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Monday, February 12, 2018

It's Up Now

In an earlier post, I mentioned I registered several new domains- including Because of a glitch with Tomcat [jsp support], a web hosting service feature I use on, I was unable to correctly access the new domain as the add-on domain I setup and pointed to via the domain registrar.

Recently, I decided to research and fix the error [when requested- resolved to], however had to first have the web hosting provider for delete a system entry that I was unable to access.

At this time, I am not doing much with the site, however did provide my resume.

Other things I have been working on?

Getting something new with my tax refund? No, already moved the funds to a savings account.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Do I Read Like a Nerd?

For the last two days, I have been developing a new Microsoft Access Database to assist with running, tracking and reporting items associated with an affiliate program.

Thus far I have created the following elements for this new database:

  • 2 Tables
  • 1 Form
  • 4 Reports [2 HTML snippets to use with my site areas]
  • 8 Queries
  • 1 Macro
  • Data Access Page [still working on this]

Though I have extensive experience developing and working with SQL compliant databases [and Microsoft's Access product], in recent years my work in this area has concentrated more on MySQL development efforts and Java JDBC programming.

This has been a great exercise for me, in that I have been looking for a reason to play with Microsoft Access again. I am pretty pleased with my efforts thus far. In 1993, when I first started working with Microsoft Access, I was pretty impressed, and I must say-- I am still impressed with its power.

That said, in 1993 I was writing front-end c routines, back-end Fortran code, c-binding for DEC's RMDBS, and the X-Windows System platform to develop graphical user interfaces for my programs.

When I was tasked to come up to speed with Microsoft's new offering [Access], I felt it comparatively easy to my other system development efforts.

I still have the original HR System I developed for my Crystal City Rockwell office. The system was pretty extensive and gave me a great opportunity to develop in the Windows environment.

Back then, I mostly developed software for Unix or VMS platforms, and used a PC to document my software development life cycle efforts.

I also used Microsoft Access to create a Program Trouble Report database that was used to support Configuration Management efforts for our contract deliverable programs. I also have this system.

My résumé boasts, Microsoft Office Power User, however until this week I had forgotten just how powerful this resource is.

Next week, I am going to continue looking at the Facebook API. I have been adding national events to the WiredPages Facebook page, for the new widget/servlet I am developing for the Style & Events page. See illustration of a similar interface here.

If you would like to have your event listed-- contact me at wiredpages dot qisoftware dot com. Check out the list to see the type of events being listed.

Friday, October 06, 2017

Week of October First Twenty-Seventeen

Mostly an uneventful week, however I was able to complete several tasks I had been putting off [discussed below in the itemized list].

Noted in the above illustration, took photos of area points of interest including the now complete apartment complex, "The Arundel" and the Live Hotel construction site @Maryland Live.

  • Went by my business bank on Wednesday, October 4, 2017.
  • Booted my Macbook today [these days I rarely do this- since I am not in software development mode]:
    • ... updated the Thingamablog Remix Business Blog. Sometimes I make minor changes to a blog's appearance-- via the web hosting cPanel interface without installing the updates to the "master" copy of the blog. The "master" database, system and associated files for the Thingamablog Remix blog are maintained on my Macbook.
    • integrated other minor changes to the Remix template and backed up the entire blog to an external hard drive.
    • Began development work on the new interface for the HanoverMaryland Businesses Page which accesses the Facebook API. Minor issue with SSL Certs. Hope to complete this project tomorrow.
  • Paying bills, business phones, site hosting, etc. Always want this noted.
  • Minor updates to my stores:
  • Played around with a newly released site/blog monetization tool.

Happy the weather is cooler. Since I am going out a bit more, I have added a few items to my wardrobe that will show up in the coming months. I am also planning a nice holiday weekend and meal. Hope you are too.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Autumn 2017

It is finally here, the first day of Autumn. I love this time of year.

  • Social media posts-- HanoverMD Businesses
  • Movie: La La Land
  • A new Facebook application that will display upcoming events from the Hanover Maryland Businesses page to websites and blogs. Will post about this project later on my business blog [Remix].
  • Paying business related bills.
  • Research for the stores. Links located- upper sidebar on the right.

Illustration below shows partial results from the Facebook API. See "new Facebook application" referenced above.

I think it is going to be a beautiful Fall. Are you looking forward to the season?

By the way, did you notice the number of upcoming Job Fairs or Hiring Events in our area via this link?

Friday, August 11, 2017

Working Domain Issues, August 2017

Earlier in the week, I had problems with the MySQL databases associated with the NS&J Forums and Q's Wire Blog. The forums use PHPBB and Q's Wire is a WordPress blog that is hosted on If you tried to access either the forums or blog, error messages indicated there were "database connection errors".

Recently, my web hosting provider upgraded a number of system software services on my server- including PHP. Initially, I thought this may have been the problem, however now I am not so sure.

Somehow the database passwords became misaligned. I am the only authorized user with access to cPanel- [hosting domain management interface] for both domains [ &]. So, it appears these errors were caused by someone's deliberate actions and no, I do not think it was the web hosting provider.

After realigning the passwords, I requested full- backups of both sites.

I also fixed the Blogger Calendar's servlet for Q's Wire. The screen-grab captured using a WindowsXP system running Firefox browser version 43.0.1 (the reason the applet works without any special security updates to the system's Java control panel).

I installed the Blogger Calendar in the current version of Q's Wire's template for this demonstration only, however if you view the source for any page of Q's Wire, you will notice the "commented out" script for the Blogger Calendar.

What else have I been up to?

  • Shopping online for a birthday present for my sister. I am pretty happy with my selection and picked two from my Gift Ideas store.
  • Updated Business Tools I Heart post, on the Remix Blog.
  • Other minor domain issues with Email spam options also affected by someone's deliberate actions. Also, changed the domain hosting password.
  • Rogers Cup Tennis
  • STARZ's "Power" series.
  • Arundel Mills Cobbler to have a pair of heels repaired. Liked this experience, 20 minutes my shoes are ready.
  • Social media tasks for the Hanover Maryland Businesses, Facebook page.

