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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Image Update...

Folks in my area are allowing their hair, to take on beautiful shades of gray. I wish my coloring allowed me to consider this option.

Over the weekend I did my hair...

I was watching a review of the Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler for Multiple Hair Types and noted the total time- the young lady took to achieve her blowout.

I set my hair at night. It takes about 40 minutes. I use a very hot Conair 1" Curling Iron and then set each curl in a soft roller for overnight wear. I use an ISOPlus conditioner on the ends, just before winding each section of hair on the curling iron. My hair is deceptively full (lot thinner than it looks).

Why does it take so long? To achieve longer lasting curls-- each curl (16 total), has to stay wound on the curling iron for an 80 count. Eighty seconds? No, just an 80 count which is probably less than 80 seconds.

Do I take my hair out every day? No. Do I use weaves or other sources of hair? No. I keep my hair straighter, by using a blow dryer and curling iron to take out most of the natural wave.

I wanted to snap new photos for Linkedin and other business services I use, however I am not sure I want to use the photos shown here. They are screen grabs from my Android as taken by my Canon EOS M50 (see info in the blog header) using the portrait setting and the two second timer. The hair length for a business photo- the problem? No. My conservative earrings are overshadowed and I am not sure why.

Thursday, July 02, 2020

Ann Taylor Heist

I am always looking for affordable business styles, and Ann Taylor has always been a favorite- reference post.

Two weeks ago, an Ann Taylor blouse I bookmarked over a year ago, went on sale. Shown in the images below, the Lush Lagoon Tie Neck blouse.

The other two tops were also on sale. Though out of season now, in the coming months, I will be able to pair various pieces I already own- with the new tops.

I tend to know what works for me, however sometimes, I miss on prints. I was pleasantly surprised, the tie neck geometric print blouse, works with black- in suits, skirts and high waisted slacks.

As things slowly begin to reopen in my area, I am doing more in the local business community with a project I have been thinking about for awhile (did you know I registered and a couple of years ago?).

I want my style to suggest, I really mean business....

Thursday, June 11, 2020

My New Business Heel

For business, I tend to purchase suits, dresses and heels in the same muted solid colors; blacks, browns, caramels and olives. Since I am more conservative than not, this has worked to my advantage in that most of my business wear has lasted through the years.

My business heel? Since high school a 2-3" skinny heel, that suits my rather small ankles. Toe coverage is minimal, meaning just enough leather to hide them.

That said, these days, I prefer a wider, more sturdy heel, to my old standbys. The Amazon orders shown on the right, illustrate how I acquired the recent additions to my wardrobe. I love the new heels because they are so comfortable.

The illustration below, top row: shows the older version of heels I wear with business suits and dresses, and the lower row: the new heels I began purchasing last fall to accommodate new style, as well as a physique that is no longer between 120-130 pounds.

So how is it that I can wear all of my old fours, sixes and eights if I am no longer between 120 and 130 pounds? Okay, I cannot, however (1) I plan on reaching that size again, and (2) I have newer (with vanity sizing and stretchable rayon) items, in my color palette- that will work for the time being.

Either way, my new business heels should work.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Incorporating a Budget Piece

Yesterday, I received a new pair of Aerosoles Women's Octagon, Black Suede Pumps and a Urban CoCo Women's Long Sleeve Coffee Dress (inexpensive budget item).

I was not sure whether the dress would work with some of my existing items, and quite pleased when most of the pieces I tried with the dress, worked.

Here are similar items that worked with the dress:

I added a body shaper slip to the above list of items. The dress is rather transparent. I wore the following cami/slip set with the dress.

I am always looking for items like this. No worries about dry cleaning and I can easily add a blazer, scarf or coat to make it office/meeting friendly. Though I am dieting, I am still not in my older suits and right now, solutions like this work for me.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Lightweight Additions, I Really Like

New additions to my wardrobe, suitable for light Summer/Fall evenings.

Below, I have provided the links for the items shown, however the Brown Lightweight Cardigan Shrug is no longer available.

I tried on all of the outfits shown in the photos above and happy with the look the shrugs add to each look. The layered look using the mocca & brown shrugs is surprisingly striking.

