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Monday, October 16, 2023

Content Creators, Researching the Numbers

I have added a new category to this blog, WiredCreators. Posts to the category will provide statistical updates in the form of subscribers to the channel and annual revenue numbers for the Youtube channel being researched.

In addition, new content creators will be added to the growing list, so that I might continue my research for the project.

Learn more about the WiredCreators business plan and project in this earlier discussion.

Youtube Channels I Visit

ChannelDescriptionSubs (Orig. Tracking Date)Subs (Current Date: 10/16/23)Annual
Amber BaldwinYouTuber & Entrepreneur73.2K (05/13/23)73.2K$21,6352
Athan WrightLiving life at Duke University1.68K (05/13/23)2.34K$2622
Caitlin BlueSmall business owner10K (10/7/23)10K$1,441.751
Cherissa LindsayLifestyle / College / Fashion / Travel 2.04K (05/13/23)2.07K$3392
DominiqueSachseYouTuber / Author1.84M (05/13/23)1.85M$248,7812
Ellen MillerLifestyle videos about building a lovely life. 📍England4.96K (10/7/23)7.5K$6,610.151
Erin ByrdReal Estate / Lifestyle / Education287 (05/13/23)301$ 25.551
Hannah Elise24 Y/O College Grad Living in NYC758K (05/13/23)781K$99,9542
Hannah MelocheTravel, Lifestyle, Fashion2.05M (10/16/23)2.05M$154,6842
kesaltBrooklyn-based professional illustrator11.2K (10/16/23)11.2K$1,872.451
Leah MeganVideo Diary / Final Year at University36.1K (05/13/23)37.8K$3,697.451
LetsTurnItUpWorldTanya and Dave from ‘Turn It Up World’62.7K (05/13/23)82.9K$61,2632
Life UncontainedTexas Dream Build Debt-Free Off Grid Shipping Container Home1.37M (05/13/23)1.45M$407,4792
LivinFearlessFashion / Lifestyle / Travel111K (05/13/23)117K$75191
louVideo diaries of anything and everything31.8K (10/7/23)33.3K$2,106.051
Marcos Rico PengCal Men's Swimming Team. Recent Grad. 61.2K (05/13/23)92K$15,888.451
Ox In The ShopDrew & Woodworking16.5K (05/13/23)16.9K$1,9772
NatalieBennettCozy, Simple Living327K (10/7/23)327K$52,1212
Overthinker ApparelUps and downs of running a small business200K (10/7/23)202K$15,052.601
ROSA GOLDMobile Home / Tiny Home Renovation / Online Shop 📍Germany30.3K (05/13/23)43.9K$25075.501
Scout The CityFashion Content Creator51.9K (05/13/23)53.4K$14,2282
The Simachew ShowPersonal finance platform264 (10/16/23)264-1
Shealyn Ari'elHome / Lifestyle / Self Care1.1K (05/13/23)2.24K$419.751
Simply NikkiLifestyle / Beauty / Decor / Mum Life529K (05/13/23)527K$30,3972
Tech Mentor MariaTech, Career, Personal Finance, Healthy Habits, Travel 📍NYC6.85K (05/13/23)10K$1,098.651
Young Lady BusinessLifestyle Vlogs / Decorating155K (05/13/23)159K$56,4602

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Draft Business Plan- WiredCreators

I continue to research a new business idea, WiredCreators. Earlier this year I registered the domain, created Facebook and Instagram accounts using the same name and began thinking about how to make the idea unique.

I continue to think should have worked, however decided the naming convention may have been limiting and not reflective of the type of content now being created. I wanted content creators from Maryland not just bloggers.

How am I trying to make WiredCreators unique? The business areas my plan covers.

  • Promotion
    • Creators
    • Related Service Areas
  • Service Areas Include
    • Video Production
    • Photography
    • Writers
    • Digital Editing Experts (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, Active Presenter, etc.)
    • Unique Content Ideas For Specific Clients
  • Worldwide Base

This evening I was playing around with PowerPoint and put together a draft business plan for WiredCreators. I exported the plan as an animated gif.

I am looking at the numbers and researching quite a bit for this project. I think I have a plan that can work. I need to find experts and professionals in some of these areas however, I do tend to generate a lot of notice.

Areas I can cover, software for a searchable database of service related experts. Competent individuals that can really go in and look at what makes a client unique and marketable, seems a little hard right now. Sometimes it seems people are being told who they are. This business needs to ask who you are. What makes you different? Does anyone do that anymore?

Business Directory

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