It was not all bad this week, in that the problems were resolved quickly. I was also happy to boot-up my Macbook and work on software code issues. I miss working software development issues...

Saturday, May 20, 2017

HanoverMaryland [dot] org

Recently, I have been working several projects mostly associated with the HanoverMDBusinesses Page maintained on Facebook.

Preliminary tasks [for one of the projects] included, registering two new domains:

  • [future full blown website similar to]
  • [software and other support tools for my projects that I do not want hosted on my business sites, i.e., and]

I also created a new Instagram account that will be used exclusively with the HanoverMaryland Businesses page and site.

Currently, the Facebook page uses the QiSoftware Instagram account w/hashtag "hanovermdbiz". In the future, the new HanoverBusinesses Instagram account will be integrated on both the page and site.

To provide a more professional appearance to the photos published via Instagram, I have been playing around with the Photo Apps that were pre-installed on my Android and Windows10 platform.

Both apps, quite frankly are pretty sophisticated and allow for incremental angular rotation and image cropping- both of which I find quite useful. I use these apps because I post Instagram photos from my Android to the QiSoftware account and now from the Windows10 platform to the new HanoverBusinesses Instagram account.

The HanoverMDBusinesses page is sort of a hobby that I started in 2010 and work when time permits. I hope the new [future] website and other online resources will engage visitors and promote the business/entertainment/shopping/dining community that exists just outside my back door [figuratively speaking].

Saturday, August 13, 2016


We are having a heat wave-- and all I want to do is stay in. I have caught a lot of television programming over the last couple of days.

Included in my viewing:

  • Friday night, caught the 2002 version of "The Count of Monte Cristo"
  • Tonight [Saturday], HBO is airing "Brooklyn" at 8:00.
  • Tomorrow night [Sunday], the latest episode of "Power" at 9:00-- Join STARZ Free Trial.
  • NBC and their affiliates' coverage of the 2016 Olympics.
  • Investigate Television & the "Snapped" series

A couple of weeks ago, I "fixed" an issue with a feed on the WiredPages Home page which has been in disrepair for over a year.

No, I have no plans to do more at this time. As I have explained in the past, because of an issue with how I secure my widgets/applications I will not update the applications until I can move the IP. I am not sure when this will happen. This recent "fix" only because it did not have the security feature I incorporate in most of the other widgets I developed for WiredPages.

BTW: Every so often I get requests to have links included on WiredPages. Because I am not maintaining that area [ sub-domain] of the site-- I simply note the requests however make no updates.

Thank you for your interest in WiredPages. I would love to get started with the many changes and fixes I want to make. Unfortunately legal issues and the security of my code prevents this at this time. I plan to make the site more mobile friendly and make some changes to how I incorporate Java Applets.

Lately, I have been working a couple projects, however the heat and other health related issues have me a little slow about getting things done. I hope to be up to speed by early next week.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

staying ahead of the game...

This week, installed Windows10 on my Mother's HP Notebook. Insured Java Applet Tools like the Blogger Calendar on this blog-- run on her system. Updated the Internet Options Advanced Settings which were reset when the new Windows version was installed.

I have noticed that some of the latest releases of browsers [e.g. Chrome] for the Windows platforms are moving away from support of Java Applets. Oracle/Java addresses this issue here and here.

Macbooks, Mac Minis and other Apple Products [desktops and Macbooks] are not having the same issues with Applets and browser support. The Apple Safari Browser continues to support Java Applets.

Unfortunately, I need my tools and widgets to work with all platforms, so in the future I will be rewriting a lot of the tools using only Java Servlet Technology and not the combination of Java Applets and server-side Servlets.

That said, when I start updating my sites again, I will also need to branch around any Java Applets still in use [not sure what I will do about the Blogger Calendar], to support mobile devices like iPads, Androids and other mobile devices, e.g. cell phones. Some of you may have noticed when on your mobile devices, and visiting some of my site areas-- there are missing plugins. These are the Java Applets that tablets, iPads and phones do not support.

Another issue with my Mother's updated system? She seems particularly put out, one of her games, Hearts is no longer available with Windows10. I am still looking for an alternative she likes.

Other things I have been doing [or will be doing]:

  • Tennis: Wuhan and China Open [Major]. WatchESPN covering a lot of the action, though most of it early morning. TennisChannel picking up rebroadcasts.
  • Continuing minor cosmetic updates to site elements- mainly on the blogs.
  • Upcoming: The Affair on Showtime resumes Sunday, Oct. 4th, 2015. Check your local listings.
  • Verizon FiOS carried live coverage of the Pontiff's visit, so I caught a bit of that. I have never noticed FiOS dedicating several channels to an event of this type and it was kind of neat. Rebroadcasts are scheduled for at least the next couple of days..
  • A number of business related tasks. Check out the Remix blog.
  • Researching for the Amazon Stores.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Tennis Spreadsheets Update...

In Feb. 2015, I developed two Java Servlets to pull earnings data from professional tennis tracking sites, which populate Excel Spreadsheets for selected professional tennis players.

The following illustrates an example of the earnings data returned- when I run the WTA women's servlet.

Every Monday [except when no tournaments were scheduled the prior week], I run each of the servlets and update the corresponding spreadsheet.

This week, though tournaments are scheduled for both men's and women's professional tennis, for the most part- they are not being televised. So, I will keep busy doing other things.

TennisTV is airing some of the tournaments, however I do not have a subscription for this service, yet. Mostly, I watch The TennisChannel and WatchESPN.

Two major tournaments are coming up, Madrid and Rome, so I think the media is gearing up for the extended coverage they will be offering starting next week. The tournaments are one right after the other.

In the meantime, perhaps I will be posting more to my blogs about other doings....

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Java Applet Support... Runtime Environment Issues

As you may know, I develop Java Applet applications. Examples include the Blogger Calendar, World Weather Tool, and many of the other tools that were found on WiredPages.

