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Friday, December 10, 2021

Yesterday, Why?

Although I am not promoting WiredShops this holiday season, I have been trying to work out shipping and payment issues that are not as smooth as I would like. This, the main reason I decided to skip heavy promotion of the site (at this time).

I have also been ordering items to see whether I want to add them to my shops.

Last month, I ordered a dress that would be great for holiday parties, or year round cocktail events. I would love to list the dress, however decided not to. Why? Because I was asked to pass on the dress.

Below are photos of the dress and how it looks on, though you can only see the detail that I really love about the dress. The transparent area around the neck, sleeves, and upper chest.

Yesterday, I ran errands all day. I was out the door just after 10:00 am and finished about 2:30 pm. The photos below show my hair and makeup yesterday. Sometimes I think I have issues with mistaken identity and so every once in a while I show who I am (good, bad, etc...).

I had on a long black wool pleated skirt with black suede 3 inch boots that reach to just below my knee, a sweater with a v-neck with a loop tie, and a short black jacket. If I did not have my black sunglasses on, I had on black readers, as shown above.

I took all of the photos in this post last night when I returned home from my busy day. Note, one of the errands required a positive ID so this is part of the reason I publish posts like this. Sometimes I feel I need more public notices/confirmations than are actually needed, nevertheless I believe it helps to avoid misunderstandings or games I am not up for.

Monday, February 03, 2020

Lessons Learned- Day One...

Originally posted: 2/3/21

I have started my online class and it did not go exactly as planned.

Number one, I made a mistake and asked the entire class to join my class events. How did I do this? When I joined the Microsoft Team for the class, I created events in the Team Calendar. I thought it was another student (semi-private) calendar. I was able to cancel all of the events, however it left some in the class confused.

Though no one said anything to me, the number of messages and emails I received before the start of class showed my mistake. "Most could not log in". The class coordinator had to help some of my classmates to the correct event. I was rather embarrassed by the whole thing and could only smile at my mistake.

Two, I love understanding software and all aspects of a new user interface. During the class, I played with every button/icon I could find-- to make sure I understood its function. Never worried everything was being recorded.

For the last two months I have been trying to test lighting, camera resolution, etc. however did not actually create a video. I should have done this.

The two videos the professor uploaded after the class, showed me and a handful of my classmates with our video cameras never turned off. Every move I made was recorded and I have a lot of bad angles.

I think I have figured out options to avoid my first day of class mistakes-- however have no problem if you learn from my mistakes.

I take solace in the fact, I thought the real time video streams of my classmates were a lot nicer than the videos. I was using a high resolution monitor so I thought I could see most of the flaws. I recommend testing if you plan on keeping the video on for most of your class time.

The good news, I feel the study time I put in over the last month- is going to pay off.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Driver's License Renewal Process

Spent most of the day, yesterday at the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) Express Services facility in Columbia, MD renewing my driver's license.

Why? Although, I set an appointment for Friday, March 29th, 2019, I decided I wanted to get this process out of the way as soon as possible. My first mistake. I should have stayed with the original appointment.

Key to my driver's license renewal process was having my prescription for glasses updated and certified by a doctor. Saturday, I picked up the glasses and Sunday, the MVA paperwork signed by my doctor detailing my corrected vision with the prescription.

So this prompted the desire to have the license renewed sooner rather than later.

The second mistake- I photo copied my birth certificate and did not take the original with me to the MVA facility. I returned home to get the original. Although, I returned to the facility by 11:00 AM, I did not leave the center until after 3:00 PM.

Based on my experience, I thought I would post things you might do to avoid problems:

Your State will probably provide the exact details as to the documents required for the renewal process, however the list above provides a good starting point.

My birthday, is not until July, so I had a little time to complete the process, however I wanted to make sure I had my eyes certified by a doctor before I went in to renew my license.

Maryland notified me in February that I could start my renewal process at anytime. The notification and collection of documents made me a little apprehensive at first, however I had more than enough in the large folder I used to collect the copies, including copies of diplomas, social security card, birth certificate, a motor vehicle registration, bank card statements, recent tax returns and official correspondence from state agencies.

Be sure to read carefully your State's requirements for the renewal process.

Monday, January 28, 2019

My Personal Site, A Work in Progress

I maintain my resume (résumé) as a Microsoft Word document. In February 2018, I decided to post an online copy of my resume to my personal domain (

After converting the Word document to an html file, there were a number of updates made before posting the online version of the resume.

Over the weekend, I decided, rather than maintaining my personal site as autonomous html files (including the resume), I would use the content management platform, Thingamablog, used for two of my blogs, this one and Remix. It's Personal, this blog, is maintained on a Windows XP netbook and Remix, the business blog, is maintained on a Macbook.

The illustration below, shows the additional site/weblog added to the Thingamablog installation on the Windows XP platform.

For more information about Thingamablog visit these pages:

The template for the new site is a work in progress.

The template was adapted from the one I use with most of the site areas on and

Monday, March 20, 2017

My Resume [Long Version]

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

About My Résumé

Recently, I updated my résumé. I also found a position on that I applied for, but more on that later.

This post, I simply want to explain why over the years my résumé reads more like a summary of my skills, however also offered links to WiredPages and other site areas which provided real examples of the type of software support and web design I offered.

I felt a widget was worth a thousand words-- or a least a two page résumé of detailed work experience.

Over the years, I received a great many accolades for the work I did on WiredPages, however because of security issues-- I do not now maintain the site online. That said-- I do have the code and can easily recreate the many widgets I custom designed and developed for the site. That said, I repeat- I really need to move the site to a more secure hosting platform.

Late in my tenure with Rockwell [my last position as a defense contractor], we responded to a RFP from the Navy. I have working [draft] copies of several of our résumés which were completed/updated and submitted to the Navy [on earlier RFPs too]. The illustration below shows part of my draft résumé-- and that of John Newcomb's, the program manager. Yes, I would have also been part of the staff providing input for our submission to the RFP.

Why am I providing this information?

