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Sunday, May 24, 2015

hair, tennis, productivity issues.

Last Friday, I used Garnier Olia Darkest Brown Hair dye to get rid of my gray.

I am naturally a mid-to dark brown, so I was very surprised to see how dark my hair turned out. I am trying to get used to it, however think changing my makeup to brown shadows, off black pencils and red lipsticks will make a difference.

That said, I am very impressed with how well this product covered my gray.

Other things I have been up to?

  • Tennis: French Open started today.
  • Movie: Mission Impossible III
  • Movie: The Ledge with Terrence Howard, Liv Tyler
  • Thinking about why my next tablet will have at least one USB port. Screen grabs from last post were emailed from my tablet. Because of ongoing legal issues, I do not use the Cloud.

The last bullet [above]: iPad and several others [i.e., Samsung], have built in USB ports. I use my tablet for everything, including watching online streaming programs [Verizon FiOS, WatchESPN, TennisEverywhere]. I also keep my tablet plugged in when I am at home, to save battery life. I need the separate USB port to print, port images and data to other devices while using the micro USB port for power. I use a Bluetooth keyboard with my tablet, however I never enabled Bluetooth on my Macbook-- because of security issues. [I keep a lot of QiSoftware proprietary data and code on my Macbook.] This makes it hard to port data. I do not keep company proprietary data on my netbook nor other systems, however none of the others have the Bluetooth option. A wireless printer would solve part of the problem-- however I cannot justify another printer at this time. What are you using?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Watching my gardens, tennis

These days, wish I could say I have been doing more. Mostly, watching tennis and a little gardening.

Clay court season is on-- in preparation for Roland-Garros [the French Open] with matches from the main draws beginning this Sunday, May 24, 2015.

The Prize Money this year is a bit more than last and the seeds and draws were just added to their site today-- here is a preview:

Other things I have been up to?

  • Adding minor updates to my Amazon Stores. Are you ready for Father's Day, [Gift Ideas]?
  • Movie: Being Flynn
  • Movie: Annapolis
  • Did my hair today... not sure if I like it. Will provide photos later so you can see the changes.

I love how my Irises look this year and the Peonies I thought vandals destroyed are back.. I am so pleased.

News from Washington? There is news, however providing details may be counterproductive.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I ordered my mom's Mother's Day Gift about three weeks ago and gave it to her this morning. She said she loved it so I hung them while she was out.

You will note, the gift is also listed in my Amazon Store. I was not at all disappointed with this item.

I think my mother is having a full day. She left early this morning for breakfast with Andre and Cathy [earpiece saying this is false, so I am not sure]. Earpiece also saying a number of relatives are in town, but I am not sure about this either. I think she felt guilty about leaving me all day. She put ribs in a slow cooker, before leaving.

Around noon she returned bringing store bought potato salad and rolls to complete my meal. I applied BBQ Sauce and put the ribs in the oven. She will have left overs tomorrow.

My meal was great. She is having dinner with my sister and her boyfriend I am told.

The Madrid Open Final is on. I have been watching this tournament most of the week.

Do I miss seeing my family? Security has become a big deal for me. I go out only when I need too. So, no. I see Judy and Andre when they come over. No one from out of town ever comes to this house now.... however, this has been the case since the late 90s. If this ever ends.. will this change? No. I have learned too much since February 2012-- so no, I probably will never see family in a large gathering again. That said... I love quiet, working and tennis so this really is not a problem for me.

Issues with the earpiece? Hard. Hoping judges, DOJ/FBI, ACLU will be doing more to correct this horrific issue.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

In my case, I want the actual used...

When I first got my tablet [Feb. 2015], I was pleased that my GPS location would always broadcast. I use Skype, Twitter and any number of other apps which I allow to broadcast the location.

Initially, Google Earth [another tablet App] was dead-on when reporting my location, however began reporting my location slightly off within a week of the tablet's arrival. This kind of worried me. Initially, earpiece personnel [think it was the FBI], indicated that this location broadcast should prevent others from using my accounts. I even noted it in a blog post.