With my recent Windows98 system upgrade to a WindowsXP platform, I found issues with Java support that I had to resolve and want to address.

Because I setup developer environments insofar as Java, on the main computers [Macbook and Acer Netbook] I use, I seldom allow automatic upgrades of my Java development nor runtime environments.

What this means, I am sorry to say I did not understand fully that my Java Applet applications are having problems on older platforms like Windows XP, where Java Runtime Environments are allowed to be updated when a new release is offered.

I do not want to bore you with too many technical details, however briefly want to explain that the Java Development Environment [SDK or software development kit] that I download for Java I rarely update. I can do this because I use the early safe AWT framework which rarely changes. This allows me to be consistent across many platforms [Macs, Windows, Linux] without having to write too many code workarounds for the many platforms and the browsers they support.

Unless you are a Java Developer you will not need to worry about downloading the Java SDK.

The Java Runtime Environment is the problem. This is the framework that allows Java Applets to run in most Internet browsers.

What I found:

My Mother's Windows 7 HP Notebook allowed an automatic Java runtime environment update. The update was for a Java 7 release which blocked applets from being displayed in her browsers, e.g, Blogger Calendars on my Blogs would not appear. It was an easy fix to update within the Java Control Panel to enable Java Runtime Support for all of her browsers. The Java Control Panel is found under the Control Panel- click Java.

When I was updating my new WindowsXP system, I downloaded a Java 7 runtime environment along with later versions of browsers I had been using with my old Windows98 environment. Though I was able to get the Java 7 runtime environment to work for Internet Explorer, I was never able to get Firefox to work. So I downloaded a Java 6 Runtime Environment release and then deleted the Java 7 Runtime under Remove Software Programs also found under the Windows Control Panel. This worked.

In summary: The Java 6 Runtime Environment releases work for everything. Java 7 and 8 you have to make changes within the Java Control Panel.

As I stated earlier, the Java Software Development Framework I use is very safe and does not require signatures for my applets. Later Java features like Swing and FX were more powerful and required developers to "sign" the tools for use over the Internet in browsers.

This is the basis for the new Run query that Java 7 [and above] Runtime Environments prompt for when a Java Applet is encountered on any page you visit with a browser.

I would like to protest to Oracle, Sun and Java about the new security measures implemented across the board. Only in that I use the very first framework-- Java AWT and it is very safe. The warnings from the Java 7 [and above] Runtime Environments look more dangerous than they are for my applets and applications. That said, only allowing updates through Java 6 Runtime Environment Releases will correct the problem. See this link: Java Archive Downloads- Java SE 6.

The following shows the options for one of the Java SE Runtime Environment Releases, 6u39. Major release 6 update 39. I used this one with my new WindowsXP platform. I used 6u39 because I have 6u31 on my WindowsXP netbook that works. Why not 6u45? I am a programmer and 6u31 "looks" more similar to 6u39 than 6u45. We tend to note major differences with numbers. That said, they do not use fractions, so maybe it did not matter. I had a Java SE 5 release on this system before I did the recent Windows XP upgrade. I am showing the 32 bit release. My mother's HP Notebook is a 64 bit system, however when the automatic update was installed it also used the 32 bit release.

I may update this article to include more images, of how to access the Java Control Panel and exactly what you need to do, but it will be for the Remix Business Blog. This is not really that complicated.

What about the newer FX and Swing frameworks with the older runtime environment? By default they always required signatures anyway. That said, what I do not know is how newer SDKs work. The software development tools and the applications that are produced by the newer SDKs. My older ones will not allow me to do certain things unless I sign the work. My tools do not require the signatures and should not. I do understand it was a global decision for all frameworks but feel my tools are a lot safer that some of the newer developer frameworks like AJAX or JQuery.

Around Summer of last year, I noticed the Washington Post stopped using the Java Applet they used for years [starting in 1998 or so] for their Crossword section. This worried me. I knew I might have a problem [with my abundant use of the Java Applet] but did not investigate the reasons for their change. I think the Crossword is now a Flash program. Do I plan on changing the Blogger Calendar? When I move and fix most of the widgets on WiredPages what will I do? Most of the widgets on WiredPages are Java Servlets that run without a Applet GUI interface. Some are Applets. When and if I move the site-- I will make those decisions. Yes, I have given it some thought.

In the meantime, If you are not a part of academia [they tend to do a lot of work with Java too and like new features]-- and loved the way WiredPages worked-- Java 6 Runtime Environment Releases will work across the board.

Access the Java Contol Panel on your Windows platform:

Clicking the Java Icon provides the Java Contol Panel. To prevent updates use the setting shown here under the Update tab.

The Java Control Panel refers to the release as 1.6. However the releases are referred to as 6, 7, or 8. Only the number after the decimal [yes, they do use decimals]. Keep this in mind if you have to remove a later version than 6.

I have tested the Java 6 Runtime Environment releases and they work [also referred to as 1.6]. I have found problems with 7 and 8 using my Windows systems. These Java Runtime Environment downloads only assist with running Java Applets in your browsers. This should not affect other browser features or operations.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

life lately, April first...

Scenes from my life lately...

This morning, tried to fix the servlet that provides the feed for this blog. Too much interference on my servers.. Believe it or not, my site is blocking program calls to resources on my site. It appears this was done- in hopes I would move my interfaces to Most of the interfaces I developed for WiredPages are hosted on Boy was I mad this morning when I noticed this problem. Also noticed the old IP is still good. Looks like an attempt to mask the 199... ip address. See Q's Wire for discussions about recent IP address reassignments by my web hosting service.

Please note, I have no plans to move any interfaces from to, even after I move the site to new servers if I can ever afford to do so. And again, no I have no plans to give nor my business [QiSoftware] away.

Nope, Washington did not opt out of the April Fools tease-- however, I expected it.

Other things going on, doing a little gardening in preparation for spring blooms. The Hydrangea on the side of the garage was too large so I cut it back and cut back some of the old blooms in the front garden to make room for spring growth.