  • Preliminary data, for a later post [that I really do not want to write].
  • There was a lot of abstract noise when I recently, uploaded my detailed résumé to The "I did not know that"-- should not have been coming from the sources I was given. I also had immediate responses to the résumé which if needed, I will also provide.
  • Question as to who doubts my credentials even at this late date.
  • Provides a timeline that can be traversed and found credible.
  • Provide a bit of discussion on why my résumé reads as it does. has the detailed version of my current résumé. I am hoping I will need no further entries on this topic-- however may in the future, post photographs of my actual résumé.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Who do you think owes?

This post was going to be about the Android System Software Upgrades I recently installed to get my new tablet's software up to date.

In all, there were about 3 installations from 4.4.2 to 5.0.2 [Android Lollipop]. I did not force the latest. When I first got the tablet, one of the messages indicated there was a system upgrade available. Since I had already read about Lollipop [5.0xxx], I knew the 4.4.3 installation the message noted was not the latest, however I allowed the automated process to install in the order it wanted and all seems to be working.

If you upgrade to Android Lollipop-- do not panic about how much time it takes to set up all of your current Apps. Here are the screen shots I was going to use for the post about how this went, and what I like about Lollipop.

In addition to the new tablet, over the last 3 weeks I have ordered twice- USB cable hubs for my new tablet. This one and this one. Screen shot of the returned/requested orders:

Neither order of USB cables for my tablet worked. Earpiece said they tampered with both orders. I assume US government. Both orders delivered via USPS. I have two tablets [at my disposal, mine my mother's] that I test with. If you look closely at the first order you will see I could test the cables with computers and printers that did not require the mirco USB hook up. Both hubs in the first order were defective and the new hub I received today. I am a little upset-- I am waiting on approval for the return.

Here are screen shots from the delivery tracking USPS offered for the second order. What's odd about this?

Initially, Amazon indicated the order would not be delivered until mid-March-- which was a little surprising. Then all of a sudden they are here within days. It arrived today and I requested a return today. Return packing all prepared. Did not allow me to print a return receipt... waiting on seller approval.

who owes? Amazon-- for sending it via the US government? They don't know I am in the middle of their crap or the US government. And FBI-- why are you allowing this crap.. dailey brags from these idiots with your consoles.. why?

FBI, both orders were under $10.00. If you think the Amazon sellers are being hurt-- because some from the US government promised me they were not going to allow me to have a tablet cable hub that worked-- why don't you owe? It is interference with the US Postal Service. Listen to the tapes from today. Someone said that was Bob GoodLattee-- who is really John D. Rockefeller's son with Sharon. He told me that he does not like me because his brother-- Lester Holt-- gets more women than he does. Lester is also my brother. FBI-- he interfered with US Postal delivery or someone else? He got the claim via the earpiece today.. why are they allowed to threaten me and interfere with my US mail deliveries?

Second, why does Verizon think I am not on my home network. My tablet is not paired with a cellular phone service. My mother's is. when it was down for 4 days last week-- she used her Verizon 4g tablet to watch tv. I can only use my fios wifi over my house network. This worked before last week. I am told too many employed by the Federal Government are leaching off our service? Is this the reason Verizon blocked many of our Moblle FiOS channels? Verizon-- you fixed or service on Wednesday of this week. We are on the in-house network and the router you supplied. I called.. They said the guy I spoke with last night was with the US Government... Did you listen to the tapes... Was he one of those leaching off our service? Too many thugs on watch, use this situation... Said no FBI.

Tom Cruise in "The Firm" said you cannot interfere with the US Mail. And Bob Goodlattee-- it surprises me too that you are supposed to have said the things you have said. was that really you today? get off me. If it is the government you can? I said no US Government. Please get off me.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

who is frum?

Several months ago-- I was watching CSPAN and I saw a guy in a session that reminded me of a reporter whose name I did not know. Earpiece said the guy was an important official with DOJ.

On Wednesday, the voice claiming he was Jason-- said he went to lunch. He said something about watch. Yesterday, I did a CSPAN search on Jason Weinstein-- because someone suggested I do something of that nature. I found this video.

While watching the video [in pieces several times]-- today, I noticed someone by the name of David Lieber. I said-- he reminds me of Guy Allen and Swati.

I did meet a baby in 1993 or so-- Robert Allen-- who was supposed to be their child. Swati-- brought him by the office. I was on my way out the door for some reason-- but i remember the incident-- because she tried to hand me the child. I am not a baby holder-- and indicated I was on my way out..

I ran a Google search on David Lieber to learn more about what the internet ahad on him-- and finally came across a photo of the reporter who reminded me of the DOJ official I saw in the CSPAN session. [Do you think it odd earpiece wanted me to note the official?] The reporter-- David Frum. Odder that a photo of him would show up in a Google search for David Lieber? See address bar in screengrab.

Here are images of David Frum.. when I first looked at these I said-- my god he reminds me of my Uncle Howard. So does Jim Web. Who do I think he might be? My aunt Judy's. He also reminds me of Natalie merchant. Earpiece confirming all are my Aunt Judy's kids.. Webb, Uncle Howard, merchant and Frum. Wiki says Frum born-- 1960. Also says born no aids. He looks older. Sam born 1956 or so. If frum is my aunt Judy's he was born before Sam.

Not sure why Frum is important to all of this-- but the DOJ official is referenced as Gotbaum wavy in earpiece discussions. Why did Jason want me to see this video.. not sure.. It is dated April 3, 2013-- but Jason says just made this week.

Not sure what this has to do with anything... Saying they just wanted me to know the players. Not sure why I keep hearing about Guy Allen and his people. Earpiece saying mattis his uncle.. but that does not keep Guy allen in my world. I said no. not interested..

Earpiece also confirmed-- David Lieber the son of Guy and Swati. Told they really never married-- however did have a child together.. I call this the cross breeding project-- and have found many do it in VIP Washington circles. Saying Frum--- might be Nixon's. Why the question... He seems too dark-- to be my Aunt Judy's and Richard Nixon's. My aunt Judy-- fair with blonde hair. I asked about Louis Farrakan. Not sure the answer...