I ordered the rayon blue harem pants in an XL because I wanted a full effect. I am very pleased with this purchase, however think I will have the pants dry cleaned to maintain the vibrant blue coloring.

Monday, September 09, 2019

Last Days of Summer 2019

I am on a diet. You may recall, earlier this summer I decided to add to my wardrobe. Two of the dresses I ordered were a little tight so I decided to take seriously a diet.

The photos below, show the two dresses and my current weight. I lost several pounds in August, so can now wear the two dresses in question, however decided to continue with the diet.

Without my much loved treadmill, I have had to resort to habits used in the past to maintain my weight, i.e., simply not eating. My incentive? My old clothes. I have a lot of classic suits, so I am not worried about dated looks- and quite frankly, happy with my progress.

That said, things like the boots shown in the photos below are about 3 years old, however never worn. I am having fun thinking about the old things I can wear with these slouchy boots.

Slouchy boots are not in this upcoming season? Not sure, however I like long skirts (just below the calves) with this heeled boot so I am sure I can come up with a classic look.

As noted in the caption for the navy pumps, I wanted to purchase a suede pair of navy pumps. Instead I may purchase a navy dress I already have in aqua green (shown in the above photo). The style is flattering on me, however I will have to purchase the smaller size.

My diet? Eating a meal (daily) like the one shown in the following set of photos. I may have a mini bagel either mid-morning or late afternoon and that is about all.

I am ready for Fall 2019. Football, new business projects, my old clothes on a slimmer me.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Summer Wardrobe Additions, Navy Maxi...

I intended to wear the new outfit shown in the following photos on my birthday (Saturday, July 20th), however I felt a little under the weather, so instead I wore it yesterday to run several errands.

I stopped by the bank (birthday gifts), Aldi's market, and shot video for the local business community page I maintain on Facebook.

The Canon EOS M50 shoots great 4k video, however I decided after returning home, the video was unusable because several traffic signs were in the foreground of each frame.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Blowfish Malibu Sandals

Yesterday, my new Blowfish Malibu Sandals arrived. I have to say, I just love this pair of sandals.

I am about done with this rather fun task and pretty pleased with most of the items I purchased. Maybe I just needed an excuse to spend money on new clothes.

That said, while shopping for my new casual summer wardrobe, I also searched for new items to add to my Back To School shop. I am pretty pleased with many of these finds. Almost wish I were off to school next month.

Monday, October 16, 2017

On A Budget Outfit 10/16/17

In years past, shopping for a new business suit was one of my favorite things to do. Often it did not matter if the item was on sale or not.

Not the case these days. I shop on a budget and often find great deals.

Item, price paid, original price and where purchased...

  • ROMEO & JULIET COUTURE Oversized Sweater w/ Detachable Faux Fur $15 original price $155 Amazon.
  • Nine West Women's Snowfall Suede Slouch Boot $67.54 shipping included was $300.00 Nine West Online
  • Liz Claiborne Dress $26.00 original price est. $100 Arundel Mills Liz Claiborne Outlet Store
  • Mary McFadden Collection- Long Black Sweater $0.00 original price est. $100, Mom's Closet. Shown wearing in this post.

I purchased the brown suede in the Nine West Snowfall Suede Slouch Boot directly from Nine West in February of this year, however showing the Amazon listing for the black suede. Not sure if the brown is still available.

What else have I been up to? Working on software development projects and preparing for the holidays.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

New Suede Boots

These days I seldom write about fashion unless to discuss an outing and wish to describe or show the outfit I wore for identification purposes.

That said, recently I purchased a pair of black suede boots that I absolutely love. They were such a great deal, I thought I would share the news.

I am showing the boots with a skirt I made several years ago, which some may recognize as one I own. I have a lot I can pair with these boots and feel very lucky to have found them.

Note from the receipt, I purchased them in September [end of summer] which may explain the great deal.

Do you shop off season for fashion finds?

What else have I been up to? Updating my Amazon stores. In the past, I added fashion items either under the "Let Me Know" or "Career Dressing" category. You may have noticed I decided to omit those categories for the new store formats:

I have also been working on a new software project which I am pretty excited about [discussed on Remix] and hoping to do more research on Celebrity Bloggers.

Monday, October 31, 2016

October 2016

We have had a beautiful October. Peak Autumn color is all around.

