticed that my credit card company had closed the monthly ending period, because Bank of America [one of the banks I use], provided the updated rewards data from the credit card company. I noted this because I quickly checked the balances via my tablet, before getting out of bed.

To be able to do this, I linked all of my accounts [business and personal] to the Bank of America account so that I could check things with one login.

Last month, amongst other things, I used my credit card to pay the annual rental fee for my business address, and the items shown below from a recent Amazon order.

This morning, I also paid off the credit card bill via my tablet [also while in bed] even before the statement was emailed later in the morning.

I do a lot of things with a tablet, especially while thinking about hopping out of bed.

In summary, things I use my tablet for:

  • Order items online
  • Pay bills
  • Review business and personal financial data
  • Review marketing reports
  • Update my stores.
  • Social Media [i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter] account maintenance and posting

Needless to say, I no longer wonder what others are doing with their iPads and Androids.

That said, recent software development tasks were done using my Macbook, see here and here, so I still need a bit more power and a more robust operating system for the type of software development I provide.

Also because I use Thingamablog for two of my blogs, I use a Macbook and a Windows XP platform for posting to the blogs in question [Remix Business Blog and this one].

I cannot do everything, however I can do a lot with a tablet.

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