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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Google Tag Manager Integration

For the past week or so, I have been integrating the Google Tag Manager resource throughout areas/subdomains of the QiSoftware Site.

This process involved updates to several areas, including:

  • Removing old Google Analytics Tags
  • Integration of the Universal Google Tag to most areas of
  • Adding new properties to my Analytics Account
  • Research on Google Tag Manager Usage. Forum post I found useful and this writeup.

The process was especially tedious for the main site [] area pages and WiredPages []. The reason? The 20 and 24 pages associated with and WiredPages respectively, are not maintained using a traditional content management system, e.g., WordPress or Drupal. In other words, I manually edit each page using the VI Editor in a Terminal Window on my Macbook.

The reason for this self inflicted tedium? Initially, it had a lot to do with the template I configured to use with older browsers. I found the Macbook VI Editor inserted the least amount of ambient control tags when writing the files which tended to help older browsers render the pages correctly.

Today, because of security issues I have with the site, if there are non-linked mirrors, it is harder for someone to pretend the pages of the mirrors are official versions, if changed. In other words, it makes it harder for others to change my pages.

Remix and this blog are Thingamablogs and the Forums- phpBB, so the task was easier with these content managed site areas.

In addition, to the myriad of code tags pasted into the headers of pages and variable fields, minor cosmetic updates were incorporated into the pages of the main site [] area.

WiredPages updates? Although, I have rewritten some of the applications I maintain on WiredPages, I did not include the new versions on this series of updates. The updates recently integrated only dealt with integrating Google Analytics reporting code tags to the underlying elements of the pages.

I hope to republish the fully working version of WiredPages in the near future, however because of security issues will not attempt this task until I am assured my code is being used in the manner I intended.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Working Domain Issues, August 2017

Earlier in the week, I had problems with the MySQL databases associated with the NS&J Forums and Q's Wire Blog. The forums use PHPBB and Q's Wire is a WordPress blog that is hosted on If you tried to access either the forums or blog, error messages indicated there were "database connection errors".

Recently, my web hosting provider upgraded a number of system software services on my server- including PHP. Initially, I thought this may have been the problem, however now I am not so sure.

Somehow the database passwords became misaligned. I am the only authorized user with access to cPanel- [hosting domain management interface] for both domains [ &]. So, it appears these errors were caused by someone's deliberate actions and no, I do not think it was the web hosting provider.

After realigning the passwords, I requested full- backups of both sites.

I also fixed the Blogger Calendar's servlet for Q's Wire. The screen-grab captured using a WindowsXP system running Firefox browser version 43.0.1 (the reason the applet works without any special security updates to the system's Java control panel).

I installed the Blogger Calendar in the current version of Q's Wire's template for this demonstration only, however if you view the source for any page of Q's Wire, you will notice the "commented out" script for the Blogger Calendar.

What else have I been up to?

  • Shopping online for a birthday present for my sister. I am pretty happy with my selection and picked two from my Gift Ideas store.
  • Updated Business Tools I Heart post, on the Remix Blog.
  • Other minor domain issues with Email spam options also affected by someone's deliberate actions. Also, changed the domain hosting password.
  • Rogers Cup Tennis
  • STARZ's "Power" series.
  • Arundel Mills Cobbler to have a pair of heels repaired. Liked this experience, 20 minutes my shoes are ready.
  • Social media tasks for the Hanover Maryland Businesses, Facebook page.

It was not all bad this week, in that the problems were resolved quickly. I was also happy to boot-up my Macbook and work on software code issues. I miss working software development issues...

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Around Town... Early August 2017

Hot and thunderstorms, the last couple of weeks, however everything looks beautiful.

As you may recall, I take weekly photos of the progress at the construction site for the Live Hotel [being erected next to the Maryland Live Casino in Hanover, Maryland]. These photos taken over the last 3 weeks.

Other recent activities:

I went out this morning. Had to deposit more of my birthday money in the bank and rode around Hanover to see what's new.

They finished work on "The Arundel" [luxury apartments], that lobby looks beautiful [did not go inside, however did get photos of the exterior]. If you only know the mall [Arundel Mills] and casino and have the opportunity, checkout some of the new construction going on in our area. It is pretty impressive.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Last Friday, I finally had news about my state taxes, that I am not sure about nor pleased with. My request for a hearing was ignored without explanation.

This post, simply to publicly note my objection.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Maryland, I Am Too Transparent. What Gives?

Thursday morning, I was notified that my State Tax Return had been accepted by Maryland. Yesterday afternoon I checked the online reporting site for the status of the refund.

I was a little surprised and upset to get the following message...

In early January-- before I received the "Important Tax Information" for a revenue account, I hand prepared the Maryland State Tax Return. After getting the tax information, I had the online version of TurboTax generate both my Federal and State Tax Returns. Both returns submitted, showed the same results as those provided in the earlier "draft" versions.

Quite frankly, my returns are so easy-- because of low income- it is hard to make a mistake-- and all versions-- both mine and the final TurboTax submissions, agreed.

I was so upset yesterday evening, I posted a new entry to Q's Wire something I have not done in just under 2 years.

I know the Federal Refund reporting site updates their records around 3:00-3:30 am every morning, so I checked this morning and found my Federal Refund was approved [yesterday] and will be deposited to by bank account in the coming days.