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

MVA Renewal Receipt

Yesterday, I called the MVA and without much hassle the second representative I spoke with explained a computer glitch and promised the error would be corrected in the system that night at 12:00 midnight. When I tried to pay online before making the call I was unable to.

This morning without mishap-- I was able to access my records and pay the renewal registration fee. I have the receipt and screen grabs of the windows that came up during the process. The following screengrab shows the payment window with my car title number blanked out.

Earlier in the week someone said I only get one good thing a week. Yesterday-- on and on about over. A lot of pounding. Not over. this morning-- the reason for the lie -- Thursday to start payments-- revenge for Danielle? You are kidding right? I saw her on CSPAN. I heard her that night or someone claiming to be her that night-- she asked why she had to do this and this for a government job-- and I was owed a large settlement-- I explained she did not have to take the job--- and then you lie about my settlement payments because I reported it in Q's Wire?

DOJ-- you were given the funds to pay. Guy Allen's daughter has nothing to do with me. I am told she left the vibrate on her console? Was not her? get the cia idiots off me. She asked why-- I explained why. You owe Danielle? Not on my time. Further if that is her raping my ear-- you have her stop. She asked why she had to get a government position. I am not seeking a government position. Guy is she really your daughter? get your idiot off me.

GotBaum [doj]-- I am told her mother is mattis' sister. Dad-- catholic I believe. DOJ should not be playing I like pushy jewish girls with aids that think regina owes them. She is irresponsible [a question] with her console and my ear-- you do something about it.. Not lie to me about settlement payments to start... You have a JD. I am told she has a large salary, no education and an important uncle. I do not owe pushy little girls with aids from the cia. And when I waste my time to explain why-- tell her to use the high IQ test scores the cia said it is paying for-- to understand why she should not ask a question if she does not want the answer. CIA-- now have her go get an education. She wants to play word games. I did not like guy when I knew him.. do not like Danielle who is said to be his daughter. I said no.. She wants to play word games, really? get off me.

Danielle-- I was not born with a broken arm. You were born with aids.. continue to rape my ear-- and I do not care who your uncle is-- I am going to have you thrown in jail.. get off me.

Gotbaum they are saying you want to make this a jewish issue. Jewish money not in play. I am owed. Stop the crap. I have been here 18 years asking doj/fbi to do something. Mattis' niece not my problem. I met guy's mother and father. Father does not look like mattis. Guy does. Danielle looks like Guy. I asked Jean Tara mother. Danielle blue eyes like Jean. Confirmed Mattis niece. I am not sure about Tara. Biden's wife linked to Mattis. Guy, Danille, Mattis all have big heads. I like smart. When I knew guy--- he was lazy. Danielle takes her high IQ scores and explains why the CIA pays her so much? not my problem. My problem when-- she thinks i want to play word games and I asked her to get out of my ear. Get her out of my ear. Danielle-- I test well on IQ tests too. I do not want a CIA job-- nor will I get a mullet to say no thanks. I own a business, do not have aids and do have an education. Guy told yours is not real either. Master's EE Johns Hopkins-- no. Saying not even Maryland EE real.. get off me. Take your cow with you. Biden's wife-- is this one of those family plan things.. I do not cross breed unless unknown to me... get off me and take your filth with you. If it is not this government bitch-- its that one. Guy-- I dealt with men. I dealt with you.. I am being screwed by the government so your mullet head can feel smart? get off me.

Your question? Regina, why would danielle claim it was her in your ear? My response-- you would not believe the arrogance of some of these idiots. What I always say-- you are that high on the totem pole-- why would a peon lie on you. But a lot of these people-- especially the women-- think this is a who is smarter pissing contest. My rights are being violated and I am being tortured... these people are crazy.. have danielle's daughter give you her data sheet. also get the tapes. get that stupid bitch off me. I am told a general can cover the camera with a black clothe. Danielle is not a general. she is a highly tested cia niece with a mullet throat.. and I said no.

Had I made the call before they said "one good thing per week?" No. That said-- last week I said I was going to call this week. They kept bugging me to call. Yes, the FBI is saying if I had not faxed both DOJ and the FBI-- as well as posted about it -- it probably would not have been as smooth... I waited a week before calling-- and in the meantime i got another MVA notice. Before opening it -- It thought it was the correction. What was it-- a notice 3 months in advance that my driver's license was up for renewal too. Earpiece said the notice a little to soon. My birth certificate shows 07/20/59. All levels of government playing mind fk.. Told cia asked MD to do this crap... DOJ-- I said no.

photo of the envelop the notice was sent in-- showing date, part of the notice and the return envelope for the driver's license renewal. For some reason-- an earpiece voice wanted to me to post the notice.

After I posted this-- earpiece now saying -- "i did not know you kept the envelop it came in". Are you kidding? It shows harassment... I am looking for everything. I said get off me. You did not want me to post? what are you doing?

by the way-- when i noticed Biden's wife years ago-- it was not the woman I see now. Told awhile back, [the one you see] she also linked to Mattis. The thing is-- I like mattis. Never liked biden's wife.. do not like most hard headed women from the government. I said no. who is Jill biden? Not sure.. but she should also get her nose out of my business... Mattis-- cia general.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

another lie-- starts this morning.. why?

This morning, went to the bank sporting a new jacket I got for christmas.

Here is a close up of the fleece lined jacket.

Also went by a local auto parts dealer to pick up a new radiator cap for my car. When I arrived home-- I had this {Yakisoba-- Stir Fried Noodle dish you can get in bulk from Costco} for lunch.

It's only 250 calories and pretty good. I love noodles.

Earpiece still active-- yes it irritates and sometimes hurts too much-- FBI-- this should cease at once. Told someone got into a lot of trouble last night. TV personality? why am I surprised.