Since then I put off looking into why this might be happening. Then last Sunday, I noticed something and checked Google Earth and sure enough the location was being reported incorrectly. Here is a screen shot of a similar reporting by Google Earth. [You cannot see it in this image, however there is another house at that location.] I am given all shorts of reports about the house and who is there at any given time.

Based on this error, I decided to download another GPS tracking APP hoping to force Google Earth to report my true location. This app allows me the option for setting the time interval for satellite tracking.

Those assigned with the security of my mother and I, might offer the following as to why the GPS location is wrong:

  • They do not want my location known to help with our security?
  • They try to monitor all of our calls, both my business and residential and they need the location to show another location? This is interference with my business. My Skype never rings unless it is a family member. It is listed on
  • The use of our Verizon FiOS account by personnel with security duty. I am told they somehow amp up the signal. I did not know official FBI personnel were actually located at that site. Anyone else, should not be on security duty there. They are raiding themselves?

Other problems with this reasoning? Many of you are aware, I often show my actual address-- via correspondence I receive, that I want to share. There are a lot of security and government personnel in the area. I do not like them hi-jacking my GPS location.

That said, the activity in the house where sometimes my location is reported- is not good. The house, I am told was raided by law enforcement because the original owners should not have put up a custom built house so close to an elementary school. Now, CIA, family members of the people who used to live there [CIA ties], FBI and others from other places have been known to be there and asked to leave.

I take photos of me, showing who I am and also provide where I am going. I used to think I was a victim of mistaken identity. That said, many know who I am. I always say, "you do not live the life I lived, and have the problems I have". I am not trying to hide. I have too many problems. I really think that house is the wrong house for Google Earth and others to report as being my location.

Why do you think they are doing it?

Monday, April 27, 2015

Tennis Spreadsheets Update...

In Feb. 2015, I developed two Java Servlets to pull earnings data from professional tennis tracking sites, which populate Excel Spreadsheets for selected professional tennis players.

The following illustrates an example of the earnings data returned- when I run the WTA women's servlet.

Every Monday [except when no tournaments were scheduled the prior week], I run each of the servlets and update the corresponding spreadsheet.

This week, though tournaments are scheduled for both men's and women's professional tennis, for the most part- they are not being televised. So, I will keep busy doing other things.

TennisTV is airing some of the tournaments, however I do not have a subscription for this service, yet. Mostly, I watch The TennisChannel and WatchESPN.

Two major tournaments are coming up, Madrid and Rome, so I think the media is gearing up for the extended coverage they will be offering starting next week. The tournaments are one right after the other.

In the meantime, perhaps I will be posting more to my blogs about other doings....

Saturday, April 18, 2015

it's beautiful here, except...

All week I have been watching the ATP Monte Carlo Tennis Tournament, finals are tomorrow.

In between matches [Fed Cup also on this morning], I went outside to take photos of the trees in bloom.

I also noticed my Peonies have not started growing. Looks like the whole bush is gone. Not sure what happened. About, 14 years ago, my Mother, Niece and I started that bush from roots. I suspect this is the work of vandals. If this is my mistake, I will let you know. Not happy about this.

Made a hamburger and french fries for lunch after spreading a little fertilizer to get rid of Dandelions.

My hair is getting longer. You can see the difference from the photos I took before I started rolling my hair every night [about 2 months ago] and today.

Other things I have been up to:

  • Updating Amazon Computer and Electronics Store
  • Watching movies I have never seen before. Did you see Clearskin? Just saw this last night. I tend to like spy and black ops type movies and novels [big fan of Ludlum].
  • Marking my calendar for upcoming tennis tournaments, including; Madrid, Paris, Wimbledon. See here for a complete list.

Latest Philodendron plant from clippings is doing well. When I find the photo I took when I first planted it, I will provide the link.

Other issues? Nothing to report here.

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