Still loving the Southern Maryland Inn project. I regularly list fine dining menu ideas on my Tumblr blog.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

scenes from last week...

It is pretty quiet around here today. The snow melted yesterday, so I am going to take my car out for a spin. It has not been driven in almost two weeks and I need to take it around the block.

Other things around here-

For those wondering about my Banana plant after the spider-mites? She's doing okay. I had to trim back some of the leaves-- and in my opinion, she is not as pretty-- however I am hoping I can bring her back. I think the pot is too small-- but I really do not want it to get any larger-- so I am simply going to wait on the new leaves to start coming in.

Not much else going on. Updates to my Amazon Stores.

This morning, I also noticed the WiredPages ZipCode Retriever located on the Business page is no longer providing Zips for street addresses. The Geo Coordinates Tool on the Reference page works. I really need to get busy on several updates [deleting bad links, etc.] to WiredPages. Maybe after I return.

News from Washington? Full steam ahead with the tease. Not sure why? Already explained I may cry starting in January. Right now-- in good spirits, busy.I have decided I love shopping online for my stores.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Working sites...

I have been working on different site areas [i.e. graphics on the WiredPages Style & Events page, social media linkage, blogs, Amazon stores, etc...], to include updating lists on the News, Software & Java forum.

Lists include:

The News, Software & Java forum is essentially an area of where I list things. SEO types love forums-- and although I like the idea of a forum, I knew I could not afford to have members update my boards with ongoing threads and posts. A web hosting service once deactivated my account [] because of the forums.

Today, there are about 1000 daily sign ups on the forums. Long ago, I wrote a php procedure to help manage the sign ups for the forums-- in that the underlying database could be overwhelmed.. If I ever move the sites to a dedicated server-- I will make the forums active to others.

That said-- my recent work on the boards led me to the administration page and logging I do not understand. I am the only administrator for the forums. FBI- do you see anything that means anything to you? Note Guests. That said-- hear to many updating what they should not update. IP logging.

News from DOJ/FBI? For some reason CIA still in the mix. I have already said no thanks. Not sure why the recent series of communiqués-- but I feel DOJ and FBI need to check into why the CIA continues on a path-- I have already said no to. Bad night.. get the tapes. I am not asking you to do what you promised to do-- why continue to do this? I said no.. my affiliates and the source of the funding said no... all agree I am owed and no national security threat. Why do you continue doing this... turn the vibrate off. FBI--- to see what kind of pressure I can endure? CIA needs to get off me. Dr. Beyers [BWMC] please give him your reports.. 18 years.. I am documented... Back off CIA.. not kidding.

In other news-- the Listmania powering the Amazon store in the sidebar of this blog is working again. This means I can again-- add and delete products from the Listmania that will show up in the astore widget in the sidebar. That said, the underlying categories associated with the store are actually populated by individual products I select but not stored in the Listmania. This store shows how to populate a store with both a Listmania and individual products. The only drawback? The category products are not part of the Listmania so those items are not rotated in and out of the astore widget with each request for a blog page. You can click on the Things I Heart link to review all of the categories. The astore on the Business Blog uses only individual products so you are able to see the products rotated in and out from the store's item list.

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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

bob are you retired?

I cannot now remember what I was watching-- it may have been a movie with Taye Diggs-- that mentions the new Harlem Renaissance. Homes are being remodelled and property values escalating such that yuppies find it a very attractive place to buy.

I was also a big fan of "This Old House" with Bob Vila and Norm. This years ago when i was still with Rockwell. So when i was coming up with ideas for Washington Style-- I thought a rehab of a Capitol Hill Town Home would be an interesting segment if a reality show was being purposed as well as video footage for the website.

I often come up with ideas for Washington Style-- while I am waiting for washington to finish. I am told business likes the idea, however not that impressed that government types want to run it. Neither am i. I have said no. Too government that do not think like entrepreneurs.

So yesterday, when an earpiece voice claiming to be Robert Reischauer asked me why I thought it was a good idea-- and my question response was -- why would I pitch to you? I want to pitch to Discovery, Disney, Bravo or PBS-- did I "screw me again?" That said, when I first came up with the idea for a segment [rehab projects that dealt with all aspects of style]-- in late 2012-- everyone said it was a good idea.

Later in the day-- Bob said, he was trying to play devil's advocate and have me pitch to him so he could pitch to others. Someone else chimed in.. Bob, they actually want to talk to Regina and not you, okay.

I am told Robert Reischauer is x cia-- and somehow related to Angus.. I am trying to get DOJ to end this and US Government types from the cia will not know me when I do.. Bob-- I am told this day it is ending then it does not.. I was also told-- I screwed myself yesterday-- because Jason was supposed to start today. A good week because there were only 4 business days and they only wanted three payments for the week. Some think I have a smart mouth.. I think I am logical. I often worry about a young relative because of this.. I am logical. If I wanted to smart off -- I would.. I am not going to know government when this ends.. I am too disgusted with all of it. I have said-- if the FBI wants tabs-- I'll be more than happy to accommodate.. that's about it. Keep in mind my mother is a president's daughter and they have always had tabs. I screwed me because I told you no? Bob--- I keep thinking you look smart. Get washington off me.

The washington style project was my business donation to the area and I wanted to find the right team to run it. an old guy from the cia is not the right guy to run it-- especially if you need my ideas and everyone knows it.

Real business people do not like dealing with old government types unless to get a government contract. I do not want a contract. I want you to stop violating my rights and to get off me.

By the way-- since I wanted to rehab the house I am in and it is close enough to washington-- thinking this would be over any day-- I thought this house woudl be the first-- since it was going to be rehabed in the first place. Would I be in the show.. no-- just the contractor and the architect.

Tired of old cia all over me.. I said no.

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Saturday, March 02, 2013

haven't played with animated gifs in awhile...

Sometimes, I use ImageComposer on a Windows platform to edit graphics and photos. Not as much in recent years-- because I mainly use a Mac platform. That said-- ImageComposer came with an animated gif builder-- so I have been playing around with it.