I have been eyeing this jacket since I added it to my Career Dressing Category and when it went on sale earlier this month- I decided I had to have it.

It wears like a heavier jacket and I have found a number of items to pair it with. Also, if I lose weight-- because of the jacket's weight and belt, I will be able to wear it no matter my size [assuming I only lose weight]. When ordering online, I tend to like larger sizes.

Recent meals.... It is getting a little cooler and I am having more tea...

Are you a tea lover too? I added several gifts for tea lovers to the Gift Ideas Category. Our area [Arundel Mills], has a tea speciality shop, Teavana which also carries a lot of items.

More October photos...

This October, I have also done quite a bit of research for my stores. I think I have found some great ideas-- so see what you think:

Hope you have a safe and happy Halloween....

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Off Season Buying..

I rarely get out these days, however on those occasions I do venture out- it is normally for one of the following reasons:

  • Bank Visit
  • Eye Appointment
  • Photography
  • Visits to my Business Address
  • Jury Duty
  • State Renewals of Business Registration or Driver's License
  • Business Appointment/Meeting

I run my small business [QiSoftware] from home and take advantage of the following services to minimize the need for travel:

  • Verizon FiOS (Internet, Land Lines, Television, Cell Phone)
  • Skype (Business Line & Video Conferencing)
  • Online Business Banking & Bill Paying

That said, when I do go out- I am more casual than I used to be. There are several reasons for this, including my closet is filled with sixes and eights that need dry cleaning when worn [and a smaller me], and I simply do not need the more formal conservative suits I used to wear for most of the things I do outside of the house- these days.

I even do most of my shopping online. I love Amazon and also maintain several online stores of things I like:

So what do I wear these days when I do go out? Mostly, slacks with heels, some sort of blouse or sweater, and depending on the season- outer wear. This is a far cry from the stockings, suits [not pant suits] and pumps I used to wear all the time.

Around the house? I wear sweats, leggings or black gym shorts [summer] with tee shirts.

These days, I buy a new pair of shoes maybe once a year, whereas in the past, because I was hard on my heels, maybe once per month. I loved black suede pumps with soft leather.

Today my black suede pumps have been replaced by footwear similar to these NineWest Fabric Boots I purchased last month at an out of season price.

The size a little big, however with thick socks they will work.

I have any number of sweaters, short coats and blazers I can pair with the boots and excited about what I will be able to do next fall, when they will be in season.

The other order [shown in the illustration] last month? I will discuss in a later post.

Monday, March 07, 2016

Still Hanging In There

Last week was kind of odd. Little things that were out of the ordinary, however nothing I am going to discuss here.

Things I will discuss?

Thursday morning, I woke up to a beautiful snowy day, that was made even more so, in that all of the snow had melted by noon. This is not odd in our area for this time of the year.

Friday night, I was home alone so I decided to try on sweaters and coats I have not had a chance to wear this winter. Yes, in the photo I purposely poofed up my hair to create a look similar to something I saw earlier in the day, while perusing fashion sites.

The series of photos [above], taken through the weekend and today.

In late February [2016], a regularly scheduled business expense was due, which for the first two months of the year sidelined other purchases I wanted to make. The remittance of the payment last week, to my credit card company, enabled me to feel comfortable about replacing somethings I needed.

I ordered 8 items on Saturday, and much to my surprise the first package arrived today. Shown in the group of photos above, the package that arrived today.

Plans for the rest of the week? Two Masters Tennis Tournaments are upcoming. Indian Wells starts Wednesday and runs through Sunday after next. The Miami Tournament starts the Wednesday after the end of Indian Wells.

I am not sure why these two tournaments are scheduled so closely together, however I plan on catching a lot of the action. WatchESPN and The TennisChannel are providing a lot of the live coverage.

Also tomorrow evening, I want to catch the 2006 movie "Babel" with Brad Pitt. It is airing on Showtime.

I am not getting out as much as I would like, so I provide details of what I am doing... and how it's hanging. This week, I thought I was going to cut back insofar as eating, however my Mother went to the market today, and purchased a lot of my favorites.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Long Leather from High School...

I mentioned in this post, the long leather coat I wore in high school. Believe it or not, I still have the coat.