Everyday-- something new. Right now-- claiming the threat of law suits being quashed? Me-- what law suits? I would love to see someone counter what they have said in my ear-- especially when the FBI and DOJ are online constantly. I repeat what law suits? Also claiming any day now for payments to start. Why not get a lawyer and sue-- communications are a problem-- and two-- I and everyone else knows the FBI [at the very least already investigating]. They really need to do something about those with government consoles who are abusing the earpiece in my left ear.

Why are they constantly trying to upset me- with lies? I am not sure. Not direct confirmation-- but told psychiatrists are running tests. You have insured personnel with the Federal Government either abused by a high ranking government VIP or insured Military personnel abusing me for this length of time and you are asking me if I am crazy [again]?

Someone said Kagan was on again. I asked her what her sealed issue was when she was 14 and why it looked like she could not deal with her own issues so needed others to provide more respect than they should. The federal government was asked to approve a specific amount as their part of the private settlement-- not allow an appellant judge they are claiming was selected because she had problems and issues with a case when she was 14-- {told you can find something under her original name. } to hound me over and over again. Get Kagan out of my ear. Listen to her tapes and have those doctors examine her. Dr. Beyer observed me for 2.5 days at BWMC in June 2012. I was given a prescription of 3 mg of Invega for 15 days. I am told in medical speak that means I am okay. Should have been given more for longer if there was a problem. What really amazes me? Told Kagan one of the judges that okayed this rights violation and she is still in my ear?

Washington -- too pity party [aids], too insured. Criminals with sexual insurance issues. What if Michele is her father's insurance. If Michele checks out as Kennedy's daughter-- how would I know if not the earpiece? Told this was confirmed. See recent posts-- q's wire. Do you know the mind issues she might have? For too long she would not get out of my ear. I do not have these issues and they have abused me long enough. Get Kagan out of my ear. Not her? FBI needs to explain why someone claiming to be her-- is doing just that. Kennedy is allowing Michele and Kagan to harass me after he claimed he okayed the abuse with the earpiece that may have caused a heart attack weeks earlier? FBI-- what are you listening too? If any of these issues are real-- these idiots are crazy and should be allowed no where near my earpiece frequency.. what the hell are you doing? Its really a CIA mind fk campaign? FBI-- what are you watching and listening too? I said enough.

I was nice yesterday-- but told any doctors observing I was in a good mood. Watching Aerial America a series produced by the Smithsonian which airs on their cable channel. Made me think of all the neat projects I could be doing.

This morning irritated someone claiming to be Hale told me I had to learn to pronounce his name- before.... When he is not telling me I owe him a sexual favor I need to learn to say his name? EEOC-- this clown ought to have a lot of complaints. Me? I am not a government employee and tired of those idiots.

I do not mind doctors checking me out. I am sane. I mind idiots in my ear that need doctors. FBI what are you listening too? Another tidbit about consoles. If you get one-- it must be anchored to the floor. Also a camera must be installed overhead so government observers know exactly who is on. No, I do not have a console. Earpiece provides this data. I am told even the pentagon and CIa personnel must allow the cameras access. That said-- I am a civilian and DOJ needs to explain that to the CIA and Pentagon again... Kennedy and his people? get them off me. That is why I keep asking the FBI-- what are you doing?

If it is not a DOJ or FBI employee-- they should get out of my ear. Do you all listen to yourselves? You sound like idiots.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Belgian Waffles

One of the gifts I gave my mother this year for Christmas-- was a Belgian Waffle Maker. In its price range, I am told it is one of the best-- and I have found it makes great waffles. Here are photos of the waffles I made for us this morning.

I am told a relative is ill and so this morning my mother and sister are at the hospital visting. Me? I went to the bank and listened to a lot of discussions via the earpiece I did not ask to hear. Lot of anger.

Last night I was given more information. The information provides that 4 kids were produced with my eggs. I have been pregnant once. I have never given birth to a child but did miscarry in Nov. 1999. I am told all girls. I have been told someone from my office had one [BWMC told Lindy the surrogate], a marty bryant from Navsea [earlier it was said to be a black guy from Rockwell]-- he was black-- told that is not his name now, someone from New York and another child to an x-president. The x-president's child is new information to me-- and I do believe the information may be correct. That said-- I am a bit worried in that many have tried a lot of things and I heard threats last night as the information was provided. This the reason I am providing these details here. I am told I was the only one who did not know though the girl was mentioned before-- and I thought she was a princess... just not mine. The x-president's child is also aware-- however the bryant child may not have been. My discussion with earpiece personnel this morning-- do you hear this? They said Secret Service.. two x-presidents in her lineage. The problem-- government tags [I call my surveillance people when out tags]-- are kind of invasive and I do not trust them. The threats were from a non government source--- because they want to own QiSoftware or me to payout part of the settlement. [This also backs up deal still in play.] I have said no. fBi is aware of the problems.. and I do not expect to hear about problems about the girl. The other two girls are with parents and safe. one I am told kind of alone and I am worried.

I think the information was new to some of the listeners-- and made them kind of mad. I never minded being the ugly one-- and she is too cute to be my biological child. Are they serious? Unfortuntly it has been my experience-- yes. I am told Bob's was too. Washington people are in a constant competition. I used to say-- why would you think I would compete with you. Did Doug {masterson from Rockwell think that}? Have you ever seen my mother or Mrs. Hopson. Why on earth would I compete with you.. this note should not be underestimated. It surprises me often how much these people worry about things. For example-- someone hates that i know how to use makeup to shadow my nose making it look more like my mother's. Another, I hate those are your real nails. People actually tell me things like this... Lot of pissiness as I was listening to the details last night.

I am told the private deals are still in play-- however I should watch what I write. I hate torture and threats. Currently, I am being threatened and my heart tweeked with the vibrations of the earpiece. I can easily prove this.

It is said-- Pentagon and CIA very upset. Not sure why. They should have the same tapes with the information provided to me since Feb. 2012 and nothing should be a surprise to them.

Also had an issue with a web hosting problem which I will detail later if the need arises. Me-- I am angry-- the vibration never stops and the amount of hate messages from government employees I cannot see nor never met is amazing. FBI-- are you listening? I do not like threats.