I have not received the letter from Maryland describing the problem, however I do have phone numbers and know how to file the appeal.

That said, if the IRS had no problems and both my versions and the official TurboTax versions lined up-- I cannot imagine what Maryland is doing.

Abstract noise? You do not want to know. It might suggest to many in government continue to think my situation is some sort of game. It is not.

How much noise did I make over the November 2014 Jury Duty? Faxes to the FBI, State Sheriff's Departments, US Attorney in Maryland, and a State Judge. Most know the ongoing issues with my case. I have been very open in my dealings.

Feds tell me there is an ongoing investigation. Why would I try to cheat you? I would not. This should not be the same crap that has been going on. Yes, I will find out Monday what the problem is-- however, as I have indicated-- I am too transparent for this not to be-- black is black and white is white. Why would this happen?

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Disclosure Policy

This policy is valid from 01 January 2017

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me, Regina D. Thomas. For questions about this blog, please contact

This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

The compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog. All advertising is in the form of advertisements generated by a third party ad network. Those advertisements will be identified as paid advertisements.

The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

The owner(s) of this blog would like to disclose the following existing relationships. These are companies, organizations or individuals that may have a significant impact on the content of this blog. We are employed by or consult with: Owner QiSoftware. We serve on the following corporate or non profit boards: n/a. We are active in a political party which influences our blog: n/a. We have a financial interest in the following that are relevant to our blogging: Owner QiSoftware.

To get your own policy, go to

Monday, August 08, 2016


Since my last post, I celebrated a birthday [actually I have posted since my birthday, this morning's activity caused a rethink on what I should have posted]. I was actually not feeling well on my birthday [bad case of vertigo], so these photos were taken the following week.

A month ago, I contacted a local cosmetic surgery center to inquire about removal of hearing implants. The cost-- $1395 each. I really need to have this done with a lawyer present, so I will have to hold off for now, however I believe part of my vertigo issues are being caused by the devices.

I have found ice greatly degrades the performance of each device. If you too have experienced vertigo caused by hearing devices-- you may want to try this solution or contact a laser surgeon.

Hearing implants are very popular these days. They are placed on the nerve in the inner ear-- and certain frequencies can reek havoc with their operation. Mine were implanted without my knowledge-- and I need a lawyer to insure legals issues are not swept aside.

Over the years, my mother has also experienced vertigo-- to the point of being taken to the hospital [BWMC].

I am hoping that alternately freezing and then allowing the device to defrost will eventually render all of the transistors dead. I have had a lot of success since the week of my birthday degrading the functionality of the hearing devices.

Abstract noise provided, the week of my birthday local authorities were contacted about issues some with hearing devices were experiencing. I am told there is a deaf person in my area. If you have a HAM radio you can listen in to some of the activity. I am not going to provide my earpiece tune in frequency, however many have it.

I have not posted about things like this in awhile. I think, some using the consoles in this area have no idea how bad this feels and I want there to be no misunderstanding about what these non-professionals are doing. Too many without even a high school education think this is a game. It is not.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Old Fashioned Way...

I eat in a lot. I never cooked before moving to Hanover and quite frankly do not mind preparing my own meals.

I rarely have breakfast unless working out and because all of my treadmills are in need of repair- I am doing very little of that these days. That said, today I had a mini bagel for breakfast and then a hamburger and fries for lunch.

I am kind of surprised- I have become quite handy in the kitchen.

It was a quiet week, last week. I celebrated the fourth with foods I love and mostly waited for Wimbledon matches to either begin or continue play. Weather in England was wet for most of the first week of the tournament.

Family rolled back into town on Tuesday and Wednesday I was over at one of my banks making a deposit [the old fashioned way, i.e., non-direct deposit].

Do I shoot video everywhere I go? No, however I do not get out much and when I do- I tend to take a lot of photos. The silly little video above? The bank tellers at that bank used to see me every week, this since 2004. Now it is only once a month, since 2015.

Since I am discussing financial issues, last week I ordered credit reports. You may recall in October 2015 I posted about My FICO Score.

The following month [November 2015]-- the score dropped to 690 [was 786] and then back up slightly to 692. Abstract noise suggested that the events of June 2012 were used to force this. I use credit and my banks wisely.

Abstract noise also provided that the negative item would be corrected since everyone agreed 2012 should not have happened. I ordered the reports to confirm it was what the abstract noise provided was the culprit. It was.

I expect this correction at any moment-- I am told the FBI and DOJ have looked into it. I am also told the same Maryland government employee that put a temporary hold on my business bank checking account in May 2012, shortly after settlement agreements were negotiated, was a motivating force behind this error on my credit report. At first she claimed to be a States Attorney, however later identified as some sort of investigator out of Annapolis.

Since December 2015, the promise this would be corrected, has been verbalized through abstract channels. I check every month. I am not sure why this correction has not taken place.

Other things I have been up to?

  • Movie: Black Mass w/ Johnny Depp
  • Wimbledon
  • Working on my Amazon Stores
  • Ordered some things, will discuss later.