How is it, I still have the leather coat I wore in high school and early college? It is a size 9 junior and I never took it with me when I left home after college. Little tight with suits and I preferred long cloth coats when I left home.

My mother liked keeping my nicer things and I was very surprised [and happy] when she handed it to me when I came back to stay.

The house I live in has four bedrooms upstairs, and one in the finished basement. My mother and I fill all of the closets with the things we never throw out.

Moving on... We have had plumbing problems for about two or three weeks now. The kitchen sinks and garbage disposal are affected-- so tomorrow the plumber will be in bright and early. This is his second visit, in as many weeks.

Today I was out and about. I went to the bank after having lunch. Do you shop at Costco? I love Costco.

Other than updating my Amazon Stores, I really have not been doing much.

Monday, February 01, 2016

old is new again.. what else do I have to sell?

The other day, I was watching television and a commercial featuring Wallapop, caught my attention, so I decided to look into how this service worked.

After a bit of research, I found there are several services [new to me] that allow users to buy and sell in their local communities or regions. Some of these include:

So after downloading one of the apps I took a look around. Then I decided to go through my closet and look around. I found these shoes:

and this outfit I wore to a Washington, DC- Al Jarreau Concert in 1987 or so.

Styles always come back-- and although this outfit is old-- it is actually very becoming on. The dark velour/velvet like skirt comes about 8" inches from the ankle and looks very elegant with heels and long rhinestone earrings. The top is again in style with the peplum [bottom edge] detail.

I love clothes and keep most of the things I purchase, except when given no choice. I am an organizer's nightmare, however since I tend to buy more in the way of classic styles- I would probably pass on their advice anyway, in that I tend to think they are more likely to be trend setters and would want to keep nothing unless "current".

The outfit for the Al Jarreau concert does have details that tend to be more trendy [especially the top], so it is not exactly a classic-- however I could use the skirt in different ways. It is a junior 9/10, meaning it is not cut for a fuller figure and vanity sizing today would probably make it a 7/8 without the popular stretch element many of today's garments feature.

The shoes? I walked around in them for a couple of hours today, and decided they were so comfortable I would keep them. The shoe upper, mostly "just" leather with nothing to make the shoe stiff. I consider these classics, so I can pair them with many of my spring/summer dresses. Yes, I buy a lot of black for summer too.

So, I decided not to try to sell my old things. I do have one or two miscues, purchased online- that still have the tags, that are really nice-- but just do not work for me. I think I will try selling those items with one of the services.

Have you tried selling, using one of these services?

Friday, January 22, 2016

High School Fashion & Home Ec

When I was in high school, leather coats and boots were in style. I wore a lot of winter white back then- that I paired with my long caramel leather coat and boots or my shorter suede jacket in a more rust/caramel color.

Gauchos, knickers, high waisted baggy pants with pleats and pockets, vests, blazers, etc. I also worked in business offices part time in high school, so this is when I also started buying the little business suits, I prefer today.

I reference Knickers in the last paragraph. What are knickers? Wool short pants that fit close to the leg but taper at the knee. Like some golfers wear. My brown tweed pair actually buttoned at the knee. Sometimes I put long baggy pants in my boots [also popular back then], so that it appeared as if they were knickers.

I had a winter white pair of straight leg gauchos that were not wide but hung nicely over my boots. I do not define these as knickers because they did not taper at the knee.

I also had a long oversized brown/tan tweed cloth coat with "Sherlock Holmes" like details [not the full cape, just the pleated overhang detail in the back, with collar and cuff epaulettes] that also went well with my style back then.

Yes, I was a little conservative.. jeans? Not really, I had high waisted Painter's Pants in white that I paired with platform sandals and socks, or my earth shoes- that went well with the many little tube tops and matching gauzy blouses I tied at the waist. Tube tops underneath my tied blouses, the extent of my risqué style.

I also liked some of the styles the women wore in old shows like "The Big Valley" and "High Chaparral". Gauchos, boots and vests. Do you remember Linda Evans in "The Big Valley"?

So anyway, this to explain why- in high school I decided to make a wide leg gaucho outfit for one of my Home Economics Sewing classes.

Photos of the vest.

