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Friday, December 09, 2022

Lazy Friday in December & Side Gigs...

Yesterday, I went by two supermarkets for staples and Costco for gas. I spent a total of $145 with about $35 of that for the gas. Yesterday, gas was $2.95 per gallon at Costco.

When I arrived home, and after putting away the groceries, I finally decided to remove the dead Shasta daisies from the curb. This in time for today's scheduled refuse collection.

Removing the dead daisies was a lot of work, and by the time I finished I was exhausted. I think it was the combination of the chores earlier in the day and then the yard work. Or the 4" booties, I wore to the market and then walked down almost every aisle.

I did get a lot of sleep last night, so I was up bright and early for my espresso and cream. I decided to work in my office so after taking care of all of the financial records and transactions I take care of, I started working.

One unplanned bonus this morning? I noticed that one of my CDs paid the monthly interest ahead of schedule so though I lose a day of interest, I get to add it to my accounting data earlier than planned. The interest was $65.56 and I expected it to post tomorrow. Little things like this make me happy.

Working in my office, means anything other than software projects. I am planning to install the FCC Query Tool to the WiredPages Media page over the weekend. I planned earlier this week, however for some reason I allowed little things distract me.

I build tools and applications for WiredPages to showcase my skill set, however every new tool installed on my servers comes with a price. The more applications I install, the higher the cost. Some of the tools that are too costly to install at this time, are demonstrated in this post/video and here.

That said, I use the site (WiredPages) to showcase the tools in a real setting so clients can get a feel for the type of applications I can custom develop for their needs.

The other thing I have been doing? Earning a little bit more for the holidays. The easiest way I can do this? Surveys. Since early fall, I have earned $335.00 in Amazon Gift Cards mostly doing surveys. About $160 from credit card appovals, so about $175 in survey gift cards. Below some of the survey invitations I received today.

Today, after acquiring another Amazon gift card, I made lunch.

Sometimes a survey requires a webcam segment. Normally, I do my hair and makeup for anything dealing with a webcam. Business meetings and surveys. Today, I put makeup on however decided to leave my hair in the scarf hiding my rollers.

If this had been a business meeting, I would have taken my hair out and dressed. Turned out, I did not need the webcam for the survey, however it was going to be a really ugly day if I did need the webcam.

Do you want to ask why not more gig work developing software or databases? I have too many legal issues and cannot take every opportunity in this area that presents itself. That said, I would love to work more in this area.

What about real estate? Believe it or not- real estate presents even more legal challenges than software development. And no, I am not paranoid.

Offering adversiting space is another area I can explore, so maintaining my software tools and providing fresh content helps to keep the curiousty that sells in this area.

For those of you who are aware of my legal woes, you too may have thought this side of life would have been long over. I did not gamble wrong. I decided to save most of my income only allowing for business expenses. My real estate and ecommerce (WiredShops) initatives garner the same legal concerns. I have looked into a lot of areas. With my resume I should not have problems (except NOW age), however I do.

Early next year, I will look into more stable income tracks however I did not want to take this route. Believe it or not, I do get job offers. I am owed explanations and hope they are still forthcoming.

DOJ, I said no. I negotiated the settlement I can afford. I said no.

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