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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Anne Arundel County Sheriffs FAx 10.27.14

Last week, I tried to get the number for the Court Security Office by contacting the Jury Office at the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court. For some reason, after telling me to call back [the week before]-- they were unable to assist me with touching base with the court security office. This was Friday.

Yesterday, when I attempted to get the information again-- I ran into the same problem. Speakers setup in the same manner as discussed here.

I should have checked online-- see here [See Courthouse Security Administration]. In the mean time I did reach another number at the Sheriff's Department ---not the one shown in the page I provided-- and whoever answered the phone-- after I explained my concerns with the book bag, invited me to fax the package I sent to the court, fbi, and doj on Oct. 12th, 2014 which produced a quick response that my judy duty obligations would be limited to only one day.

Here is the fax I sent. In case you forgot, I also provide photos of my fax station.

This morning, my head was pounded. When I awoke, I knew it. The joke-- how did I like my new look for court. My head tends to swell when I am pounded all night in the head. Who did they say was on? Samantha [tennis pro] of Angus and John Winston's House, and Kristen of Clay's House, and Danielle of Guy Allen's House. Mostly, kids of guys I once knew at Rockwell.

Also said the Maryland States Attorney was on and Federal Marshals would be helping her to do what the judge asked her to do. I was told last week the ACLU and FBI won and Maryland was supposed to take me off the rolls. I am told the US Attorney-- Rosenbaum and the States Attorney did not want to. As of yesterday, I was still showing on the rolls. Yesterday when I spoke with someone at the jury office, she kept trying to tell me about her vacation last week. Was it the States Attorney? The description I have of her-- stocky Jewish woman, wears a black leather coat and when I saw her [told who she was], had short curly brown/black hair. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Also explained to me that she is the same States Attorney responsible for a hold on my business bank account in May 2012 which had to be removed per DOJ. This woman has been all over me for awhile, they tell me. DOJ why? I saw her once at Panoras Bread in Hanover the reason others point to her and I know what she looks like. She said, if that was her-- she was trying to do something-- and the judge was interfering with her goal. For some reason, i am told rosenbaum and this stocky female think I a need a lesson? the reason I have jury duty.. what lesson. My software will be stolen if I leave it in my safe? I already know that.

Is any of this true? Check the surveillance. I am not sure-- but it sounded like a bunch of idiots that too many are allowing free rein and access to my life. They are also torturing me. I said no thanks...

I was told there was also a Sheriff's worker on last night/this morning. I thought AA County for the Court. Someone just got on-- and said yes, I did notice what you discussed-- but I felt it was a joke too. Something about the Fairth Ford issue bugs me. My response-- if I had known that overweight skank was anywhere near my 12 year old sleeping body-- I would have told her to get off me. did this happen? I have no idea. Do these people want her to go to jail? First Kristen and Bencic tell me who their are. Then within the last week Clay Jones explains Kristen is his kid with faith the reason she got on over the summer, and then Sunday night-- Bencic is Puten's. I knew she was Kristen's. I did not know Clay and Puten. I would not have guessed Faith ford was Kristen's mother. Kelly Rippa yes. her, no.. Faith-- explain to me why your people will not leave me alone... I cannot point a finger. why do they think I owe you? Applegate's husband is yours with bill. I am told most of ARundel in the 70s knows who you are... I am not saying you did anything to me. Arundel is telling me what you were up to back then. I knew about Karen Eldridge from Sharon. She told me you were gay.. I had no idea. Now? Have your people continue to point at this... Says you are owed jail... Did you know people like Silvia Mays, Potts, Hebron are also on? They are not saying I was a whore. Get the tapes.. I had no idea what happened to Ysida and her sister Sonia after I left Fort Meade. Sharon, I think when I was in college-- told me about Karen and Sonia [Faith]. that was all I knew. Sheriffs worker-- FBI is not ow? A judge should not take into consideration Faith did something to me when I was 12 and you are upset. A judge has to consider the rape if it happened. I have no knowledge of anything like that. Clay Jones-- was in a position to have me fired in 1995. Was this part of it? Or the dead child. Or that I did not have aids... Not sure why.. but all play a factor I believe. I cried and moved on. then my rights were violated. Now they want to own me and my business? I do not owe these people. fBI- why does this continue. I said no. Some are just mad-- I said no. I did not know. Then when I found out--- I did say no. You have to be a child to join this type of crap. I was not an abused child.. I cannot join the filth in washington.. get off me.