I no longer have the gaucho pants to the set. They were the long wide leg type [wide aline] that went well with boots. The material for the pants matched the back of the vest in that I opted to forgo the pinstripe detail used in the front of the vest.

Note: Everything I owned used to go to the dry cleaners, including non-lined Painter's Pants. I have had this vest for a lot of years-- and it still looks as if- I made it yesterday. The material and lining would not have held up well in the wash.

I keep thinking about how much my life has changed. I cannot remember the last time I went to the dry cleaners and in high school-- all I owned was dry cleaned. The flannel pajama bottoms and tees I now wear to the office-- hold up well in the wash.

That said, this does not stop me from researching the more classic conservative styles I love, which I cannot now afford. I am no longer a size six nor can I justify the cost of a new outfit I do not need for non-existent business meetings and lunches. I am still thinking about where to place the camera I am going to use for Skype calls.

Note, most of the Tumblr blogs I follow via my own Tumblr account, are promotional tools for well known fashion houses.

Someone once noted, I have my own style. I agree.... and I have had strong thoughts and ideas about my style since early high school. Do you watch old Gene Tierney movies?

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last Post, This Year...

I started this post last night, in bed while watching television. I took photos to show my vantage point.

That said, after making the Pineapple Upside Down Cake [shown below], cleaning the kitchen, preparing for bed and then more research [how to set up recurring events in Facebook, ans: copy a previous event and update], I was too tired to do anything but put my camera away and go to sleep.

I made the Upside Down Cake, because the day before I made Sweet and Sour Pork using the leftover Pork Tenderloin from Christmas and had leftover pineapple slices.

I love the basic cake recipe I used for this and plan on using it again with other flavors. Recipe here. I used unsalted butter instead of margarine [creaming the butter and sugar for 3 minutes] and a 9" round cake pan instead of a 9"x9" square pan. I only have 8"x8" pans.

Earlier in the day, before I started the cake, I had leftover Sweet and Sour Pork for lunch and began taking down the holiday decorations.

Other things I've been up too?

  • Tuesday: Visit to the bank, deposited some of my Christmas Gifts.
  • Tuesday: Taking photos in Hanover, MD for the Facebook HanoverMDBusinesses Page.
  • Movie: The Children's Hour [1961] w/Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, James Garner on Turner Movie Classics or AMC.
  • Movie: The Mirror Has Two Faces w/Barbra Streisand, Lauren Bacall and Jeff Bridges, yes, I have seen this before but saw it again the other day.
  • Movie: 5 Flights Up w/Diane Keaton, Morgan Freeman I was a little surprised by how much I liked this movie. In my opinion, my favorite stars have been doing more films that are philosophical in nature, doomsday or an elongated discussion on society in general, which given my current set of circumstances, I sometimes find hard to watch. This movie was pretty good. I watch a lot of old movies.

Did you get holiday gifts in the form of money? Me too. Something I purchased with some of the gift money:

Also updating Amazon Stores. You can find great deals now.

Oh and by the way, Happy New Year...

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Week... 2015

I started the week planning meals. Sunday I started the baking with a Chocolate Buttermilk Cake. The recipe did not work out for me, however I took photos...

Monday I revised plans for the dessert cake and the recipe for the Pork Tenderloin. Tuesday, I made the cornbread for the sausage stuffing. Since I decided to make my favorite Lemon Layer Cake, I spent most of Wednesday making the cake and sautéing onions, celery and sausage for the stuffing.

I have discussed the Lemon Layer Cake and the Italian Buttercream I love with this cake; here and here. Shown, photos of the cake I made this week.

Thursday evening I made the Cranberry Sauce. I use the recipe on the Ocean Spray bag that uses only the berries, water and sugar. It has become a favorite for us.

Thursday [Christmas Eve], I made Belgian Buttermilk Waffles [same recipe I used Sunday, see last post] for breakfast and Kung Pao Chicken for lunch/dinner-- shown.

Today, I made Pork Tenderloin Medallions with a Honey, Mustard and Pineapple marinade, Macaroni & Cheese, Candied Yams, and finished the stuffing by baking. We had dinner lunch around 1:00 pm today just after opening our gifts.

Gifts? As always, I received mostly money however I also received a couple of gifts. One that I love this year, shown.