Even though I was told the reason for the FICO Score drop and that it would be corrected, I was a little angry [this week] to see it actually in the report. It took a day to get over it. I am only surprised I did not post about it earlier in the week.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Recent Business Expenses.. March/April 2016

Within the last 21 days I have remitted payment for several business expenses including:

  • Skype Quarterly Payment for Business Number [443-393-6650]
  • Skype Annual Subscription Unlimited Calling U.S. & Canada
  • Domain Renewal
  • Verizon Wireless Cell Phone [301-xxx-xxxx]

For legal reasons, ever so often- I remind the public, DOJ and the FBI that I do make these payments.

Skype receipts [business line]:

NetworkSolutions receipt [ domain renewal]:

Filed under legal notices. I seldom receive business calls. Abstract noise provides; some delete domain log files and others answer telephone lines. FBI indicated there is a problem with interference with my business line. My telephone log files show the few calls I receive. Abstract noise provides the FBI thinks the router maybe redirecting the calls. Not sure what is true. I have repeatedly asked that since I do not receive my own calls, no one else should either.

Note the NetworkSolutions receipt shown above. Do you see the little Skype icon with the check mark in the upper left corner?

I use my Android night and day. Because Skype can wake my Android, I keep the device nearby at all times. The calls I do receive tend to be from overseas companies who wish to partner with me, i.e., QiSoftware outsource its business overseas. I get about one call every quarter. I decline these offers.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Just a Reminder....

Every three months, I pay the web hosting for This year, the domain registration will also be extended which is currently due to expire in June 2016. I have had the domain since June 2002.

Every now and a again, I like to remind everyone-- that I pay this bill, along with my Skype business phone line & subscription, Verizon cell phone, Maryland business registration, my business address [in Columbia, MD], domain registrations for not only but also as part of the myriad of business expenses I incur to be in business.

Several years back, The Department of Justice sent a letter to my business address in Columbia. I still have the correspondence. What does this mean? Not only does the State of Maryland recognize QiSoftware as the legal business entity I own, but the Department of Justice also knows who I am.

This, just a reminder....

Sunday, October 11, 2015

My FICO® Score

One of my credit card issuers offers free FICO® Score reports. In June 2015, I noticed that the free report indicated I had a score of 689 or so. I do not have a screen-grab of that earlier report. The reason for the score? The report indicated a lawsuit might be pending.

Privately, I am told too many with power try to affect issues related to my financial picture-- however the Feds are keeping tabs. I have never been served with a civil [nor criminal] lawsuit, personally, or against my business, QiSoftware. Nor is there any reason I know of, that anyone may have to sue me, or my business.

That said, yesterday when I checked the score again-- the results were better.

There is now- no indication that a lawsuit is pending.

Other things I have been up too?

  • Updating my Amazon Stores. Also check out this store.
  • Researching a new recipe. Let me know if you try this. I want to- too!
  • Washed a lot yesterday, including my hair and a goose-down comforter [came out okay, my hair is kind of having a big/bad day-- show you tomorrow.]
  • Watching the NFL; Washington in Atlanta [right now].
  • Watched some of the recent Tennis finals in Asia [this morning].
  • Watching the new episode of "The Affair" tonight on Showtime.

Washington v. Atlanta: 7 to 3- Washington in the 3rd quarter. Going to finish watching...

Monday, August 24, 2015

she seemed pleased...

Yesterday, I gave my sister her birthday gift, the arrangement of plants. She liked it. Saturday, I paid my cell phone bill. This morning, I paid the quarterly web hosting bill for and balanced my checking account. I am happy all of my financial obligations for August have been paid or purchased and I have a little left over.

Just finished a pork chop and macaroni and cheese for lunch. It was very good.

Other things I have been up too:

  • Movie: "The Giver", Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges
  • Last week watched the Western & Southern Tennis Open
  • Waiting for the US Open-- starts next Monday. The US Open has one of the largest prize offerings of any of the major tennis tournaments. See graphic below.
  • Updated my Amazon Stores.

I am pretty happy with my first online order of plants, however as you can see in one of the photos below, there is a little mold on one of the plants. It should be easy to remove that leaf. All in all, the plants were healthy, ready to bloom and beautiful.

News from Washington? Not sure what they are doing.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

taking care of minor issues...

Recently, I have been taking care of or checking into- minor issues that have come up.

My car tags [historic in nature], are due to expire in a couple of months. I thought renewal notices were sent out two months in advance. Motor Vehicles Administration [MVA] for Maryland claims-- only a month in advance.

Last week, Boeing sent out a request for updated information as related to my retirement benefits. I worked for Boeing for about three and a half years right after I graduated from college and the Rockwell division I was with for 10 years merged with Boeing shortly after I left. So, I believe Boeing provides the retirement benefits for both.

Today, I sent Boeing a fax with the updated information they requested.

This post? Because I note things like this...

Monday, March 02, 2015

This Weekend...

These past 3 weeks have been hard. Mostly to do with outside issues that come in and the console issues I continue to have. By Friday, I was fed up with everything. Everything feels like a test.

By the time I took the photo on the right, [last night- just before going to bed] I was in a better place, however did not know I was in for another long night.

While my brother and mother were downstairs Saturday-- helping each other to set up her new dining set-- I was upstairs in my office playing with my camera. I took a series of photos that look similar to this one.