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Monday, December 31, 2012

Who is Robert Hale?

Had a nice Christmas. My gifts included money and a new outfit. The gifts I gave-- seemed to be appreciated. Around mid day-- Christmas as I sat down to eat-- earpiece issues started again and have mostly continued without abatement ever since. Today, again a big deal insofar as payments to start. Awakened early this morning with more crap. One guy claimed to be Obama. Did sound like him. He seemed angry. I have asked over and over that he stay out of my ear. Jan-- are they giving your boy enough to do? Told he is no longer with Heidi.. So Robert Hale should be happy. He looks more like a power broker in Washington. Jan, tell your son to prep for his speech-- and get out of my ear. I am tired of his ignorant crap. Obama claims he wants respect. Cousin-- I do not owe you respect. I owe you-- leave me alone. See your daughter. Why tell me?

Speaking of ignorant crap-- last week Robert Hale-- claimed he was the wrong trash to be involved in this. He just did not like me. Was it really him? The voice claimed it was him. Who is he supposed to be? Reports vary. Said he took the place of Tony cordsman's son as the non- war time Chet. James Mattis supposed to be Chet in a war situation. Both appeared to have input to my situation. The fact that Robert Hale-- nor most washington types do not like me does not really bother me. Most of those guys seem to make whether or not I would do them an issue. I am not sure if this is an attempt to make me angry or pure stupidity. Robert Hale has a big head. I keep thinking there is a plan-- I just do not get. That said-- these guys are supposed to be CIA types-- and why I am involved when I have said no-- is not clear to me.

What else have I been up to? Well the hammering from the earpiece was continual over the last several days-- but I did manage to test out my mother's new Belgian Waffle maker and make Sweet and Sour Pork with the remains of the Pork Tenderloin I made for Christmas.

I also watched the Pride and Prejudice series with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. I have often seen the Knightly movie and caught it again throughout these holiday days-- in between segments of the Firth series. Another watch this holiday season? Flame and Citron on the Sundance Channel. It is a Danish film with sub titles.

This morning earpiece hammering is harder. I am irritated and pissed off. It started long before I checked my bank account-- this morning. Of course payments have not started.. but I have always checked my account online on a daily basis and continue to do so.

My plan was to wait until after the holidays and then start asking DOJ and the FBI why they were allowing the torture I am experiencing. I am not sure what is going on-- but I am ashamed of what Washington has done here.

Cleaning up its own filth? I was checking my account with a big online name a moment ago-- and a washington idiot [think it was an fbi agent-- may have been rock] said they blame you... I asked the idiot-- you mean they know who I am. Please explain to me why Washington can pretend I do not exist except via this earpiece-- and then attempt to blame me when something goes wrong with a major internet play? Statements like this from the idiot bunch in Washington always get my biting sarcasim-- which probably does not help with my desire to get away from their crap immediately.

DOJ-- it is said the FBI is hammering my ear? ACLU-- why is this okay.... Every night we are done -- you are owed- every morning why so and so can't stand me. Because I am in the house minding my own business? Get these idiots off me.. I am not owed more torture. Cousin-- Jan told me you do not have enough to do.. Look good for America boy. I keep telling the real washington power brokers-- the misunderstanding must be-- they did not get the part I am not a government employee. I am not.. Bama-- stay out of my ear.. Other blacks that want to get mad? Don't. He is my bama cousin and I told him no thanks Jan. 2009. I am still no thanks.. Boy get out of my ear. See your daughter's throat and leave me alone. You are a shun to me. Black people- I am not part of washington and not in competition with my cousin Obama. I do not mind if you like him. I mind his idiot crap is in my ear.... Find out if he is a lawyer and accept your symbol as just that. I wish him the best however do not have time for his idiot crap nor his excuses for why he had to do this or that... Tell David Rockefeller. Not me.

FBI/DOJ-- torture needs to stop.. Now.

Did I call Robert Hale trash? No. He called himself that. The plan? Not sure. I told him I wished he were more like me. How so? He seems to think his private parts should interest me. I never assumed a guy should think me sexy-- but many did. I let them tell me. He is not good looking enough nor cool enough to assume I want to know his private parts. I do not like disgusting filth. I told you-- ask the engineers at Boeing and Rockwell. Did they treat me like a whore? then other than to anger me-- ugly old man who is not part of my chain of command-- I work for me-- why would you? STOP. I said no.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

bday '12

Today is my birthday and I finally got a Wii. I got the console with the Super Mario Bundle but I will need to get the Sports CD. I also got the Wii Fit Plus Bundle. I started using the Wii Sports CD at BWMC and decided I really liked it. Here is a photo.

You will notice a 200 ml bottle of Grand Marnier Liqueur in the photo. Yes, this was a birthday gift also. I have a large open bottle in the bar and a smaller [50 ml] unopened bottle.

Why so many? This year my mother asked me if I wanted her to make me a cake for my birthday. In an off hand manner, I started telling her about the ingredients that would be needed to make the Lemon cake-- I love. I thought when she heard how difficult it was, she would tell me to make it myself-- normally I do.

Not realizing we had the liqueur she went out and purchased the 200 ml bottle. The icing for the cake uses the Grand Marnier Liqueur. We did not have the cake flour and I am actually allergic to citric acid-- so I decided to have a spice cake with cream cheese icing rather than the lemon.