Everyone seemed to like the gifts I gave them. They also liked the lunch. I thought it turned out well. It was a nice day for me. Hope your day was good too.

The New Year? Going on a diet.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Fur Collars...

I love fur collars on sweaters and coats, however it was not until I was leaving my position as a defense contractor with a Fortune 100 corporation that I started to collect the items I have now.

Before that, I always went for more conservative items with less in the way of extra details [e.g. fur collars]. A trench coat [olive/khaki color with a faux suede feel and look], a black cape, a long black leather- and each worked with most of my many suits.

Then I tried the fur "look". For instance, this wool coat [dark rust/with black fur collar] was purchased in March 1995 [left corporate world in April 1995] from the Burlington Coat Factory at Pentagon City in Arlington, VA.

It was a clearance item and I was able to get it for a ridiculously low price. Does it work with most of my suits? Not really. That's why, the other day when I was looking through the coat closet and noticed it- I thought, I really wish that coat was charcoal gray with the black collar.

Then about 10 years ago, after Arundel Mills and TJ Maxx arrived in Hanover, MD, I purchased the two sweaters with fur collars shown below.

The one on the left is charcoal gray with a detachable [snaps] brown collar which I wear mostly without the collar and the other [right] is all black and the inset shows the collar is not detachable.

Then two years ago-- I ordered this Romeo and Juliet Couture item with a detachable collar [inset shows the buttons for the collar]. I love this sweater as well. Everyone who tries it on-- looks really expensive.

And then [late last month], I found a sweater in my mother's "other" closet and had a brainstorm. It was a long lambswool sweater that hung heavy. It had belt loops for a belt and buttons for a collar. Neither the collar nor the belt was available. My mother was away at time time, so explaining I was in her closet in the guest room and looking for a pair of black boots she had given me, I found the sweater.

I sent a text and an email, asking if she ever wore it? I also sent a photo so she wold know what I was talking about. She said, "no, she never wore it and yes I could have it". She may have felt guilty she took back the boots she had given me.

That's when I got busy realigning the existing positions of the buttons for the collar- to fit the elastic stirrups on the brown fur collar that goes with the Romeo and Juliet Couture Sweater.

Here is my new sweater with the collar attached. I absolutely love it and have a lot of outfits I can pair with it.

I also had to remove the belt loops and use my Fuzz Buster to make the sweater look brand new.. Do you need a Fuzz Buster?

I did not find the one I have, however did find something similar here. It's a great gift idea. I also looked for a coat similar to the look of my new sweater. Did not find much, think it would be expensive.

History of the black lambswool sweater? My sister gave it to my mother, because the label provided an incorrect size. My mother never wore it. Wrong size give away-- that works well for me as a coat. No, I don't get the boots back.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Anticipating Seasonal Change...

I am a little worried about my weight. I have been trying on different things for the upcoming change of seasons-- however not really happy with the results. I am not sure what I am going to do about this problem.

That said, here are recent photos:

Check list of things I have been up to, some related to the photos above.

  • Watching the US Open, ends Sunday. Are you watching the Quarterfinal between Serena and Venus this evening at 7:00 ET?
  • Found a pair of brass earrings in a craft box in the basement. Mother said, "finders keepers"-- so I am happy.
  • Repaired one of the servlets which allows me to track [via Excel spreadsheets] pro tennis players' earnings.
  • Replaced the Verizon FiOS Set Top Box in the kitchen [again]. Started rebooting on its own [abstract noise indicating something else].. and finally died.
  • Stretched my Anne Klein Brown Suede Booties [see here]. They did not have the nines [purchased a couple of years ago], so I got the 8.5's, which are a little snug. Blow dryer and socks- works.
  • Updating my Amazon Stores-- here and here.

I am getting little things done-- so I am in good spirits [always feels good when I can check something off my "to do" list], however becoming more preoccupied with my weight. I wanted to hold off on a major purchase until... but feel I really need to get a new treadmill, ASAP.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Working out Kinks with Tumblr Template

A couple of months ago, the strap on my Classic Coach Bag ripped. The bag is over 20 years old and I have carried it around almost everyday for more than 10 years. I am sure the cobbler can repair it, I simply have not had the opportunity to get over there.