Some people do not seem to understand the meaning of Extortion which is a federal Crime. Please see here.. Pounding on me with the consoles and understanding that it hurts me-- constitutes extortion especially when you are trying to get money or a deal out of me. Yes, some of you simply suggest you want me to die. Why? Some say I make them feel stupid. That may not be extortion-- but torturing someone with government issued equipment can lead to your arrest.

Monday, October 20, 2014

don't want to pay for this...

Unless otherwise notified, I have limited jury duty in mid November 2014. Quite frankly, if investigators were listening over the weekend or this morning, I am surprised. My claims, about personal safety and the security of my property can be substantiated with surveillance tapes from not only this weekend and this morning, but over the last two years as well.

That said, I called the jury office on Friday, Oct. 17th, 2014 to explain my book bag and to ask "What I could expect?". They said, I could keep the bag with me always, even in the courtroom, but I would have to leave all electronics off.

The jury office also told me I could contact the security office for the court-- to coordinate and explain my large book bag, after I explained its contents and the fact I never leave it unattended. I decided to make the call this morning.

I want to stop for a moment and tell you about the movies I watched over the weekend:

  • Streets of Blood
  • Non-Stop

I liked both movies and glad I set a reminder for each, to catch them from the beginning- when I noticed them [already, in the middle] while flipping channels.

Streets of Blood, with Val Kilmer and 50 Cent left me asking questions. Yes, the movie is based, in part on true events in New Orleans, though not credited in the movie itself. Nice to have federal Investigators on...

So this morning, when I was given the run around by Maryland Circuit Court Employees, including a transfer to "Lockup"-- several got in my ear and told me the employees were told off.

I have long stated I do not wish to be bait for "bad behavior" because I tend to pay for the censor. I also, explained this morning, I do not want to be the "Federal Officer" in the movie "Streets of Blood".

The following illustration show my setup and how I make calls--when I am concerned about the behavior of those i am calling:

I do not know if any people were really censored, but I do know this situation has many divisive qualities to it. It maybe that others are given the wrong information just to see what happens-- and get angry when its really not what they thought. I then show up-- and they are still angry-- when they thought it was a game.

I am told, I sometimes have world wide audiences. Anyone with a HAM radio can pick up the audio from this house. I am not trying to have more issues because you do not understand that. I broadcast calls to open air. Not to my headphones earpiece. Please do not blame me-- because you did not know that. I am telling you now. Your voice is live, loud and clear when I make these calls, and can be heard by more than the Federal Investigators on and listening.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

don't know what to say...

Earpiece lied. Said the FBI asked the court to remove my name and they got what they wanted. Received the court's response today. I thought this might happen.

I am being tortured so they can continue to play this sick game. I said no.. that said-- I will not be arrested for not showing up. I am saddened these people chose to do this. I am owed settlement == not more harassment from maryland.

Will be faxing the FBI and DOJ to find out why this was allowed. I am not lying about the threats. I stopped going out in May 2012-- because I found the Defense Security Report-- showing all jurisdictions in the area gave me a clean report. The huge file--along with my software and computers make it very hard to get around.

In the Fall of 2011 someone in a utility truck [Major company in maryland] tried hit me. Not once but twice. things like this happened often before 2012. I was on my way to Lowes off of 174 in Glen Burnie to get a tool that would unscrew a broken bolt from my elliptical. The reason I know when it was. I have been busy-- listening to discussions from the earpiece since Feb. 2012-- learning about aids, kids I did not know existed and horrors I had no clue about.

Earpiece activation in Feb. 2012 and then locating the security report from the Defense Intelligence agency. Someone thought I stopped going out because of a broken tooth in August 2012. No. I told them about Kathern Grant of TFCU and why she did not show the payoff of a credit card debt in 1992 or so. The report showed I paid off the debt. I stopped going out because I have too much to carry which now also included a huge report from the Defense agency.