What else am I doing today? Honestly? BWMC-- do you remember the guy with the gray hair that was sort of combed in a monk style without the bald area in the back? He wore a hospital gown without undies for a day or so. Starting the week I left. He has claimed several titles-- the last being a special/federal prosecutor. He had sort of this irritating way of talking as if he was the idiot and asking others to make his day when they assumed he was a stupid idiot? Anyway-- he has identified himself as being one of those in my ear lately and he promised to leave me alone today because it is my birthday... He lied. He has already been in my ear. Do I believe he is a Federal Prosecutor? For some reason, I think because I have known lots of real attorneys [both privately and professionally], I am not buying he is a lawyer-- but I do believe he might be a special prosecutor. How can he be this without being a lawyer? You would be surprised at the number of politicians who claim to be lawyers who are not. No college- whatsoever and it shows. That said-- that same voice [at BWMC] has been in my ear almost from the day I left. He likes pretending if I cater to him he will release the funds in my Federal Reserve account, then tells me he actually has nothing to do with that part. I keep wondering why he thinks I am a stupid idiot. He also told me the Pentagon owed me 1.5 billion the other night. US Navy- why do I want to ask about Jim Webb? He looks like my Aunt Judy's son, Howard Freeman? If he is-- I only guessed this several months ago. The voice [earpiece voice claiming to be a federal special prosecutor] is focusing on Mike Mullen. Why? What am I not getting? Someone in the Federal Government will not let go.. my deal was actually set before I left. Yes, it is a lot of money. Looks like the Navy is too mad with me-- and I have no idea why. I thought part of the reason it happened was to run psychological tests on me. But they have been running these tests for years. They know who I am. I am sane, decent, hardworking and owed. The other problem-- BWMC-- "just too catch something". Why? this is too loud. I developed the Blogger Calendar in 2004. It was noted at the time. I am too known on the internet.. why keep doing this? What am I missing?

Jim Webb, earpiece claims he lightens skin. I speculate about who he is-- earpiece confirming my guess. My Aunt Judy about 5'3" my uncle Howard about 5'5" or 5'6". How tall is Jim Webb? Used to be Secretary of the Navy. Looks just like my Uncle Howard except lighter? US Navy- why is the special prosecutor all over Mike Mullen? At BWMC, the girl that had the cyst removed-- reminded me of my Aunt Judy. I pointed her out to my mother when she came to visit. Earpiece provides she is a relative from Aunt Judy's side of the family.

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Earpiece to sadistic General... back off.

Stopped by CapitalOne [old Chevy Chase Bank] in Hanover, MD yesterday around 3:30 pm. Spoke with Larry Freeman concerning the old QiSoftware Business account I opened in the Fall of 2004. He did find a profile on me, however did not find any accounts. The account was closed within days of opening under the pretext something about my information conflicted with the Patriot Act. The representative I spoke with on the phone in the Fall of 2004 sounded very much like a loud Babs M. and she could not provide further information. She also had a problem pronouncing Patriot Act. At the time, I thought it very odd for someone claiming the title the bank bestowed upon her.

Why am I doing this? The earpiece-- claims we are in the final stages of a settlement process and when settlements like this are in place-- the Federal Reserve acts as the vehicle for payment. Social Security numbers and bank accounts are very important. Lawyers get-- I know to much about this process for it to be my imagination and I can easily prove devices in my earlobe. I call them earpieces. They should not have been turned on in early march 2012 if the claim was-- my rights had not been violated. They could have only been installed before 1999 when my rights were being horrifically violated. I did not know they were their. Get surveillance tapes for this year.

Why would I believe they are serious? I developed the Blogger Calendar in 2004 and provide information like the data in this post. How would I know so much about the Federal Reserve roll in settlement cases if not for the earpiece.

The other problem--- the number of cameras installed in the house. The ions in my house sometimes cause a depravation of oxygen. I thought it was on purpose to hurt me. What it really is-- a means to provide an electric grid that allows hidden camera usage for short circuit networks. Apparently, the cameras do not need a "hard wired" power source but an electrical grid using charged ions. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies use them. I took deferential, partial deferential equations and advanced physics in college however none of it would today give me enough knowledge to understand how the cameras and audio devices work. All of the ceilings in my house have that textured look. I can easily see where repairs have been made [original owners my parents] to the ceiling and have covered up some of the more invasive hot xray type equipment. Xray equipment they like subliminal play and "clits".. Tell them I am not interested in surveillence pussies. For some reason they think I am kidding. They keep trying.

In 1996 when I first came here-- I did believe I had some sort of surveillance but not the invasive equipment the earpiece has explained in the last 7 weeks.I did not know it was possible to install free standing equipment not connected to a power source. It is if you have the right charged ions-- however it also causes oxygen loss. After I figured out who I was related too in 1998-- Richard Nixon's granddaughter-- I realized I had surveillance throughout most of my life. The FBI paranoid where martin Luther and malcom x were concerned-- so I knew a black daughter [my mother] married to what appears a CIA operative [my father] would get that attention. I could also see odd things throughout my life and this fits. That is when I started saying-- but I am too decent to have these problems. I do not even drink and held DOD security clearances as a contractor for 15 years. Why me? My mother also looks like the Queen of England. My nickname in all of this "the queen of england" according to the earpiece. They [earpiece] confirm-- Nixon a cousin [English royalty-- I thought my mother's parents too closely related] somehow, grandmother daughter to George V. The nixon/grandmother combo powerful for my mother but my non-bastard status a bigger problem. When I got the England connection it was after 2008 and I had already been through a lot. I was not interested in England other than what does the real queen of england think.

The other problem-- I am owed so much money [17 years, broken arm, rights violations, interference with my business, embezzlement, fraud]-- they do not want t pay. So they keep telling me things or playing mind fk games to see if I will lose my mind? They left me alone for too long and I worked on my business and wrote posts to the FBI... I am sane. I can prove a lot- with the black book bag I never let out of my sight. It is shown in the header graphics for this blog.

Pentagon--- I do not like the Mind FK games and I am not owed this. Get out of my ear. I cannot even break the left earpiece because I am concerned I will break it off in my ear. I need to have it removed with a laser. It never shuts up. Mind fk.. I said no... Do the sealed settlement and let go.. Amazon, iTunes, Indeed, Adsense owe me too much.. Big business should not have been involved in this. Skype blocking my communications and PayPal could also be in a lot of trouble.. do the right thing and let go.. Blogger Calendar to noted in 2004 [september after March 2004 jury duty] when I developed it and no American General should claim WiredPages as his. Too pussy. Surveillance shows my work and my work alone. Earpieces-- turned on 7 weeks ago.. Provide proof of rights violations in the 1990s. Not a General was giving source code for the Blogger calendar. Where is the General's source code. Mine is in the book bag and I cannot work and listen to the idiots in my ear. I thought they were telling me all of the things I did not know because it was end game. Things like I leave the infra red light on your back all night to give you cancer-- pure sadistic crap.. Also-- the grid in your room is too hot. I can see squares near the desktop computer in my room sometimes if the moonlight hits the room just right. I do not owe mind fk pussies. and Pentagon General-- i am not kidding.