This is why every time I see a Classic Coach bag-- I want to order a new one. The other Coach bag I want? This one.

I found the bag above searching for one similar to the one I have. Other things I have been up to?

  • Creating Social Media Icons for my Tumblr Blog-- that I have since chosen not to use.
  • Creating a master template for my Tumblr Blog. I like maintaining master copies of blog posts and templates offline. This to insure-- my versions are my versions.
  • Adding blogroll code to my Tumblr Blog [see the bottom of the page].
  • Updating the Celebrity Blogger List. Have you ever noticed who the large organizations follow on their Tumblr blogs?
  • Minor updates to my Amazon Stores.
  • Dealing with abstract noise issues.

Today, I was so busy insuring my new Tumblr template worked on the older computers and browsers I own [running to the upstairs office]-- that I managed to burn a boiled egg. Everything is okay.. it only smelled like I burnt something.

News from Washington? I wish it were clearer as to what they are doing. Mostly not doing what they say they are going to do. That said, I am not sure who is saying what.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

really did not want to tell you...

Recently, I ordered some items including the blouse highlighted [from "Things I Heart"]:

Shown- my blouse, I ordered the Peach, Size: Medium.

I love the blouse, especially the fabric- 100% Rayon. That said, the blouse does run a little small. If you are more on the petite side- this is a great deal.

I also ordered this ROMEO & JULIET COUTURE Oversized Sweater w/ Detachable Faux Fur-- for an unbelievable price [see post title]:

Yes, I love this sweater. I was a little concerned when I opened the box, however after I shook it out- I knew I had gotten a great deal. I ordered another item, but it is a gift so I cannot discuss it here-- however can say, I am very pleased with all of my recent purchases.

What else have I been up too? Updating my Amazon Stores, made a loaf of Banana Nut Bread on Friday and finished off the Pot Roast I made on Thursday. I am getting news from Washington, however holding off with updates until- "if and when" the news becomes more firm.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Rainy Day Style...

My mother and I often dredge around in the yard [pruning trees, cutting back gardens, etc.] in these boots and this Totes Rain Poncho.

Though the boots are kind of cute, they would clash with a suit.

Did I wear rain boots to the office? No. When I think of the many days I trekked in from South Parking to the Pentagon schiff where I worked as a Defense Contractor, my feet still hurt.

Insofar as fashion is concerned-- I am not eclectic, so it would have never occurred to me to wear socks and sneakers with stockings and a suit-- a popular style back then. I wore heels that matched my suit- all the time even when it rained.

Today, rather than ruining a pair of leather or suede pumps on a rainy day, I would choose something like this. Yes rubber boots but with color...

Because I am older and wiser? Maybe, but mostly I like keeping my old things for as long as possible. I hate ruining shoes.

Speaking of Fall, do you love this jacket? I do. I want it in black. Do I need another Fall jacket? Okay, maybe not- but I do not have a nice black jacket [yes, a black sweater like jacket]-- and I really love this style.

So what are you doing this weekend? It has been so warm in our area, the leaves have not yet turned, let alone fallen-- however as you can see from the photo with the boots- our Mums are out.

I have started my Holiday shopping and pretty happy about that. News from Washington? Not so happy about things there, however nothing I can do at this time. Teasers. Two or three issues they are working on, etc.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Career Dressing..

I added another category to my Amazon aStore-- Career Dressing.

Some of the items I added to the store:

The longevity of a well tailored, classic business suit is enhanced by the fact it is dry cleaned-- and I still have many of mine.

Some feel I am too conservative or dress "old". For business and my career-- yes, this is true. That said-- a well tailored suit can add more credibility than you can possibly know. I never realized this until recently, because I have worn business suits since high school and my first internships in offices.

Recently, because now I do go to the mall in a more casual state- I tend to get more of the wrong notice. I used to go to the mall at lunch or right after I left the office- still wearing my business suit. I have always had big hair and makeup- no matter the outfit, so I do get notice-- however now I get come ons-- and not an offer for dinner.

In a suit (negating today, many seem to know of the issues surrounding me), I would not have to deal with this crap. Translated, in a suit I can look attractive, sexy and not have a guy ask if I want to know him-- the wrong way.