The report was mailed to me in 1997 and should have many asking why were police and others violating her rights from 1995-1998.

Settlement negotiations in May 2012. That is why I was at all the banks I once had accounts with.

Since finding the report in May 2012-- of which I provided information to kathern Grant at Tower Federal Credit Union, I have been to the following places:

  • Chevy Chase Bank [now capital one] to insure the Business Account I opened in Oct. 2004 was closed. This the day after I found the report in May 2012.
  • Weekly visit to my bank about 2 miles away. I use the drive in window.
  • June 2013 to have my Driver's License Renewed. Columbia Motor Vehicles Center.
  • June 2013 to have my eyes checked -- Arundel Mills Mall
  • July 23rd, 2014 I went into the bank to open a business savings account. Stayed about 30 minutes.
  • A two week stay in Linthicum starting July 24- Early August 2012.
  • Driven to BWMC by DB Loud of the Anne Co Police on June 18th, 2012. No problems with others trying to hit us.
  • My car died Dec. 2013 and I decided not to risk the repair at this time. Historic tags prevent it from being used on a daily basis-- and I am happy to have it safe and secure in the garage.

When I need to go out--- I go out and deal with business people and retail folks in a competent manner. I am not an introvert-- nor do I shy away from people. My bank-- should be able to confirm from the July 2014 visit. I was there for about 20-30 minutes and all went fine. It is very hard to get around with my stuff and I will not leave it unattended. The work you used to know on Wiredpages is all mine. The problems are easy for me to fix--because I have the old code and solutions I can implement. I have not updated the code because of security issues.

I rarely go out-- so I cannot show recent real problems with other drivers-- but I assure you they are there. I also do not have use of my car..

The other day-- I was explaining to listeners that I am forced to listen to everything. I line things up--when others do not have all the gossips and others providing details that they do not have. yes, the fbi has all the tapes-- however the same person is not always on. I am ... this seems to have caused some concern...

One example I was able to line up.. who chirpy was. The original console chatter who started the discussion about the dead child and Aids. Maclaughlin JR. We even discussed this last night... it was said [said bob said it] they wanted me to blame the bald army general [not really a general] who is bob rosistikies son for the death and not Max's son. The indication last night that's why one of the first things Chirpy told me was a child died and they were not sure if it was the dad or the son. He did say--the the dad went to jail for child endangerment. {Problem-- the birth mother had aids-- and the child gave Max's son aids]. I had no idea what chirpy was talking about at first and thought Chris hartman was the dad of the child that died originally. According to bob last night they wanted a libel suit. Everyone knew a billion dollar settlement was put on the table in Oct. 2011 by my affiliates, except me. Tapes should confirm. Washington decided it wanted a part of it. That was why the frantic search for the frequency of the earpiece in the left ear. Chirpy said he searched and searched for it. It was never initialized so it is an odd number. Ask those that have it. It is also said gizzy had a child with the bald general and the state has custody. Not sure of the truth .. but I do not owe this crap.. I was able to line up chirpy because of the pieces that were provided over the two year period from feb 2012- Feb. 2014. Another issue also discussed last night-- but for some reason I thought they were really testing something. Maybe I should not have explained I am always on...

Maybe, I need witnesses at the court house.

FBI-- this is a mistake and too dangerous. If they understand the situation why on earth would they insist this be done? Too many want me to feel old and ugly as away to own.. I am so tired of this mentality... I keep hearing about a "jew way". I will go into more detail on Q's Wire. Ask my bank.. do I come off as if I want them to waste my time... When there I am polite and ask them to do this or this. I do not cower. BWMC-- should also say the same.. why would this court insist?

I have been hold up here since May 2012-- waiting on relief from the torture [september 2012 when it began in earnest] and settlement process-- trying to protect me and my software-- so they can force this? Why do they need me to risk this?

Does this have anything to do with "I am always on" and washington decided to clean their souls in my ear? Not sure... DOJ-- I need you to respond before the court date...