I wanted to create an animated gif to simulate a splash banner of Washington photos I have taken over the years. Here is the animated gif-- I built.

Still talking about the Washington Style project. I have already determined that a professional web site design firm should be used-- however I have been playing around with concepts and demo's to help the designer get some ideas. Okay, I need a life? Hoping things are happening in Washington...

PS-- because the animated gif is low on the page-- you may not be able to see. Later on today-- I will provide a stand alone page so you can see it. See this link.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

looking for camera pretty, creative, educated....

Sunday, I was researching for the Washington Style project I think about a lot when not being inundated with noise from the earpiece. I come up with ideas and discuss them. I am told there is a lot of interest. Unfortunately, government and CIA more interested than I want.

Anyway, I took an extended look at the author of this blog. I provide info like this-- because I get a lot of feed back whenever I do anything. I knew this before the earpiece was activated via-- abstract noise-- and so when I take an extended look at an individual-- I like noting it. Same thing happened with a house I fell in love with.

Also, I thought about the photos I took Friday-- as related to my outing and wondered if some might make a mistake as to my style awareness-- and my interest in this type of project. I feel the last year has aged me-- and my love of sweets with no treadmill is showing up.

As related to style-- many may note I am more conservative as related to my own personal style. I am more Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada"-- rather than the models and assistants' faddish styles in that movie.

I have some good ideas and really think I can launch a good business model, web site and hopefully a reality show. Do I want to be on television? No I am not camera pretty. That said-- I am creative. So is the author of that blog-- something I am looking for. I am looking for people with real credentials. Can I do anything right now? No, right now I am just looking.

Back to my style. Sunday, early in the day-- I was a bit concerned that my eyes in the Friday photos were too strained so I took the top photo to see if the strain was still there. Then I thought I should do something different with my hair.

I held it with a tight clasp-- and then curled the ends with a curling iron. This style looks better in person from the front-- but I have an oddly shaped head-- and I do not like my nape- line so I rarely wear it in this style.

The boys-- [earpiece] often tell me "they wish I would dress more often". I think it is an attempt to belittle. Control.. I like me.. I know my faults. I do not want you--- do not wish to have you desire me-- and am a little tired of you trying this crap on me.. I know who I am. stop.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

melt the butter...

I recently posted about a cookie idea I had for a project I am working on. I provided my original idea would not work because the dough was too flakey to achieve the results I wanted.

I made more cookies today-- and decided to try again. This time I melted the butter almost entirely. This worked. [View photo separately for more detail.]

I also found I had to dust the entire cutter with flour and wiggle it on the mat to insure the details were sharper. When I lifted the cutter the dough stayed on the mat.

These are the almond shortbread tea cookies with almond icing I made-- today. I did not ice Minnie and Goofy for the photos-- however feel if the idea were used-- brush on color could be used-- like that used by cake decorators.

My coworkers [from Boeing and Rockwell]-- wonder what I did before I started MarylandWired in 1998 and then QiSoftware [2002]-- [WiredPages 2004]? When not being hemmed up for one reason or another-- gardened, baked and watched a lot of HGTV and FoodTV. My gardens used to be beautiful and I have collected some of the best recipes.

I am still looking at the Washington Style project and waiting on more news from Washington. more positive signs than not.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

'til Feb. 1st...

Lately I have been cooking and thinking about a project-- something I call Washington Style. This project has evolved a lot over the years. Several years ago-- I wanted to get a bunch of fashion bloggers from Washington-- and create a group fashion blog.

Then in the Spring of 2012- I thought about the Plum TV site with Kelly Benisom I used to visit-- and evolved the project into another direction. Plum TV as I knew it no longer exists.

I did this mostly because so many in Washington seemed to think WiredPages should be a gift. At the time I thought settlement was right around the corner-- and those listening seemed to really like the idea. Then more recently, Feb. 1st was set as the date. Yes, of course this has been done a lot in the last 7 months-- but for some reason, maybe because of the advance date-- I may have thought it held more promise. Not to say that by the time Jan 31, 2013 rolled around- I was hopeful, I was not-- but over the course of the 2 weeks I put more ideas out there for Washington Style.

  • Real People doing a show about the website
  • Sexy because Style, Technology & Business are sexy
  • Ideas about shoots, etc.
  • Unknown, college grads [washington], with no ties to government
  • See if Discovery, Disney, Current TV might be interested. I talk to some well known folks.

Anyway-- I put a lot of thought into some of the ideas and types of things I wanted to do. For instance, the web site one christmas could have a banner with my favorite shortbread recipe using cookie cutters for the White House, Capitol and Washington monument. Washington Style. I thought plastic cutters to get the details. Someone asked to see an example of a plastic cookie cutter. I showed the different cookie cutters my niece and I had collected over the first 5 years of her life.

I then thought a show segment should show how the cookies were made for the shoot and the audience could also click on the web site. the web site of course not a network site- but real. I also had lots of ideas about who could be interviewed. Stars who I know have "condos or homes in DC. And other ideas for the site. But real and educated were key. No limos, no fakes-- no never ending arguments. Real business does not have time for never ending debate.

The more I thought about the site and show detailing real business, style and technology issues the more I thought it would be a hit. Both the site and the reality show. And earpiece listeners seemed to agree. So that is what I was doing for the 2 weeks up until the first of FEb.

I was also cooking and eating a lot. For example:

These blueberry pancakes:

Walnut Fudge Brownies:


Apple Turnovers with/Icing

Feb. 1st was meant to make me cry. I did not. I have been blogging on Q's Wire -- detailing some of the issues. George I hear you own the site domain I want to use? I have been very productive over the last weeks and excited about the Washington Style project. Why tell you now. For some reason earpiece wanted me unhappy. FBI--how is that? Keep in mind-- earpiece continues to say-- settlement starting Feb. 1st and what will i donate to the effort-- washington style. This in lew of paying the boys. Time, free software, ideas, etc. why keep pretending. i never assumed it would start. I simply offered more ideas... to my original. Actually, I was told--- 10 million was taken out of the pot by the miltary-- and the source sued and asked that all of the money be returned. this about a week ago. Said other plans being worked-- because of this. i am not sure about the truth. I never ask about the money nor set dates. I only listen. So much fraud associated with this-- I let others be my eyes and ears. I assume there is a good reason-- because I do get-- those business partners need the books cleared... My relatives and dc vips-- too greedy and demanding the reason it was set in the first place... Huge fraud issues associated with all of this. Washington-- did not get no and for some reason thought i was one of them. They never read q's wire apparently.