Some feel that a suit is simply "not sexy". I cannot tell you how many guys told me I looked attractive in my size 6-8 fitted suits-- without asking me if I was in the business. What do I know about being in the business? Nothing back then. Now- for some reason guys tell me about this side to their lives, way to often. When this happens, I indicate I wrote the code for the "Blogger Calendar" and not interested in what they can do for me.

Yes, I purposely turn it around, because most should know better. I have been me-- for way too long and I am known. And yes, I could go on and on about my accomplishments [Linkedin, developer/publisher WiredPages (yes, I can fix it...), owner QiSoftware, etc.], but usually choose the "Blogger Calendar" because if Washington had not already known who I was before 2004 when I developed that code, the world began to know who I was, after. It put me on the map.

Do I need notice? No-- I always had more notice than I wanted and did not tend to raise my hand. Not as an introvert-- just back then, not really knowing who I was related to [and why an obnoxious person would want to talk to me]. I learned to disengage very early in my young life.

That said, I love style. I love dressing up. When we lived in England I first began to notice the difference in my mother when we went out. She put on makeup and a nice dress and I would think-- I am going to do that when I grow up. Not that I did not look nice and neat as a child when I left the house. Everyday-- I looked nice and neat. Just not grown up-- with my hair out and wearing makeup. I knew I would do this when I grew up.

The oxymoron? I am a nerd. I read a lot, I love math and I chose programming as a career field.

Do I dress differently than most engineers? Yes, even for a corporate engineer. Dressed, I look like a television lawyer-- and not a typical programmer/engineer.

Today, I read fashion bloggers, not really liking the womens' outfits in movies and television shows any longer. Where are the "Designing Women", LA Law, Angie Harmans' lawyer look?

I keep asking- did "Maid in Manhattan" fire all the entertainment stylists or did they decide she looked way to cute in that outfit and go home? Lets all look unprofessional rather than professional? Am I sometimes way too honest?

I do not really see the business attire I love. I try to find Earth Cams to see what business women are really wearing to the office. As I said-- I did not dress like my friends. I liked Charles Angels [the originals] in high school and college for casual wear, and in television shows and movies the star's roles as career professionals and what they were wearing for a business look. I considered college to be business.

That is why I have been searching online for business suits-- that I would buy today if I had to go to the office daily. I used to go out to shop-- trying on a suit before I purchased it.

Here are some examples today, of what I like for business. Any surprises?

I have always gone shopping well dressed-- and never had a problem with clerks not getting I spent money on clothes, makeup and shoes. Did I get their respect? Yes, looked like I spent money. As I said never a problem when out shopping.

I often see women with attractive figures in outfits that do absolutely nothing for them. Some have indicated, their guys do not need a sexy outfit. Mine do... For me, I simply like the "right" sexy.. a business suit with a pencil skirt. If I am thinking a guy looks good enough to know outside of work, I want him to know I want to look sexy.. my hips swing and my legs look nice in a pencil skirt.. Sexy is a state of mind. A business suit can achieve it.

I do not mind you like your girl. As a matter of fact, I tell you this often. I want you to like your girl. I mind her in my business. She is not qualified. She picked out the suits for my latest store category? How's that? Why even suggest that? My affiliates should pay her? These outfits "too me".. what does she have on? Please stop wasting my time. Get off me. Is anyone asking why? Get the tapes.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Anne Klein Tutorial Boot

The new shoes-- these Anne Klein Booties in dark brown size 8.5.

Outfits I am planning to pair with the shoes?

I planned to do a lot of things with this bootie. Originally, I wanted the olive shade [they did not have my size].

The dark brown matches my Brown Suede Jacket almost perfectly so I really have more options with the brown I purchased. They were only $31.99+ shipping.

That said, I had to get the 8.5 which is the size I wear with stockings and thin socks. They did not have the 9 and the 9.5 is simply too large. This means layering with thick socks is out, but I still think they were a great deal and will work with things I already have. Here is another look:

You can get the watch here and the boots here. The Brown Suede looks different in the photos because of lighting. The bootie is really the darker brown as shown in the photo with me wearing them.

Some of the reviews indicated a problem for some with the arch. I pranced around in my shoes for two or three hours yesterday and had no problems. I am used to wearing heels.

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