For someone who was unsure what to say--when I started this post-- I found a lot. I repeat.. I am saddened people continue to do this in my life.

Just reading the old post that referenced when I found the Defense report. Earpiece lied a lot-- or confirmed what I thought to be true. Lester is Sharon's son. Brenda White-- Joyce Anderson's. Both my father's kids.

Side note: My mother has been asking lately if I want to have my car repaired. She [my mother] started in the spring of 2014. My car is an 1990 RX 7 white convertible with about 150,000 miles on it. It runs well and because it has been garage most of its life, in good shape. I am the original owner. The top is not really a rag top but does come down, even though it has a real rear window and the top center piece is hard making it ride like a closed-in sedan. I believe this has added to its longevity. Several have asked if they can purchase the car. It needs a new battery. The last time I took my car in-- someone wanted the engine. Confirmed with earpiece activation. They had to put my engine back. My mother often thinks if I give a little here or there-- it might get better. It won't, and they have already taken too much. I need dOJ to do their job. Someone is saying the one day report for the jury summons is meant to send me to the repair shop... I have changed the battery myself before--but for some reason do not want to mess with it now. It started this summer when I jumped it. The court did this to force me to get the battery replaced? FBI-- this sounds even worse. Are you listening?

Before the battery died in Dec. 2013 many warned the local police wanted to stop me on the tags violation. I did not drive it often. They may want it repaired on the same issue. Not sure. Everyday they say this is almost over. Why do they continue this crap?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sunday, Faxes and Letter Sent-- Jury Duty Issues...

Sunday after editing and then more editing, I transmitted four faxes and then borrowed a car to go to the Hanover Post Office to mail the letter and form-- addressed to the Circuit Court of Anne Arundel County.

Yes, this is a big deal to me. Earpiece providing details. "I screwed someone" worries me. Usually this means I am going to be screwed some more.

All I want, until DOJ and FBI can provide official explanations is to be left alone. I am told legal still working issues before settlement--however unsure at this time how reliable the information is. Lot of noise from Washington and their kids. It always amazes me what will be said on an open microphone with everyone listening. Why doesn't it concern them?

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday's Draft Version- Jury Summons-- Please Excuse

I am still editing the letter I will send to the Circuit Court of Anne Arundel County, DOJ, the FBI, States Attorney and the US Attorney for Maryland. This has worried me almost non-stop since I got the summons on Thursday, October 9th, 2014.

Regina Denise Thomas

8630-M Guilford RD #276
Columbia, MD 21046

7684 Ridge Chapel RD
Hanover, MD n21076
October 12, 2014

Circuit Court For Anne Arundel County
Jury Office, Suite 301
P.O. Box 2700
Annapolis, MD 21404-0171

410-222-1499 * [Fax] 410-262-9353

Ref: Code J Accompanying Letter Providing Explanation For Excused Jury Service Request

Dear Sir or Madam:

My name is Regina Denise Thomas. I am a business owner, QiSoftware [ see state database using QiSoftware search name], and currently have any number of extreme issues which I would like the court to consider- as to why I should be excused from jury duty.

An important reason, and one in which I believe the court need only consider is my transportation situation. Shown a map and partial driving instructions from my residence in Hanover, MD to Church Circle in Annapolis, MD.

Google map illustration

I do not have reliable transportation. My only registered automobile has historic tags, which I cannot use everyday and is in need of some repairs. Title and tags will be provided upon request.

Transportation is a great concern however not the foremost reason for my request to be excused from jury duty service.

More of a concern, my personal safety and the protection of software I have developed over the years for my company. I carry a large book bag wherever I go and have done so for the past 10 years. This also adds to my transportation woes. I am well known. I have publicly documented many of the issues in the personal blogs I maintain here:

My business blogs are located here:

The posts in the blogs-- should raise a number of red flags and the court asking DOJ and FBI to confirm. If not, I have listed specific posts which anyone investigating this issue- should be able to confirm.
* post mostly about something else however recent jury summons discussed.
* this post.

