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Monday, July 08, 2024

New Camera Lights

My new camera lights arrived today. Though the shipment's outer packaging was a little shaky, the inner packing material around the lights was exceptional. There were also no instruction manuals for the lights nor tripods, however, everything was easy to fit together.

I was able to get a great deal on the whole setup and I am not complaining about anything.

Some of the specs on my new camera lighting setup:

  • 2 Pack 100W LED Dimmable 3000-6000K 3 Colors w/remote
  • 2 2.9M (9 feet 6.173 inches) Super Stable Stainless Steel Tripods
  • 65cm Globe Lantern Softbox Bowens Mount Diffuser

In the following video I provide a brief demonstration of some the features of the lights.

I researched several options to update my inadequate camera lighting and decided a lot of professionals choose similar setups. I liked the idea of a more even disbursement of light with the Softbox lantern. I was able to stay within my budget with a more direct purchase route through suppliers I use for my online shop.

Friday, July 05, 2024

Happy Fourth Weekend

Since Monday, July 1, 2024 I have been reseaching issues with my office lighting, purchasing equipment, cooking, and celebrating the holiday.

Below, photos from recent days.

As noted in the above illustration some of the new lighting equipment has arrived. I will provide more information about my lighting solutions as related to video and photographic productions in the coming weeks.

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend...

Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Writing Checks?

I cannot remember the last time I saw someone writing a check in the checkout line, that is until yesterday.

One of my errands yesterday, stop by Costco for these staples:

  • Water
  • Bathroom Tissue Paper
  • Fruits
  • Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

While there, a lady two customers in front of me in the checkout line- paid with a check. This seemed to take forever.

Do you want to ask why it is taking so long to put the Microsoft Publisher Check Writing Template on a WiredShops product page?

The answer is complicated. I want to say something like DOJ is allowing sales from my online site to be blocked, however, I cannot say for sure because my information is only abstract in nature.

I believe there is a similar issue with Maryland Bloggers. I get Maryland Bloggers emails from the online forms, however there is no contact information. It is as if the email information is being stripped. Yes, I installed the email forms correctly.

In abstract, I am also told DOJ is trying to correct this situation. That said, I have been told many things over the years, however, I am not holding my breath.

I tend to move on and come up with my next plan of action. These plans are mostly to do with business and not anything to do with hiring a lawyer. I have become a serial entrepreneur of sorts.

What I wore yesterday while out running errands? The dress is a long sleeve t-shirt type dress that I belted to distract from my slightly lumpy midsection. The good news, my midsection is a lot less lumpier so I did not wear shapewear nor a blazer. These days, the less I wear the cooler I am.

What I put on upon my return? Biking shorts and a t-shirt.

In some of the photos, I am trying on a leather blazer I hope to wear in the fall and winter months to hide unwanted curves. Need to lose a bit more weight. Happy with the purchase of all that fruit from Costco.

What are you having for the fourth?

Sunday, June 30, 2024

How Hot Is It?

It has been so hot in my area, I hate having to think about going out.

That said, on Thursday, June 27, 2024 I did have to go out and my worst fears were realized, when the van I wanted to use would not start.

A brand new battery was installed about a year ago, however, the van is used less than once a month and I think the combination of hot weather and disuse drained the battery.

The good news, the van started right away with the amp charger I reference in this post.

I am seldom jealous of anyone with a pool. Allow me to explain. About the time I was completing my sophomore year in college (1979) and my sister was graduating from high school (always think of it as her graduation present), my parents had a pool installed.

Though I was never home (college, work, other interests), I perhaps used the pool less than 5 times before my parents sold the house in 1984. I thought when the pool was open (May-October), it was a lot of maintenance. And then there was the bunny that could not swim. I was simply never interested in that pool.

Several years ago, one of the neighbors had a pool installed. See below, the view from my office window. I have never wished I could just jump into that pool- that is, until this year.

Maybe it is because I have been working in my office more this year and the room seems hotter than other areas of the house, but I have wanted to dive into the neighbor's pool. That said, I do not want my very own pool.

Though, the next topic is not heat related, I was hot under the collar when the issue first came to my attention.

Facebook decided my business verification was no longer valid in 2022. I mention this issue in this post. I was baffled by this, however, let it go. At the time, I was a developer using Facebook APIs, however, there seemed to be no impact to my Facebook applications (see here and here), so I did not worry about it.

On Thursday, June 27, 2024, after notification earlier in the week related to the state's renewal of my business entity, I resubmitted the business information (state & business bank documents) to Facebook.

As noted from the graphic below, Facebook verified my business and also verified that my business is a tech provider for their services- mainly dealing with their API resources.

Glad most of my heat related issues worked out. I am currently working a number of business related projects and planning for the holiday.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

June 2024 Shopping

This morning, I received the three pair of slacks I discussed in the last post. I am so very pleased with this purchase and have been smiling all day.

I have made several purchases over the last month, including:

The following photos provide a closer look at the Joilcan 75" tripod. I already owned a 53" and a 17.32".

Other Amazon purchases made this month include the DEVICO portable utensils (on my wish list & on sale) and the Miusol work pencil dresses.

I wear many hats and I will be able to style the dresses for real estate activities as well as my software consultancy activities. I was surprised how well this dress style worked for my body type.

Amazon Purchases


I started this month thinking I wanted to sample products for inclusion to my online shop. I do not think I can source most of the products I sampled, however, happy to add updated pieces to my own wardrobe.

While working on this post, I noticed an email notification related to my Maryland small business (QiSoftware) and the trade name renewal.

Having a good day.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Wanted to add new fashion items...

My closets are filled with black, brown, gray, and olive suits. I wear a lot of black, preferring to appear tall and slender.

My physical stats:

  • 5 feet 6 inches, I often wear heels (some are surprised I am only 5'6")
  • About 155 pounds, however working on 130-135
  • D cup
  • No hips

With the weight loss over the last year, I decided I needed to update my wardrobe, however, most of the items in my closet are old classics that are now beginning to fit again. So I wanted to add to what I have.

I also wanted to see if I could add any of my new items to my shop- under the women's fashion category. I ordered several items as wholesale samples, including the slacks and tops shown in the following illustration.

I also ordered the two summer cardigans shown in the following photos.

In the following series of photos, I show how the one-size cardigans fit me, and why, though I love them, will probably not offer them in my shop.

From the photos above, you may be able to tell I am still researching my lighting issues. I finally decided that it is a lighting problem (almost purchased a new lens for my camera).

Amazon purchases I am or did consider to fix my lighting issues.


The last item I considered for my shop, are the button sweaters shown below.

I absolutely love these tops because I can wear them with or without a suit. Though these new sweaters are great, I was not happy with the crystal buttons that the manufacturer used, even though the tie hid them. I replaced them with the buttons shown or have on order replacement buttons.

I need a more business or formal appearance when out, however, I am trying to add new pieces like slacks. Not sure whether my new fashion items will work for my shop, however, I was able to get the items at very reduced prices, so I am not that unhappy.

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