Earpiece just offered how does that pay the boys? Gives to the area.. helps to shed another light on washington. Realtiy show and web site... could bring in a lot more to the area.. fresher look. I am john Q. Public. Aids and insurance not a could good mix. Washington-- needs to remember laws and that it is the nation's capital.

Update Feb 5th, 2013-- tested my shortbread cookie recipe with the plastic cookie cutters shown in the first illustration. The dough was so flakey I could not get it out of the cutter. 2 cups of flour, 1/4 cup of sugar, 3/4 cup of butter, and almond extract to taste. No egg. I tried flour and baking spray with flour in the cutter and it simply would not work. Use of the cutters may work with an egg recipe- but then it would not be my favorite shortbread recipe so I will have to think of another idea.

This post originally posted Friday, Feb. 1st 2013. Post date now reflects the 5th of Feb. My mistake when updating the post today.

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Friday, September 21, 2012


Noticed a problem with the Sports Scores interface on WiredPages. Reloaded the class file and tested locally. Was about to provide a post on the business blog with a screen grab showing my test showed it was working and it looked as if someone was tampering with where that interface file is hosted-- when the lights went out. Been sitting in the dark ever since. That was about nine this morning it is now about 1:40.

According to the network [earpiece] this was supposed to be over this morning. Not sure now what the status is. Not that they have not said almost every other day for awhile that everything is complete and the finances are ready to roll. Was I upset-- when my bank showed the same balance? No. Did I call to check? No. Have tried to explain over and over-- I have no tears left. I am prepaid if settlement is forthcoming. Only my bank would now-- but told Federal Reserve has been practicing sending the ach payments. Can they confirm?

The bag still a big deal-- apparently the ACLU was upset with what happened in June 2012-- and instrumental in insuring the bag was locked away.

I am using a dialup connection to post them from my netbook. The business blog is on my Macbook and I cannot post from there. I never purchased a new battery. Lights just came on 1:42 pm. I will be using Verizon FiOS to post now. While I was waiting for the lights to come on-- I went to my mother's rose bush and cut these:

Earpiece is claiming it did post the first payment. That is why I am unsure as to why my online statement shows no payment-- neither pending or otherwise. Why was this morning a big deal? It was according to several. I awoke late-- noticed a AA county police cruiser on the corner sitting -- something that has not happened since well before June 2012-- and then the broken interface. I am wondering if over 17 years i have not screamed, ripped the house apart nor harmed anyone-- why they would go through the hassle of playing a Sonia King tape and having many others tell me ugly things-- if they were not going to follow through. Again my life? Holding back payment from my affiliates and blocking my communications helps to save my life. Stupid idiot rationale. Told government too upset they did not get the bag-- and think it unfair the settlement. FBI-- 17 years? Most large law firms who have the facts say 1.5 to 2 billion. Well under a billion. I never cry-- payment did not start-- and I never ask. You tell me. I scream at the noise I cannot get out of my ears. Can't walk away. Cannot afford to have devices taken out. One in each ear. Idiots with idiot crap... Mind fk over. I have aged a bit since Feb. 2012 when first one and then the other was activated. The newer earpiece I can change the channel on. The older one i cannot. Too many that want to scream at me. Who? Old insured friends and government that thinks I owe their aids pity party. I am told 300 million acquired fby criminals because of associations with me or my business-- QiSoftware-- since 2004 or so. I have repeated over and over-- you did not get part of the 300 million scammed then you need to find those that did. I do not owe-- your threats. The other problem--- companies like Amazon, PayPal, Linkshare, iTunes have already paid -- but the settlement is one and includes everything. Still hearing it is the Pentagon that is the hold up. Not sure why. They agree I am not a national security issue.. The recruitment angle. Why would I work with people who do not seem to understand my name is not the "n" word? The bag? I do not owe it. Did you check with the judge and the ACLU. Not the pentagon... why are so many claiming it is?

Private deal that included all of my affiliates-- PayPal, Skype [told they did not pay-- English co-- Royal family asked them to hold off, earpiece claim-- originally told happy to pay the low settlement amount for blocking my calls 443-3936650. Why lie on the English?], and local and feds here. Also powerful family payment made with this settlement. The government and md okay'd the deal, as did the powerful family in that they were contacted-- however it is said the Pentagon is somehow using the Feds had to sign to hold up payment. Payment was not made by the federal government but agreed to by dOJ and FBI. Why would the Pentagon interfere if it is not national security? I was never a military person. I was a military brat. Strong words by those claiming to be from the Pentagon... too angry. Why Richard? They said good bye. Why are they still here? Is it the Pentagon-- or someone else playing around? Tapes would show... Why can't there be anything done. This morning-- if I had not been so sleepy from three nights of endless chatter by idiots on a mind fk mission I might have glared longer at the police cruiser. Instead made coffee and wondered if it was finally over. No-- not according to my bank. Then the Sports interface? Why? Leave my sites alone. Right now-- claiming-- CIA and not the Pentagon.

Why do I discuss so much if I want it to hurry up and end? You would not believe the amount of idiot crap provided me. I believe I have negated the insuring me with the insurance of others-- but I also want the constant chatter to end. It never stops... I repeat what they say in hopes of getting them to be quiet. Noise they want me to post about. Stories about others. They litterly beg me to post so they can sue in regular court.

