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Monday, March 04, 2024

2023-2024 Weight Loss Journey

You really cannot tell from the photos I have included with this post, however over the last 6 months I have lost about 15 pounds.

I have one or two new outfits I wanted to showoff, however, Saturday (March 2, 2024) when I tried different hair and makeup looks for the shots, I decided I liked nothing and gave up.

I want to lose another 20 pounds by summer.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

What Happened To My Diet?

Between November and December 2022 I think I lost about 5 pounds. How did this happen? I was running around with this errand or chore which started the weight loss. Once I realized I was losing weight I ate less, which is what I normally do.

It seemed as if I was on a roll and I thought I would continue with my weight loss program through the new year. And then, January first came around.

Because I thought I would be busy Christmas Day setting up a new laptop and putting together the side table, I planned an easy meal for the day- slow cooker roast beef and potatoes.

New Year's Day, I planned to make glazed pork chops with a new recipe in combination with a lot of side dishes.

    New Year's Day Meal
  • Bone in Sweet & Spicy Glazed Pork Chops
  • Sausage Cornbread Dressing w/Cranberry Sauce
  • Steamed Cabbage w/Onions, Peppers, Bacon
  • Candied Yams
  • Baked Macaroni & Cheese
  • Sweet Rolls

I wanted to share the great recipe I found for Sweet & Spicy Glazed Pork Chops. The only change I made to the recipe was to use bone-in chops rather than boneless.

The pork chops and the meal turned out great, the only problem- I have been cooking and eating since the first.

I do not think I have gained it all back, however it seems I am trying. Good luck with your New Year's resolutions.

Monday, September 09, 2019

Last Days of Summer 2019

I am on a diet. You may recall, earlier this summer I decided to add to my wardrobe. Two of the dresses I ordered were a little tight so I decided to take seriously a diet.

The photos below, show the two dresses and my current weight. I lost several pounds in August, so can now wear the two dresses in question, however decided to continue with the diet.

Without my much loved treadmill, I have had to resort to habits used in the past to maintain my weight, i.e., simply not eating. My incentive? My old clothes. I have a lot of classic suits, so I am not worried about dated looks- and quite frankly, happy with my progress.

That said, things like the boots shown in the photos below are about 3 years old, however never worn. I am having fun thinking about the old things I can wear with these slouchy boots.

Slouchy boots are not in this upcoming season? Not sure, however I like long skirts (just below the calves) with this heeled boot so I am sure I can come up with a classic look.

As noted in the caption for the navy pumps, I wanted to purchase a suede pair of navy pumps. Instead I may purchase a navy dress I already have in aqua green (shown in the above photo). The style is flattering on me, however I will have to purchase the smaller size.

My diet? Eating a meal (daily) like the one shown in the following set of photos. I may have a mini bagel either mid-morning or late afternoon and that is about all.

I am ready for Fall 2019. Football, new business projects, my old clothes on a slimmer me.

Sunday, February 03, 2019

Super Bowl Sunday Snack Idea: Chicken Fajitas

Are you having friends over for the game? Are you looking for another snack idea?

Thursday, I stopped by the local market and picked up Old El Paso Soft Taco Shells. I wanted to make one of my all time favorite "diet" entrées, Chicken Fajitas. Weight Watchers used to offer a similar frozen entrée that I liked taking to the office.

These fajitas were so good, I wanted to post about this lower calorie, lower fat idea in case you needed something similar.

P.S. Tabasco Sauce works well with this dish, however your favorite hot sauce will work just as well (without adding extra calories).

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Anticipating Seasonal Change...

I am a little worried about my weight. I have been trying on different things for the upcoming change of seasons-- however not really happy with the results. I am not sure what I am going to do about this problem.

That said, here are recent photos:

Check list of things I have been up to, some related to the photos above.

  • Watching the US Open, ends Sunday. Are you watching the Quarterfinal between Serena and Venus this evening at 7:00 ET?
  • Found a pair of brass earrings in a craft box in the basement. Mother said, "finders keepers"-- so I am happy.
  • Repaired one of the servlets which allows me to track [via Excel spreadsheets] pro tennis players' earnings.
  • Replaced the Verizon FiOS Set Top Box in the kitchen [again]. Started rebooting on its own [abstract noise indicating something else].. and finally died.
  • Stretched my Anne Klein Brown Suede Booties [see here]. They did not have the nines [purchased a couple of years ago], so I got the 8.5's, which are a little snug. Blow dryer and socks- works.
  • Updating my Amazon Stores-- here and here.