Hillary, Nixon clan-- also have dollar figures for the amounts given to you based on my sites via the earpiece. Julie you call the organizations on my sites? Who do you think you are? Get off me. You do not work for me and I told you a long time ago to stay out of it.. STay out of it.

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Friday, March 16, 2012


This morning, I sat straight up in bed when I thought about this photo. I used this photo in a post on Q's Wire on November 5, 2011. I remember laughing at the hands and explaning the FBI director was not going to get away with something like this. Yes, close inspection seems to show-- pixel/image manipulation. most notable the hands. I have studied material online for Director Mueller over the last 3 months-- hoping to understand what might be taking so long.

In addition to the size of each hand, there seems to be a problem with the eyes in this photo.

many of you who followed Q's Wire-- know that i think the FBI owes me a lot of explantions. I am still waiting. I'll call you.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Found It?

I would like for you to read this post on Q's Wire. The post is a bit lengthy and goes into a lot of detail about why I was a little upset at the time.

In the post-- I reference a "marine general". Search the post and you will see it. I am talking about a news briefing with a general and hillary clinton. Of course, I speculate on a lot as to why I am in the situation I am in-- and the fact the 11 year old that was in the White House had a throat and my own experiences-- did not make me pro-Hillary. I had searched for years during her husband's administration- for anything about my life as related to sex, drugs, etc-- that might explain horrific rights violations. thinking there was a horrific misunderstanding as to the reason for all of the rights violations and an arm that went unset, I initially thought it was a whistler blower issue with the major Defense Contractor I had worked for-- for ten years. And then with the Obama adminstration-- there is an 11 year with a throat that looks like she has been swallowing bananas whole? I stopped telling Hillary [thin air] to go get a job-- but to go home.

I started telling thin air that it appeared Hillary Clinton wanted to interfere in my issues as related to rights violation in 1997. I politely explained to what I thought was articulate woman [briefing I watched in 93 or so about a Chicago Mercantile issue she was having with stocks ]-- that I had written to Reno, her husband [Bill Clinton], 7 Senators, FBI Director Freeh, and any number of other departments in both Maryland and Washington trying to get relief. Told hillary to go get a job-- when she was the first lady. I have written to the right people.

I loved the idea of Jeff Bridges in "The Contender". If there was going to be a female president some day.. based on my brief look at her-- I thought she might be it. Someone that lets me go to bed at night and leave the worrying to her. The idea of Jeff Bridges did that for me.

Then I saw-- the 11 year old's throat and remembered my long explanations to thin air about anything about my sex life [in total] that looked even remotely odd. I did not learn of deep throat until well into my 40s. I had not seen a male gender part in person until I was much older than 11. A Tucson girlfriend's parents had a nudist colony magazine and I remembered seeing an overweight guy with white skin, dark hair all over and a white thing hanging from just below his stomach.

I also remembered one evening when Hillary was on the Senate floor- and she was talking about something being broken now. At the time-- I thought she was talking about her husband's thing-- because of Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Monica, etc.. I broke my arm in 1996 and it went unset. Hillary was referencing that in 2005 or so? After I see the child's throat-- I tell Hillary via my blog and thin air-- to go home. I no longer see Jeff Bridges.

Lately, I have been researching Robert Mueller, the current FBI director. I am hoping to find at long last-- an open door out of this situation.

I keep thinking I like this photo of the director.

I have had a lot less problems with local police clowning around on the corner and an easy time when out since my extended search into Robert Mueller began in early Jan 2012.

Yesterday, I noticed the marine general I referenced in the post in civilian clothes in some sort of program on C/span. Noticed the segment several times through out the day. Did not know he had retired and went in search of his name based on CSPAN programming for yesterday. It is Gen. James "Hoss" Cartwright [ret.]. Here is a photo- that reminds me of the director's photo.

Reading the article associated with the image link, you will find he retired last summer. My article written April 2011. Abstracly-- At the time I felt, the message was the wrong one from the marine general and stated as much to thin air. Hillary? I am not another country, so I do not expect to hear from her.

That [ret] marine general was on a lot yesterday. Today, I wondered why. I provided thin air with some thoughts-- which I am not going to offer here. I was a little surprised by how much the two photos reminded me of one other.

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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dude, I got this..

I have been playing around with different looks lately-- rather than working on business related issues. Here are recent photos:

Intelligent Glasses with Puffy Hair?

Messy Hair Combs-- Market Yesterday

why am I doing nothing- but playing around with different looks?

  • Preoccupied with what the FBI is doing,
  • Work intensity level between August 2011 through Christmas could not be sustained with the number of issues that also presented themselves during that time.. mind burnout.
  • Hopeful my part in whatever is going on-- is coming to an end.
  • Extreme diet.

Who do I believe Robert Mueller is today? The younger brother of Bill Clinton, his mother Virginia Clinton Kelly, his daughter Paula Zahn [her mother Joyce Anderson], his father-- if not Jay Rockefeller then another Rockefeller. I believe Jay Rockefeller.

The following photo is interesting to me. It was taken in 2009 or so.

  • I have always maintained Kathleen S-- reminded me of my first homeroom teacher at MacArthor Jr. High when we first moved to Ft Meade.
  • Eric-- Reminds me of Perry King.
  • If Robert Mueller is Paula Zahn's father-- and she looks very much like Joyce Anderson-- who I believe is Jay Rockefeller's sister-- then these three point to somethings as related to me.