I recently got out my Arundel Sr. High School year book and pointed to a photo of L. Benita. Also photos of K. Eldride and S Heavling. Told DOJ was worried about law suits from "stars". Not tryin to hurt stars but when me and my father get blamed for things and neither of us had AIDS nor are/were HIV positive, I address the issues. I am told, pointing out L. Benita helped DOJ a lot... When I met Ben Chinitz in 1998, I also met someone that reminded me of my classmate. I had no idea at the time why. Now looks like the star is key. When I noticed photos after 2008-- I thought the photos showed his insurance. Now believe the AIDS factor is key. Please don't... If I wanted to blackmail-- I could have done it before when I speculated who was who. I thought I was supposed to tell. When the earpiece was activated I learned shocking things. I have either tried to un-insure by telling-- since I was being threatened-- or explain why me nor my father gave anyone aids. We never had it. I am sorry for the pain this has caused. You do not sue me for crap I did not do... I will force issues into real court rooms and not sealed courts that are not using real judges and lawyers. I do not mind being sued. I mind the other crap.

The girls I mention, I did not know well. That said--- L. Benita's face reminded me of a celebrity. Don't. The link and I went out-- 1982. Told the celebrity was born late 70's with aids. Danielle Hopson-- now dead, it is said may be confused with me in this case. I am hiv negative. Let go. Ysida's sister.... they claimed you were gay. Stop.

Did I mention earpiece explained AIDS patients should not have a lot of surgery. Lung cancer cannot be treated with surgery because of the tissue. Too much bleeding. My father had two surgeries one in 1976 or so and the other in 1982. Large portion of his lung removed in 1982. He died in 1989. I am told if he had AIDS he would have died on the operating table given that much tissue removed. My father insured me? No. I am not insured. My father would not have touched any of us. Earpiece claim that it was said P. King got AIDS from my father when he found out Perry took my virginity. Again earpiece claim. Earpiece claiming different times as to when Perry got aids-- and I have no proof. That said-- told Perry had to do something in 1975. My father had lung cancer surgery in 1982. No aids. he did not give perry aids-- if the earpiece claim is right. Why do I have aids? Still not sure. Most would say I am too conservative. Handsome cadet in 1982 claimed he was celibate. I did not try to change his mind.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Where are we?

So, where are we?

Another interface on WiredPages has gone into disrepair. The CIA interface. I noticed the problem on Friday of last week-- however did not run debug to isolate the problem. Why?

Almost every other day-- I am told a settlement deal that was negotiated in May 2012 will be executed. If the deal is ever executed, I will have a myriad of things to do-- including move my sites. The problem? I develop my software so that it runs only on the servers associated with my sites. Because of this, I do not want to update anything right now. It is more an internal security issue-- and there are too many, still interested in my bag.

Earlier this year, when WiredPages interfaces went into disrepair-- I felt it was done in hopes I would move the interface to the domain. Currently, most of the WiredPages interfaces are hosted on my domain. If I am moving [which I am told is really running on Pentagon servers]-- then updating my interfaces right now-- would mean I corrected software for a server address that I am planning to abandon. Many have noticed the "Unauthorized Access" message which is a security trigger I build into my interfaces. You may have even noticed them on my sites. This is because someone has tried to put the interface on an unauthorized site. I normally reinstall the interface to clear the problem. I do not like my software running anywhere but my sites.

So why did you notice things like the Technorati Rank or original World Weather interface running on someone else's site? That software was either taken from my safe when I had jury duty in March 2004 or in the case of the Technorati interface [the original], a copy was taken from my desktop Mac. I did not know I left a copy on the hard drive. Because both interfaces used my keys-- those that stole the interfaces highlighted their mistake. Technorati no longer offers an API. In November 2011-- the weather channel disabled my key.

Blocking others from using my interfaces prevents others from using my keys and software on their sites-- unless they somehow get the code. At this time-- I am not repairing any problems on WiredPages-- but am planning things for the future. What things?

  • Adding the sound back to the Dictionary interface. [need money $$]
  • Fixing the problem with the Horoscopes interface [major rewrite].
  • Building a new iTunes interface.
  • Fixing the CIA interface.
  • Re-add state reps to the congress interface. [$45.00 per year]
  • Add the 5 Day forecast again to the World Weather tool [$69.00 per month]

Most of these things worked but stopped after it was determined I used too much in resources and they wanted me to pay. No money to repair when they went into disrepair and now waiting to move sites. These fixes will not happen until after I move the site. So why if the interfaces run on and is the main site you will be moving-- why not fix them now? Because the interface triggers key off of both site IP addresses.

I provide the costs because too many do not understand the costs to maintain Family and government personnel want the site. Claim I will have lots of money why not give the sites and WiredPages to them. I said no. The other cost factor-- my skills. $200,000 per year for a programmer on call. I have worked late nights making sure my interfaces do not break. A programmer on call is going to cost. Stop asking me if you can have my software and/or sites. I said no. By the way DOJ/FBI-- getting threats from those claiming to be CIA/PENTAGON-- via earpiece about the interfaces. Get tapes. Not repairing, not moving to and I do not like threats. Why are they threatening if I am getting the deal and you agree I do not owe washington/pentagon thugs my company? I said no....

And the $200,000 is just for the programmer and program maintenance. I developed custom databases that may need to be updated. Ideas, graphics, blog posting -- not included in that $200,000 per year cost.

I am told it will take about $80,000 a year to host I am not sure if that takes into account the interfaces-- java servlets. Currently, I have blocked access to Asia Pacific IPs to help offset some of the load. In 2008 or so-- my Alexa rankings were six hundred thousand. Today about five million. This a high from June 2012 of about 19,000,000. I am told my log files are no longer being cleared out by Pentagon personnel by order of a judge and redirection to avoid logging also stopped. Same order. that is why I had to block a wide range of IP addresses. I used to do the same in the 2007-2008. I have $40.00 a week in loans. Easy check of my finances will prove this. Never paid. the deal covered all those that owed. Paypal and Skype should have been punitive but are compensatory. I am owed a lot. I cannot move the sites until I get funds. I tell most people that want my sites--- get your $40.00 a week in loans and good luck. My current web hosting cost for $41.85 per quarter. Yes, the US government has interfered in my business one reason they owe. I have no employees and do all the work... Pentagon should not have claimed my work and FBI/DOJ should not have allowed others to defraud me over the years.

