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Friday, December 10, 2021

Yesterday, Why?

Although I am not promoting WiredShops this holiday season, I have been trying to work out shipping and payment issues that are not as smooth as I would like. This, the main reason I decided to skip heavy promotion of the site (at this time).

I have also been ordering items to see whether I want to add them to my shops.

Last month, I ordered a dress that would be great for holiday parties, or year round cocktail events. I would love to list the dress, however decided not to. Why? Because I was asked to pass on the dress.

Below are photos of the dress and how it looks on, though you can only see the detail that I really love about the dress. The transparent area around the neck, sleeves, and upper chest.

Yesterday, I ran errands all day. I was out the door just after 10:00 am and finished about 2:30 pm. The photos below show my hair and makeup yesterday. Sometimes I think I have issues with mistaken identity and so every once in a while I show who I am (good, bad, etc...).

I had on a long black wool pleated skirt with black suede 3 inch boots that reach to just below my knee, a sweater with a v-neck with a loop tie, and a short black jacket. If I did not have my black sunglasses on, I had on black readers, as shown above.

I took all of the photos in this post last night when I returned home from my busy day. Note, one of the errands required a positive ID so this is part of the reason I publish posts like this. Sometimes I feel I need more public notices/confirmations than are actually needed, nevertheless I believe it helps to avoid misunderstandings or games I am not up for.

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