The new dining room set project- for the area just off the kitchen turned out better than I expected-- however I am tired of each little thing becoming a major issue like this-- when in this case, I had resigned myself to the fact-- she was going to order what she wanted.

My ideas were more expensive and since I was not willing to take on the cost alone-- had stopped making an issue of it. That said, I really did not like the photo I saw of the set-- and though happy this issue is dead-- I am more happy, my mother is happy than anything else.

Continuing to be assailed by issues-- that speak directly to the invasion of my privacy with the use of government provided consoles and equipment. I am told every time I do anything-- like return a book to the library that I do not finish-- law firms are contacted. I am so tired of these non-issues happening in my life. I am not defensive. I am tired of my life under this microscope-- in which many are hoping to find a legal quagmire which will cost a lot of money. At this time, I have no money-- so I am really tired of those doing this. Law firms, if you did not have access to my private life and did not discuss these issues via the consoles- hoping I will write about my latest doings, there would be no issue and the public via my blogs would have no clue as to what I have been doing.

Can you imagine the counter law suits-- I could file directed at your law firms? I do not think you are looking at the law in its entirety and perhaps you should start. Many are instigating, including what appear to be lawyers. You are gaining access to my private life and then talking loud. Get off me.

Yes, I have been catching up on all the John Grisham books I missed over the last 10 years or so. That said, this is not false bravado.

Monday, July 07, 2014

July 4th 2014 Weekend...

I had a nice quiet holiday weekend.

Holiday Weekend...

  • Watched the semi finals and finals at Wimbledon.
  • Washed my hair-- a two hour task.
  • Listened to a lot of promises that were not kept.
  • Best Man Holiday--- Laughed, cried, sat on the edge of my seat.
  • Watched Blue Jasmine.
  • Watched The Counselor several times via Verizon FiOS on Demand. Diaz tells the priest to listen... "I did". Lines up with information provided to me as of Feb. 2012 through today... which I reported over the last 2.5 years as the info was provided to me... This weekend some debate as to whether I would report my analysis of the movie. I provided orally. Told not even the stars got it.. I did report already.. I cannot prove anything. That said, my affiliates put the deal on the table in Oct. 2011 and it had nothing to do with most of the underlying issues of the movie. Even if true-- what does this have to do with the denial of my rights for the last 20 years? Sorry DOJ/FBI you owe an explanation. The debate? Please read Q's Wire posts over the last 2 years... I asked if this was possible based on the information being provided to me at the time. My oral summation this weekend was slick? I would love for this crap to be untrue... And used for the reason-- for the vibrations and DOJ inaction today? I was not trying to be slick-- I also explained I already reported what was said to me as a "Fiction Question". Max- Brad? Who watched the movie/surveillance? Polo Club guy.. whose voice did you hear? I thought Juwana Man-- the rapper? Best fit me? Rosie-- but I never had any kids nor did I know of any eggs taken and born to others. I never gave permission. Never asked that my eggs be taken for later... Never wanted kids. Based on who tries to talk to me today--- i am amazed they are trying to get money out of me. Why wouldn't the pentagon owe that blackmail-- gc, dw, others. I never knew any of them. You want me to pay the Pentagon's blackmail? How is that.. get off me. I owe jail for taking what was not yours to take... why didn't you ask me? Other stars [not in the movie] involved-- you owe "what kids"... My affiliates were trying to clear their business issues. I am told they did not know about the one that died. I was told in Feb. 2012 but was unsure what that was all about. Nor has anyone officially told me someone died-- or that they existed.. Stars with ties-- I said no... Jail is on you. You want me to use yours as the reason for all this.. since it is possible? You stole from me... You did not have my permission... Affiliate money on the table has nothing to do with the theft of what did not belong to you.. had to do with rights, time, arm, interence with my business. they wanted to clear their books... and to also explain Washington's role in why they had not. They thought i was part of the "family" and being paid. I kept screaming in my blog I was not-- and they checked. get off me. Pentagon, DOJ-- what kids? So why am I here? I developed the Blogger Calendar [Java Version] in 2004. It was noticed. Why am i here?I have always been to seen. The problem-- to clean. I am told the father of one of the actors always knew what my problem was-- I am not insured. DOJ it is unfair to continue allowing this--the vibrations, the people i am not interested in knowing-- all of it. An investigation-- I would love to help? Can this country afford the truth? My affiliates wanted to pay the tab. Deals were made in May 2012. I do not owe the filth in my ear. Then others that took from me want to help for a price.. oh really get them off me... DOJ you do not owe me further torture. You owe me the door.
  • Black Girl in Paris a short film.
  • Grilled indoors...

On tap today...

  • Edged around the lawn..
  • Scheduled a special trash pick up with Ann Arundel Co Waste Management
  • Need to check with the Maryland Business Office about biz renewal process.
  • Mother returning...

Washington News? Putting the pieces together... not sure where they are with resolution insofar as I am concerned.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

QiSoftware Biz Renewal

QiSoftware is a legal business entity in the State of Maryland [see related links: Related Business Filing Link #1, Related Business Filing Link #2].

It [QiSoftware] is a sole proprietorship which I set up as a trade name entity in September 2004. Renewal of the business entity is required every five years, so yesterday, I sent the renewal form and payment for the next five years [September 2014 thru September 2019].

