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Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Mostly, Coming Together...

Over the last two weeks I have worked a number of projects, mostly related to becoming a real estate agent.

  • Last Tuesday, had a job interview with a local real estate team. Having problems in that- though I apply for the non-commissioned positions, they want the commissioned sales agent. Looking into a referral agent type affiliation.
  • Reviewing a number of invites to apply for positions in both the real estate and software development areas.
  • On Wednesday, attended the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Real Estate Forecast Summit via Zoom.
  • Last Thursday, out taking photos of area model homes to use on my new website.
  • Most of the weekend, tweaking different areas of my new web site. WordPress with three real estate related plugins.
  • Setting up related social media accounts for the new site, see illustration below.
  • Yesterday, minor research for my online shop.

An article I found suggested a number of activities after passing the real estate exam. The first, affiliating with a broker who is a good fit. Even the invitations I have received to apply for positions, request the standalone licensed agent. I cannot seem to jump the first hurdle, though I am joining related networks and establishing the online presence. Another suggestion, a new wardrobe. I have the wardrobe.

I wish to learn the real estate business, from the ground up, so I am not over qualified for the positions. Studying and passing tests are not the business itself- and I want to learn the business.

That said, I have only accepted two interviews over the last month and a half. One interview was originally scheduled before I actually took the test. I rescheduled the interview, so that it occurred after the test, even though the position was not for a licensed agent.

In both cases, the individuals I interviewed with were concerned that I had not actually applied for the license. I am told, firms can check with real estate commissions as to whether the required tests were passed. The commission notified me that I was eligible to apply. So this is not the issue. I did not want the clock to start ticking with an "inactive" license status with the MD Real Estate Commission. I am waiting until I find a broker and able to simultaneously apply for the "active" license. Not sure why this was important.

Also, not trying to saturate the local market with applications. I am not sure the lessons I am learning while actually trying to get a job. I can look like and qualify as an agent, so why would I want to be on the support staff in this arena? Job market suggests the roles I am applying for exist, just not for me. Why? Abstract noise? Big player suggested I have a two and a half weeks problem. Movie with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. Said no, authorities. I should not have a problem in this arena.

Are you confused by the intro into this post? Did you ask, "Well what do you want, Regina?". In summary, legal safe haven, doing things I feel are interesting, while supplementing my income. Why not your original career? Too many already trying to take credit for that work. Nothing I can do legally at this time. I do have skills. I do not have legal recourse. I need legal safe haven. The problem, the worth of my ongoing case and why there is a case in the first place. It is unfair I cannot earn as much as my skills suggest I should. I continue to search for ways to overcome this problem. I run into a lot of roadblocks. Too honest? I am honest. Another of my problems.

Continuing to work my "todo" list. Also working to complete a project using the new Zillow API. Mostly, I need to ensure I have added the correct disclaimers before installing the new Zestimates interface.

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