I am getting little things done-- so I am in good spirits [always feels good when I can check something off my "to do" list], however becoming more preoccupied with my weight. I wanted to hold off on a major purchase until... but feel I really need to get a new treadmill, ASAP.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

tennis, lunch, diet issues...

Wimbledon has been on since the week before last Monday [yesterday], and I have done little else. Local family members made the annual trek to Wilmington, NC for the 4th of July and I stayed home.

The Women's Quarterfinals are on today-- so most of my morning/early afternoon has been/will be spent watching those matches.

That said, today I did take time to have a great lunch-- shown in one of the photos below. Also shown, I have taken time out for many great meals.

Other things I have been up to:

My Conair Curling Iron [page 2- lower left], stopped working [had it for over 10 years, and now used daily since Feb. 2015]- so I ordered 2 more, along with a new watch. Next, I am going to get an assortment of watch batteries and a device to remove watch cases so I can put in new batteries. I used to have the watch repair shop in the Crystal City Underground do all of this. Now I just buy new watches.

Another of my great lunches...

All sorts of news, though nothing to report here..

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I have learned to cook, but still love...

I work in the informal dining area just off the kitchen, so it is nothing for me to stop, whip up a banana nut bread or this brunch [today]...

... and then continue working. Gaining weight? Yes. That said, sometimes I microwave a Lean Cuisine entree like this Sesame Chicken dish-- and feel like I am making progress.

This is one of my favorite Lean Cuisine entrees. Others?

  • Glazed Chicken
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken
  • Lasagna With Meat Sauce

I think I want to try the Pot Stickers entree. I noticed it while researching their site for this post. Wanted to make sure I knew the correct names for the entres I love.

I have been eating the Lean Cuisine's Glazed Chicken entree since l left home after college. I still love them.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

eating off schedule...

Today, I think because the plumber was in- installing the new toilet in the guest bathroom-- which dictated we allow for his schedule, we decided to eat "on the run".

The plumber was due around noon-- so around 10:00 a.m. my mother ran out [we live about a mile and a half from Costco]-- to get somethings. She also picked up this Jack Daniels Pulled BBQ Beef.

He finished the installation around 2:00 pm and we were so happy- that was all taken care of, we decided to make banana splits- [we had our sandwiches before he arrived]. Here are the ingredients we used for the splits:

My mother's is on the left and mine- on the right.

Was all of this food good? You bet. Can we do this often? No. I want to get back into my business suits. Today, I was taking inventory of what I could and could not wear. I need to lose for a lot of my things.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

there goes my diet..

In today's blog post on Q's Wire-- I discuss the fact I need to go on a diet because I need a new photo ID taken. To that effort, last night I went to bed hungry and got up and had steamed vegetables around 10:15 a.m. Around 2:00 p.m. had this baked potato with a Monterey Jack/Colby cheddar blend I love.

Then my mother walked in with these items-- freshly purchased from Costco.

I noticed in my new Costco flyer-- that Apple Strudel would be on sale this month and I showed it to her. We both love things like this. Was the half of one I shared with my mother- worth it? You bet it was.

Issues with earpiece still going on-- but to a lesser degree. Good and bad news-- however i cannot tell if they are trying to build my hopes up just to dash them. I am moving forward with things I need to get done and not waiting for settlement to start.

For some reason-- this mainly has to do with shopping and things I have needed for some time-- but put off thinking the settlement process would begin. My sites?- Cannot do much of anything insofar as the sites. They still want the code-- and until I can get lawyers and move the sites-- my hands are a bit tied.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

gaining weight...

I have been eating a lot lately. I find the more I am irritated by those providing updates via the earpiece-- the more I eat. Same type of updates.. still working the issues surrounding payments and getting you out. Are they? There appear to be issues with government personnel that for some reason-- affect me. FBI-- lately muting a lot of the gain and vibrate issues-- however still a problem.

I used to go out a lot to eat. Being a single professional that worried about diet-- I would eat whatever I wanted for lunch and skip other meals. This type of dieting worked because I used to drink a lot of coffee and smoked. I quit smoking in Dec. 1998. Today, I make my old lunch favorites at home. Here are several.