If by chance the helpful representative with the Maryland Business Charter office keeps up with my issues-- this to note, yes I did indicate I would be faxing the form and cc information for payment, but decided to mail it out. Thanks for your assistance. If it has not updated by August 15th, 2014 I will use the expedited method, i.e., fax.

I note things like this, because of ongoing issues I have with interference in running my business. News from Washington? Not sure what's really going on, but feel DOJ is still very involved.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

life lately, April first...

Scenes from my life lately...

This morning, tried to fix the servlet that provides the feed for this blog. Too much interference on my servers.. Believe it or not, my site is blocking program calls to resources on my site. It appears this was done- in hopes I would move my interfaces to Most of the interfaces I developed for WiredPages are hosted on Boy was I mad this morning when I noticed this problem. Also noticed the old IP is still good. Looks like an attempt to mask the 199... ip address. See Q's Wire for discussions about recent IP address reassignments by my web hosting service.

Please note, I have no plans to move any interfaces from to, even after I move the site to new servers if I can ever afford to do so. And again, no I have no plans to give nor my business [QiSoftware] away.

Nope, Washington did not opt out of the April Fools tease-- however, I expected it.

Other things going on, doing a little gardening in preparation for spring blooms. The Hydrangea on the side of the garage was too large so I cut it back and cut back some of the old blooms in the front garden to make room for spring growth.

Still loving the Southern Maryland Inn project. I regularly list fine dining menu ideas on my Tumblr blog.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Paid Rent, Paid Web Hosting.

This morning, finally paid some bills that were bothering me. Last month I had a problem with a company I ordered blow dryer parts from. Abstract confirmation-- Washington interfered. The reason, I worry about paying bills.

This morning, paid the annual rent for my business address. My mother left me the van-- in case I wanted to go out, however I paid over the phone without a hitch. Was very happy to note that later when I went to the bank and after I came home and checked online-- the pending status of the rent I had paid earlier. Not because I have any problems with paying the annual rent in the past. This protects me and the business I rent from. Too many in Washington with access to my life like doing bad things. For example and documented on Q's Wire, double billing web hosting, access to my Amazon account, purchases I did not make. I note things like this because I want the FBI to continue protecting me and the businesses I do business with.

Also, paid the web hosting bill for for the period 3/1/14 through 6/1/14. Paypal and my web host acknowledged payment received however the transaction is not yet showing "pending" at the bank. I stopped allowing direct payment and use PayPal-- so this may be the reason for the delay.

I have emails, bank receipts showing new balances and screen grabs all acquired today as proof.

Washington news? Another drum roll last night but it may have been to check the behavior of many who will not let go. Under no circumstances will I ask any lawyer to act as my agent at this time. DOJ owes the explanation. Not an outside lawyer. Settlement template negotiated and funds put into play in May 2012. Stop insulting me. Further-- listen and get that crap out of my ear. I said no.

I will provide proof if a problem arises.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Web Hosting Paid Today..

Several problems this morning with access to the internet. Most of the morning unable to access internet with router. Gained access Verizon FiOS around noon however did not get email notifications for web hosting bill until 5:00 pm this evening even though claims it was received at 1:05 am this morning. I use Thuderbird and retrieve emails for all my accounts at the same time- with the click of a button. I should have received the email earlier.

Too many things going on that look suspect. With September's bill [2013] it was credited immediately. The payment I just made was not-- however I did get notification from both PayPal and DailyRazor that the payment had been submitted. You will recall in Dec. 11 I had to switch from direct credit card billing to PayPal because of double billing.

Anyway here is a copy of the PayPal notification that I made the payment. Also note the DailyRazor email sent to me in the Inbox area.

Verizon sending a new router-- however this decision theirs and not ours. Then all of a sudden it begins working. I was using my limited access NetZero account to post earlier in the morning.

With the holiday week upcoming-- too much suggesting I should have a lot of problems this week. Not sure why-- when I am not asking nor complaining. Washinton not letting go. I said no.. DOJ owes explanation.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Skype Land Line Bill Paid-- 6.21.13

This crazy situation dictates-- I provide details like when I pay for web hosting, my business phone lines-- or other expenses associated with my business.

I use Skype for my main business line [443-393-6650] and my cell as a secondary line. In addition, I have two land lines in the house that I use for Federal Legal or business faxing.

On June 21st, 2013-- my business checking account was automatically billed for the Skype land line [443-393-6650]. Here is the receipt.

Earpiece provides that at times someone associated with the Federal Government will answer business calls to the 443.393.6650 line-- to get samplings. I am told a lot of folks are angry, mainly with those answering the calls. Statements like-- "Go get Regina" are often offered by callers.

I have repeatedly asked that this practice [unauthorized responses to my calls] be discontinued. If I get a call-- I will report it.. I do not get calls. I have a Belkin Skype phone that is always on-- and seldom rings. My call history reports will confirm this. The same is true for my cell phone.

DOJ lawyers also need to explain why this violation of my rights continues. What's going on with them? I am not sure.. they change their stories every 15 minutes.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013 renewed...

