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Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Writing Checks?

I cannot remember the last time I saw someone writing a check in the checkout line, that is until yesterday.

One of my errands yesterday, stop by Costco for these staples:

  • Water
  • Bathroom Tissue Paper
  • Fruits
  • Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

While there, a lady two customers in front of me in the checkout line- paid with a check. This seemed to take forever.

Do you want to ask why it is taking so long to put the Microsoft Publisher Check Writing Template on a WiredShops product page?

The answer is complicated. I want to say something like DOJ is allowing sales from my online site to be blocked, however, I cannot say for sure because my information is only abstract in nature.

I believe there is a similar issue with Maryland Bloggers. I get Maryland Bloggers emails from the online forms, however there is no contact information. It is as if the email information is being stripped. Yes, I installed the email forms correctly.

In abstract, I am also told DOJ is trying to correct this situation. That said, I have been told many things over the years, however, I am not holding my breath.

I tend to move on and come up with my next plan of action. These plans are mostly to do with business and not anything to do with hiring a lawyer. I have become a serial entrepreneur of sorts.

What I wore yesterday while out running errands? The dress is a long sleeve t-shirt type dress that I belted to distract from my slightly lumpy midsection. The good news, my midsection is a lot less lumpier so I did not wear shapewear nor a blazer. These days, the less I wear the cooler I am.

What I put on upon my return? Biking shorts and a t-shirt.

In some of the photos, I am trying on a leather blazer I hope to wear in the fall and winter months to hide unwanted curves. Need to lose a bit more weight. Happy with the purchase of all that fruit from Costco.

What are you having for the fourth?

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