Burrito w/Montery Jack Cheese

Steak Sandwich with Fries

Kung Pao Chicken

I made these cookies last week.

Convection Oven Baking..

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Walnuts

I went out yesterday. Here are photos. Look how fat my face looks. I decided time to go on a diet.

I am in good spirits- except the never ending earpiece chatter. The gift I expected today arrived Saturday-- so I am done with gifts and wrapping. Recent weight gain-- not affecting me. I know how to lose it.

Last Friday was supposed to have been a big deal-- and though I remained calm too many others were upset. Excuse after excuse. Told even my bank was upset. Told they ran tests [again]. Not sure what's going on-- but wish they would not air their frustrations with me. I am the one that can do nothing but wait.

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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Diet Day 9

Been eating a bit more over the last two days. Why? Thinking about some things-- and I am blaming it on that distraction. It takes a bit of focus to restrict food intake when I have been eating unabated [with exercise] for as long as I have. Can I get back on track? Yes.

Thinking about what? I have paperwork all over Washington. Anyone from DOJ/FBI could contact me without needing an excuse. Yet, I am having a different form of communication. Abstract but kind of public. Why?

Hopefully next week I can show progress as related to my diet.

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Friday, March 02, 2012

diet day 7

I did not put curls in my hair, nor the eyeliner and mascara I normally don-- because I wanted you to see my face is getting thiner. You can see it especially in my cheeks.

Maybe the hair and extra makeup would have made it easier to compare? Okay, I did not feel like it.

Why no body shots? Quite frankly, because this is a restricted food diet with no exercise-- I never put on gym clothes and stay in oversized sweats or pjs all day-- so it would be hard to see anyway. I can tell.

How is the diet going? Great. I normally have one meal a day, around lunch and that sustains me-- however I was so hungry this morning-- I had a mini bagel around 8:00 am.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

diet day 4

Finished off yesterday without eating anything else-- but did have at least 2 more coffees. Whenever I fast or seriously restrict my food intake-- I allow myself whatever beverages I want-- including non-diet soft drinks [I prefer sugar ice tea and kool aid to soft drinks]. In the past-- because I loved coffee and cigarettes [slim Capris, as if to lessen the dependency I had on this habit] so much-- it was normally a sugar coffee with half and half.

Now it is a coffee with a teaspoon of sugar and a light whip cream. Often lots of cream. Another trick-- since I hate the combination of toothpaste and food-- I brush my teeth when I feel hungry.

That said- I am really surprised at how easy this is. I go to bed [my stomach growling] hungry-- something I used to do often. No hidden meanings here. I like discipline-- and mind over matter. With food it was always easy-- and is again [surprisingly]. However, because it took me so long to quit smoking-- I cannot preach. [Babs wants to run/interfere in my business? I can preach a whole lot.] Smoking was my greatest dependency. Sugar is another-- but I have cut that out a lot too.

Sometime ago-- I came up with a daily calorie guide-- based on the time of day and calorie consumption. I divided the day into 3 segments-- 6:00 am -10:00 am, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm. I allow myself 300 calories per segment. Of course now-- my entire daily consumption [negating drinks] is about 300 calories. I abandoned calorie time guide-- with the many problems I had toward the end of 2011.

Yes, I am already losing weight. I can see it in my face. Keep in mind-- I was in pretty good shape before I started this-- in that I averaged about 9.6 miles on my elliptical daily-- and was also toned. Restricting food intake affects muscle tone and the look of your skin. I know this of course because I used to be a faster-- and did not exercise except an occasional tennis match or leg weights and prancing around my place.

Would I rather spend 1.5 hours on a treadmill daily [walking at a fast clip]? Yes, it is simply healthier. This solution is a lot faster-- however, I am working on getting my treadmill repaired.

It's about 10:20 am here-- and I have had a small apple and 3 coffees so far. I am going to have a 300 calorie frozen entree for lunch-- and that's about all for today. I am a little bit more hyper than usual-- but not sure if it is due to no food, too much coffee or those Amazon stats.

Keep in mind-- I do not recommend this diet for anyone and hope that you will consult your doctor before starting your own high risk diet.

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