I became an enom reseller for domains when I briefly hosted with HostGator awhile back., is the site for the web hosting service of QiSoftware, a domain that I originally registered through enom. My renewal rates are pretty good-- and yesterday I renewed for another two years [since June 18, 2006] through my enom reseller account. Here is a screen grab of the email confirmation.

I am told via the earpiece, there is a bit of interest to own and a few were aware of its June 2013 expiration under the current registration. I have no plans to relinquish the domain. Sorry.

Been doing a little gardening. My mother got a Black & Decker battery operated weed whacker for Mother's day-- and it works great. I have also been watching my banana plant grow and have some time elapsed photos that I will provide later.

Still waiting to hear from Washington-- in a more official capacity. Told DOJ-- on a lot and working to get me out of here. I am hopeful.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

'til Feb. 1st...

Lately I have been cooking and thinking about a project-- something I call Washington Style. This project has evolved a lot over the years. Several years ago-- I wanted to get a bunch of fashion bloggers from Washington-- and create a group fashion blog.

Then in the Spring of 2012- I thought about the Plum TV site with Kelly Benisom I used to visit-- and evolved the project into another direction. Plum TV as I knew it no longer exists.

I did this mostly because so many in Washington seemed to think WiredPages should be a gift. At the time I thought settlement was right around the corner-- and those listening seemed to really like the idea. Then more recently, Feb. 1st was set as the date. Yes, of course this has been done a lot in the last 7 months-- but for some reason, maybe because of the advance date-- I may have thought it held more promise. Not to say that by the time Jan 31, 2013 rolled around- I was hopeful, I was not-- but over the course of the 2 weeks I put more ideas out there for Washington Style.

  • Real People doing a show about the website
  • Sexy because Style, Technology & Business are sexy
  • Ideas about shoots, etc.
  • Unknown, college grads [washington], with no ties to government
  • See if Discovery, Disney, Current TV might be interested. I talk to some well known folks.

Anyway-- I put a lot of thought into some of the ideas and types of things I wanted to do. For instance, the web site one christmas could have a banner with my favorite shortbread recipe using cookie cutters for the White House, Capitol and Washington monument. Washington Style. I thought plastic cutters to get the details. Someone asked to see an example of a plastic cookie cutter. I showed the different cookie cutters my niece and I had collected over the first 5 years of her life.

I then thought a show segment should show how the cookies were made for the shoot and the audience could also click on the web site. the web site of course not a network site- but real. I also had lots of ideas about who could be interviewed. Stars who I know have "condos or homes in DC. And other ideas for the site. But real and educated were key. No limos, no fakes-- no never ending arguments. Real business does not have time for never ending debate.

The more I thought about the site and show detailing real business, style and technology issues the more I thought it would be a hit. Both the site and the reality show. And earpiece listeners seemed to agree. So that is what I was doing for the 2 weeks up until the first of FEb.

I was also cooking and eating a lot. For example:

These blueberry pancakes:

Walnut Fudge Brownies:


Apple Turnovers with/Icing

Feb. 1st was meant to make me cry. I did not. I have been blogging on Q's Wire -- detailing some of the issues. George I hear you own the site domain I want to use? I have been very productive over the last weeks and excited about the Washington Style project. Why tell you now. For some reason earpiece wanted me unhappy. FBI--how is that? Keep in mind-- earpiece continues to say-- settlement starting Feb. 1st and what will i donate to the effort-- washington style. This in lew of paying the boys. Time, free software, ideas, etc. why keep pretending. i never assumed it would start. I simply offered more ideas... to my original. Actually, I was told--- 10 million was taken out of the pot by the miltary-- and the source sued and asked that all of the money be returned. this about a week ago. Said other plans being worked-- because of this. i am not sure about the truth. I never ask about the money nor set dates. I only listen. So much fraud associated with this-- I let others be my eyes and ears. I assume there is a good reason-- because I do get-- those business partners need the books cleared... My relatives and dc vips-- too greedy and demanding the reason it was set in the first place... Huge fraud issues associated with all of this. Washington-- did not get no and for some reason thought i was one of them. They never read q's wire apparently.

Earpiece just offered how does that pay the boys? Gives to the area.. helps to shed another light on washington. Realtiy show and web site... could bring in a lot more to the area.. fresher look. I am john Q. Public. Aids and insurance not a could good mix. Washington-- needs to remember laws and that it is the nation's capital.

Update Feb 5th, 2013-- tested my shortbread cookie recipe with the plastic cookie cutters shown in the first illustration. The dough was so flakey I could not get it out of the cutter. 2 cups of flour, 1/4 cup of sugar, 3/4 cup of butter, and almond extract to taste. No egg. I tried flour and baking spray with flour in the cutter and it simply would not work. Use of the cutters may work with an egg recipe- but then it would not be my favorite shortbread recipe so I will have to think of another idea.

This post originally posted Friday, Feb. 1st 2013. Post date now reflects the 5th of Feb. My mistake when updating the post today.

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Thursday, November 08, 2012

said no...

Sunday, I painted my nails for the first time in years. They were pretty much at a standard length and because I have not been coding nor working on projects-- the concern of scratching my Macbook's white keyboard, less so. I like this burgundy red [it looks more burgundy with the naked eye] for fall and winter months.