I am told the State of Maryland owes me a great deal of money for civil rights violations and harassment over the years. The blogs will show that I would consider this jury duty dangerous and another attempt to harass me. I have already contacted the FBI in Baltimore and publicly raised the issue. I am told many have contacted DOJ and the FBI in Washington and raised the same issues.

Further, above, I provided a post about issues related to a June 18th, 2012 incident. Please contact BWMC for details. This was another example of rights violations and harassment by Maryland. The ACLU and a judge protected my software and the contents of my bag at that time. That is why the photographs of the police officers that came to the house that day were still available in my camera when I returned July 5th, 2012.

I have been blogging for a long time. I am known online. I am known around the state. This looks suspect to many. Please look into this. Also check with the FBI and DOJ.

In 2004, I developed a popular tool, called the Blogger Calendar Java Version []. This software tool gave me a lot of notice, especially in the blogging community. You can find versions integrated on the blogs I have listed above.

In addition, I am the publisher at WiredPages [], a news service. In its heyday, software tools I developed for the service were well known and used. I stopped updating the tools because of security problems and the incident on June 18, 2012 when I was separated from the proprietary software I developed. Asking me to attend court sessions where I have to worry about storing the bag somewhere is a very big concern for me.

Also, I have had threats to my life. My home is under surveillance for reasons provided in the blogs-- and I am subjected to personal threats day in and day out. Please obtain copies of the tapes. I believe DOJ and or the FBI can provide evidence.

What this means, [1] my software tools are known and the software is currently desired by many, if for no other reason than to claim I did not write the code. Excuse this adage: Ownership is nine/tenths of the law. Proving I wrote the software is legally very important. I have security issues as related to my software and [2] personal safety issues-- which as I have stated, I believe can be confirmed by DOJ and the FBI.

I have no problem with the court, checking my bank accounts and financial situation. I have a $40 a week loan from a relative. Run my social security and talk to my bank. The local branch [Hanover, MD] of Wells Fargo where I maintain business checking and savings accounts, can also be contacted to confirm, I no longer use my older White RX7 Convertible, but weekly borrow a car from a relative to visit their drive in window. And have been doing this for over six months now. The repairs are not serious and probably less than $200 in repair costs, however the car, as I have stated- the automobile is registered with historic tags and I rarely drove it. It is garaged.

The trip to the bank is less than 2 miles from my residence and through I am a good driver, would be a bit concerned about someone hitting my relative's automobile. I cannot afford to replace the vehicle and would not wish to put my relative on the spot more than I am currently doing by going to the bank once a week.. I have documented in the blogs listed, issues I have had with other drivers in Maryland. I have taken photos of their vehicles and tags. This has become somewhat of a cause célèbre situation- here in Maryland and quite frankly, I am a bit surprised I was asked again [first time- March 2004] to complete jury duty service. The March 2004 jury summons also discussed in blog posts and the results of the experience. Yes, software was stolen from a safe I purchased specifically because of the March 2004 jury summons which I was unsuccessful in avoiding.

That said, if this ever ends- one of my first purchases will be a reliable automobile.

Wells Fargo should have evidence of a settlement template which has been submitted to my bank over the last two years starting in 2012 and through 2014 showing the State of Maryland has a defamation/punitive settlement amount showing. A broken arm in 1996 went unset at a local Maryland Hospital in addition to the many rights violations. The amount is in the millions. The template also shows an amount for the Federal Government and others.

Please take seriously the objections I have raised and allow me to be excused from this jury duty summons.


Regina Denise Thomas
Encl: Part B - Juror Qualification Form

Friday, October 10, 2014

Spoke with Baltimore FBI about Jury Summons

Just spoke with the baltimore office of the FBI. They will be looking at the information I faxed to them on yesterday. I also explained they should check surveillance tapes from this house to confirm I have been threatened over and over both with bodily harm and from those who want the bag.

They have agreed to do that. What I cannot do is refer the court to check with the FBI to alleviate my situation as related to jury duty. I am hopeful they will contact them-- and actually told last night they did-- but I am not sure.

I wanted to cry when they said I could not refer the court to them-- but I will wait to see what happens

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