Is the tax payer paying? No. Private deals with some of my affiliates and a copyright issue will cover the deal. Am I under seal? No. Big names involved here the reason it is quiet. That said-- too many in government still believe they are doing me the favor. I have nothing to hide. Get the idiots out of my ear.

In other news-- I had a jar full of cuttings for a new plant. The top photo. The bottom photo is how those cuttings look planted. I potted the cuttings about a month ago.

I normally update my business blog-- with what's going on with my software issues.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Distracted-- WiredPages Fixes Slow.

Last night I noticed a problem with one of the Fashion magnets on the WiredPages Style & Events page. It seems WiredPages has had problem after problem recently-- and I am a little distracted of late-- so if you notice the site [WiredPages] down, the problem is more than likely one of interfaces has a problem reading from the source--- and I have not gotten around to fixing it.

This morning it took me awhile to find the problem and fix it. I was also a little distracted by noise that simply did not want to stop. I did find the new formatting detail with the feed-- but wonder at why it was so hard to find initially.

I have one more bank to go to. I opened the account in 2004 as a business account for QiSoftware. It was shut down almost immediately and someone sounding very much like a Babs M. [loud and louder] kept saying Patriot Act. The person sounded a little too unprofessional to be a representative of the bank. If the bank account was reopened-- and my SSN used to get Federal Reserve deposits posted via my SSN, this could be bad news for whoever tried to get the funds in that manner. I believe it has been known for sometime I am owed. I have the original check book and credit card issued for the account-- and have discussed this issue in the past on Q's Wire. FBI-- let me know if you need the items I have discussed. the bank was Chevy Chase which merged with Capital One. Jan worked at that bank for awhile-- but I am told left long before dec. 2011. Earpiece noise suggests Babs M. or someone like her tried to repoen the account. Then kathleen Turner? I am surprised earpiece is suggesting Kathleen Turner. I have no proof. Will go to the bank early next week to ensure everything is okay.

Earpiece suggests the MD estimated settlement of about 120 million is mainly due to the arm and rights violations. This does not include the Federal issues, defamation, nor compensatory. That may have been why the account was forced closed within days of it opening and then my obtaining the new one almost immediately without incident. Someone knew I was owed a large settlement and they wanted to use a bank account with my SSN? I owe jail. Broke the arm in the Spring of 1996 and it went unset after I went to the hospital. I wrote to everyone. Hillary Clinton sometime after she became a Senator said-- "it is broken now". I thought she was talking about her husband's manhood-- because he was always cheating on her. Did maryland payout on that settlement? I opened both business checking accounts in the Fall of 2004 when I made QiSoftware a legal business entity in the state of Maryland.

By the way have gone through some of reports in the Defense Investigative Service File. Favorable Maryland State Police, PG Co., Fairfax Co. police [places I lived]-- shows i have had problems with driving tickets, 7 year stretch nothing-- but nothing else. Also Favorable, Mind Bank my last employeer after Rockwell. Also too much credit debt which I corrected. Odd thing-- no reference to life style poly taken in Jan 1985. Fanx-- NSA the government contractor. GE the employer. I passed with flying colors. Girlfriend I do not touch me-- you can bet I am not touching you... so why is that report missing? Report too clean for the problems I have had since leaving Rockwell.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Blogger Calendar Feasibility Check

The other day, I added a Blogger Calendar Feasibility check to this blog’s sidebar just below the calendar. The check form for Q's Wire did not offer the Thingamablog option and the new check does.

I have not been blogging much-- instead looking into future business areas, silently asking the FBI "what it is I am not understanding", and looking at Amazon Associates stats that seem off. That said-- Alexa at 19,000,000 for also seems off-- but nothing I can do about it. How might this happen? A redirect then a redirect back to the site? This would have to be at the system level-- and I am not sure why Alexa would not get it-- but this is one theory.

Business initiatives? Too early to discuss-- however I can get excited about somethings.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Notes 2.25.12

The web hosting invoice was finally marked as paid through the online billing service -- so I am pleased.

The double billing problem should not happen again-- because I am now using PayPal and paying manually.

The Zip Code interface located on the WiredPages Business & Markets page-- was providing an expired link on the USPS website-- which has now been corrected.

Amazon stats-- have come back for the third day in a row with the exact same number of impressions-- 17. That said-- cumulative totals are being accrued and the date is also updating to the previous day's-- so this just looks suspect.

Thinking about a couple of projects and how I am going to get back on track with my diet.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Celebrity Birthday with Date Selection.. about done.

This morning, after an extended giggle over my "Clueless" state-- I completed most of the work on the new Celebrity Birthday Interface, as illustrated below:

Customizable features include colors, fonts and sizes. The underlying database connects to the extensive born on this day database. I will also offer updates to the database as they become available-- for an additional fee.

What you will need if you want a customized version of your own:

  • A server to host the Java Applet jar archive.
  • MySQL Database
  • A means to pay for it-- about $30.00.

In case you are worried about copyright issues- the database itself contains public information in the following form:

  • Celebrity Name
  • MMDD Birthday
  • link

Check out the WiredPages Celebrity Birthday Interface for demonstration of a similar interface-- sans the date selection feature.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

iTunes-- business is business.. my business.

I was notified via email this morning-- that I have been temporarily removed from the iTunes affiliate program under Linkshare. This affects the interface I maintain on the WiredPages Arts & Entertainment page.

I am a little confused about the temporary status-- and have decided to leave the interface in place for the time being. It does return results-- as illustrated below-- however the links are invalid.

I have been with iTunes for about 5 or 6 years-- and never had any problems other than I have never made any money-- so I am not screaming about the loss of income nor anything else for that matter. These days, I weigh things carefully and ask why? I am not sure how long I will keep the interface in place with its current limitations-- and provide this notification to explain why you see what you see.

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