Last night, I was going through one of my jewelry boxes [the one Jan and Greg gave to me one Christmas], and found my 5 year Rockwell bracelet. I think the guys had a choice of a tie tack or cuff links while I was simply given my bracelet. If you view the photo in a separate window you can see a more enhanced view of the Rockwell trinket.

I am not a political junky, so got the return results for the national election, Wednesday while watching news programs. The only things I look at these days insofar as Washington-- DOJ and the FBI. I do not pay attention to who is in elected office.

What else have I been up too? Recently, watching a lot of HGTV and home redesign shows. This has resulted in my own interest in renovating my residence. Here is a screen-grab of my attempts to add space to the left side with software, ImageComposer.

Earpiece still going with settlement payments to start any day. For some reason-- the fact they do this daily bothers me more than the fact they have not started.

No, I do not want a CIA position nor will government types be helping to run my business. QiSoftware is a sole proprietorship and will always remain so. I wish this continual- going to do this today-- this problem came up-- sure you do not want to sign up with us-- did not like an attempt to demoralize. I am not demoralized-- is the FBI and DOJ? I said no.

That said--- there is the suggestion the investigation is still going strong-- however they [DOJ/FBI] are running into problems with [the washington criminal bunch and their lawyers]- in that they keep pointing at me-- and saying-- FBI/DOJ you have a lot of nerve. I concur. Hope resolution coming soon... Government [other than DOJ/FBI addressing the legal issues related to me] is not an option for me.

I repeat-- I said no... How is my house redecoration going? I have lots of ideas but no money-- but it gives me something to do.. Why not fix WiredPages? When not promising to start the settlement process-- they tell me they will try to pick me up while I am holiday shopping. Why? They want the bag. I am not fixing code so idiots can steal it. FBI-- What are you doing? Do you hear the threats?

The other thing bothering me lately? For some reason-- someone is deactivating the Blogger Calendar I maintain on for this blog. I noticed a problem over the summer [which I corrected] and again the other day. Accessing my domain[s]-- by anyone other than me-- is unauthorized and FBI I have too much surveillance. Get the clowns off my site[s].

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Don, Why?

I have been dealing with issues and searching for why this would continue. One appears to be that I should go to work for the CIA. I have continued to say -- no thanks.

Another major issue-- the earpiece in the left ear. Told it is so large and powerful that they would love to have it back.. that said-- I want it destroyed.Gain issues.

Constantly, being told--- DOJ has control of the payment start-- however enlisted others to override-- which has caused the problem. It is explained to me that at first circuit court judges were in on the approval process. Why would a private deal need a Federal approval? Because -- the US Government tab settlement-- though being picked up by the outside source, needs approval. There is no one saying they do not owe. As a matter of fact-- a lawyer claimed-- right after I arrived back from BWMC in July 2012-- that the Pentagon owed 1.5 billion. the fact that the FBI/DOJ ignored my requests for relief since the mid 90s also a factor.

The other issue-- too many want me to promise something in return for release of the funds. Told the funds can only be released to my social. Made no promises other than a trust I want to set up for my mother. the other-- when I die if rich-- the money will be returned to the outside source. I get threats all the time. This a public record. I want to pay pricey law firms to protect me after the fact... I do not owe pricey law firms before the settlement.. all agreed in May 2012.

That said-- I am told there is a wide ranging investigation going on both at the Military and DOJ/FBI levels. Bob, security BWMC told you have tapes that may help with the night of June 19th, 2012. Things I had forgotten-- discussed at length yesterday [sunday]. That said-- James Jones signed the order? How? This explained yesterday? This is news to me. I thought it was the surpremes. Ben do you remember? I was supposed to be released immediately. That is what that 3mg invega without a doctor indicates. Told in situations like this-- that is known by the people involved. Told my 2.5 week stay was to run a couple of tests.. yes I am HIV negative and to get the bag... A circuit judge stepped in and made a lot of people mad.

what I do not like? On a number of occasions I have been told I am speaking with people like Kagan or Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I am not a fan of Kagan. The problem--- not all of the supremes are judges or even lawyers. Lawyers and judges include Kennedy, Kagan, Thomas... Most of the others are not. The person claiming to be Kagan-- keeps suggesting she is owed respect. My claim-- she only gets to analyze whether the Federal government owes the tab amount for both DOJ/FBI inaction and Pentagon -- actions over the last 17 years. No one says they do not... as a matter of fact most say that the 120 million for the Federal roll in this over the last 17 years is under what I am owed. The tab amount was arrived at by a well respected DC Law Firm. Why? An individual involved in the settlement uses the law firm.

Other large law firms were surveyed and all come back with the same response. Good deal for the US Government and they believe what happened to me. Just too much evidence that supports my claims. So why is it not moving forward?

The claim is now-- 3 supremes and 3 generals need to sign off. I am told all have. So why is DOJ holding off? Not sure. Yes, I believe the money is set to roll from the Federal Reserver payment system-- ACH. This morning too. Did it? My bank balance is current as of last Friday.. so I see no change.

They really want me to take a CIA position and let me get a paycheck from them. I have said no over and over. Kagan.. someone needs to get her tapes and ask if she is still an issue-- whether she should be. Three supremes agree the US owes at least that amount? Where is the problem?