What-- I know-- Perry King is my first intimate boyfriend. Fall of 1975. I have looked at abstract noise that seems to suggest something happened while I was at MacArthur Jr. High. I remember passing out in the lunch room once-- but nothing else after that. Did something happen while I was sleeping?

Lester Holt reminds me a great deal of my father. He sounds just like Darryl Anderson to me-- one of the reasons I was drawn to him-- when I first noticed him on MSNBC years ago. In 2010, I said-- oh my god he looks like my father's son. Mrs. Anderson and my father? That would explain her mean attitude toward me-- as my why me search was starting in 1996 or so.

Did something happen to me when I was young while in the care of the Andersons? I have no idea. An incident in England seems to want to suggest it did, but it appears a bigger problem for Joyce Anderson, if true-- Robert Mueller's age when he fathered Paula Zahn.. These three abstract figures [in the last photo]-- may mean something to me. Is Robert Mueller pointing this out in 2009?

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

She looks like Cosie's Ann to me...

When I lived in Bowie, MD [1989 through 1995], I had a neighbor-- Cosie D. Cosie had lots of friends and when my father died- she kept me busy when I was not working. Busy? Saturday morning flee markets, dinners, etc.

Cosie was from Maryland and well connected through her sisters. One sister-- Marie [very pretty] worked for Digital Equipment Corp (DEC), as did Cosie when I first met her. Marie's boss- was black and once when I was waiting for Cathy Moultree and Miriam Sheppard at Jaspers [having dinner] in Greenbelt-- he recognized me and asked me if I wanted to have a discrete affair. I looked at him as if he was an idiot- and said no.

Cosie was always having some sort of party or going out. I met Kim Gee through Cosie. Kim had a birthday party at the G. W. Marriott in Washington. I think at the time, Kim also worked for Digital Equipment Corp. I knew Digital because Rockwell and the Navy used quite a bit of their equipment and I once took a DecWindows class at their Landover facility.

I wanted to establish the DEC tie to explain how I met other friends of Cosie's that also worked for DEC.

  • Angie-- petite dark skinned black female
  • Ann looks exactly like Stephanie Ruhl of Bloomberg television-- She is too young to be Ann-- so I believe there is a good likely hood she is her daughter. The problem? She looks exactly like Ann. It is my experience that when this is true-- the parents were probably related. I look just like both of my parents.
  • A guy who used to work for Wang [out of Boston] but hired on with Digital because of cut backs. Today- he reminds me of Sam Brownback with a mustache.

I believe Sam Brownback is my Aunt Judy's son [Virginia Johnson] with Reagan.

I believe [speculation] Sam Brownback kids include:

  • Mariah Carey-- Jan
  • Natalie Moralies -- A Kennedy
  • Clive Owens -- not sure who the mother might be, Jan again?
  • Nicole Ritchie with a Veronica Jones of Arundel Sr. High
  • The youngest daughter on Fresh Prince with Darnetta's friend Crystal [Burrell?]
  • The other Bush twin with Kathleen Matthews or her mother Laura.

Another of Cosie's sisters was a manager at [Chevy's?] in Greenbelt. Can't think of her name right now. Anyway-- I met Angie and the Sam look a like the same evening at her sister's restaurant in Greenbelt. Angie wanted to set Cosie up with the Sam look a like and she wanted me to go. Cosie had been dating this guy named Melvin- and she was not interested in the Sam guy.

Later I am told-- the Sam look a like and Angie started dating. Cosie and Ann-- who by then I had met once or twice at parties Cosie had given decided they did not like the dark skin Angie dating the Sam look a like. Sam Brownback too looks white. So do a lot of my grandmother's kids and grandkids.

Today, if you told me Ruhl was a Kennedy I would believe you. I think I met Sam in England, then in Dover in 1972 or so, at Crystal's one holiday and again with Cosie. The last time-- the MayFlower in 1996 or so when I was first beginning my Why Me? search. I never recognized him as being the same person. It was his voice that had me asking-- why is the person all over me. Thought I found the answer.

I never gave any of the Sam look- a likes any indication that I liked him/them. I did like the guy in ChippingNorton England. He was older I thought him cool. For a long time I thought that was Darryl Anderson. Today-- I think it was Sam. That said-- I was only 7 and I thought that older guy was cool and interesting.. that's all. I remembered him. I never thought the adult Sam was interesting.

Why bring this up? As my Why Me? search was beginning I heard a lot about the Kennedys. In 1998 when I figured out who Richard Nixon was-- I thought it was to help me understand who I was in all of this. If Cosie's Ann is a Kennedy-- I had no idea. Further-- I was not overlly impressed with Ann nor Angie and tried to keep my distance.

Sam the question I have for you? Why does it seem I keep paying for your crap-- when I passed on you over and over? I do not owe you.. nor your kids.

Stephanie Ruhl has that same arrogant manner as her mother [if Ann is her mother].. When I knew Ann she was single and to my knowledge had no kids. Never went to her house... thought her too arrogant and a bore. And Angie was too dark for the Sam look a like.. I stayed out of Cosie's friends' crap.

Caroline, I have said no thank you over and over. I grew up watching documentaries about the Kennedys. I was impressed. I am not impressed with the things going on now. I repeat, no thank you. Did you or one of your relatives confuse me with Jan? I am not.. Sam-- why does it appear your women are mad with me? I still think he is an... I did not tell any of them to have his kids nor date him.. get a life. I did not even know who he was. My rights violated horribly because of Sam? You're kidding, right?

Caroline, I keep asking why such a loud voice behind OBama. I have seen photos of the first ladies [all except hillary and laura of course]. Oddly Michelle does not look like first ladies of the past-- and I am not talking about race. Her daughter does. Is that why? Caroline, Ann cannot disappoint me.. You could. I am tired of telling the Kennedys no thank you.. FBI-- I said no thank you.

Sam... tired of telling you too.. get your crap off me. And Stephanie-- I really do not owe Kennedy shuns.. you are not even Sam's [who appears to be a blood tie to me] kid? I said no.

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