Doug-- James Jones said to be key to you. Guy--- James mattis? Why do I want to ask-- if the Blogger Calendar is compromising anything... Don-- those guys 2 stars in 1985... Don---- I do not owe the blogger calendar. Matties -- big deal. That said -- told he signed off. Why is this still happening? Too many still on and on about the bag. Can I fix problems with WiredPages? Yes. Not making corrections for a server I will not be using in the long term future. I have already explained this.

Don-- why am I confused?

Also told-- that because of too many threats -- shoot to kill is a problem. Waht does this mean? A lot involved in this got AIDS-- whether intentionally or by mistake. Too many. Many angry I did not know there was an AIDS problem and mad I do not have it. Threats causing a "shoot to kill" environment. AA Co police-- told they are serious... July 24th guy-- keeps coming around. why? Some close to me-- A, B... also told there is a problem with you guys... stop. Blind Trust Iron clad-- who sent you? Told it reverts to the person who set it up... who sends you out... even kidding-- you have to stop.... Iron clad.. get a life and stop.

As recently as this weekend-- told the boys wanted hundred million to sign off. The money left... idiot in my ear yours doj? Big affiliates... let go. Did he review tapes or just wants to see if he can steal in broad daylight... I do not owe government filth. already told you. Give back to the fed boys 100 million when they did not pay in the first place. Let's see I get 20 million and they get 100 million? DOJ/FBI you owe the boys extortion charges. The liar today-- shut up idiot.. i just had this discussion. I repeat-- Pentagon alone 1.5 billion... get the idiots out of my ear.

Another problem earpiece is talking about-- Veronica Jones. Nicole Ritchie looks like her. Sam has gray eyes. Told Veronica died in the early 80s. Bad scene. Now under investigation...

FBI-- I was told the consoles were used to investigate or interview federal witnesses. Widespread abuse. Please correct.

Pentagon-- you went into clean mode because it looked like I was from Odenton too? Yes. that said-- I never had an intimate relationship with any of the boys... rumor says-- one visited in England when I was 7 or so... Says while i was sleeping.. I have at least two other rumors that suggest similar through fort Mead. Oraled all while I was sleeping [they did me]. I know nothing about any of these rumors. I believe i can put S.H. in the Rockwell office place as a janitor before she had some work done-- earpiece asking about an incident-- me that was her? She had some work done. This around 93 or so. mary looks like she has ties to the boys and don too. The new Author-- Dudly moore original star-- looks like he could be the son of Doug and S.H. I knew nothing about the child if true. I did not cause the problem insofar as the Pentagon.. Don-- did you want to own generals? Did it get out of hand. D-- too good looking and insurance.. all earpiece supplied speculation. I said stop. Please do not ask about the calendar again.. said no. Why while I was sleeping.. I am nixon granddaughter. Trying to insure me early. if it happened-- I think it was supposed to be an accident waiting to happen. Never knew. Perry king taught me while I was awake. Fall 1975. this is what I know about... everything else rumor...

Julie-- earpiece saying don-- RR. He knew. Get court cause transcripts-- L. Benita... Why my fault.. I did not know.. Pentagon.. cleaned wrong thing.. Yes, I am still trying to un-insurance because of the secrets of others. In 1996 or so-- someone kept talking to me about the Rockwell trading company. Known for imports and exports.. Hong Kong-- again... Don? I said no CIA. No more. FBI-- pulsate function gone. Reduced the risk. That said-- gain bad... Need you to get congress and supremes with no need for access out of my ear... too pissy. I said no. CIA letting idiots take credit for what could be serious health issues. I have rendered it mostly useless but still could cause problems.. Not kdding fbi.. I do not have a massive heart attack because you gave out consoles to washington idiots.. get them off me. Bonnie-- the woman you had a talk with. Flowers to the nurses. Should she control gain in my ear? Idiots they discontinued using this model -- too dangerous.. Earpiece telling me about part of the cnversation Bonnie and the woman had. FBI--- you are causing me health issues. Should I go to the doctor to get it out? I need a lawyer to certify first. No money... Then my calls are blocked. Ask Facebook lawyer friend... STOP. Torture why? What else do I know?

FBI-- I am told the maker of the earpiece warned it was too powerful. That is why later models less equipped, smaller. Pickering, Collins-- congressionals members apparently do not know how powerful... you need to pick up their equipment and reread the specs. Susan does not kill me because I will not let her run WiredPages I do not care whose girl she is. Now-- they cannot claim they did not know. And FBI-- I am told only government issued consoles can use the features of that older earpiece.. They should not have them. Last night-- "are we in test mode again". Get those crazy no class idiots off me. Ben-- why did you tell? And yes-- I found a pressure point just behind the earlobe that prevents most of the reverbration throughout the body. They like walking me up with it-- however it takes a lot of machines-- degraded. Need relief doj.. You are watching as i am tortured? Most people get-- I do have lots of surveillence. I said no CIA. National Security your problem not mine. I keep asking if you are doing the best thing for my country? No-- I want to help. I do not owe. I said no. DOJ-- Why did you agree to take the settlement payments if you did not want to give them to me.. Too many large corporations. Stop., Too many see. Most thought BWMC over the summer was to make sure I am sane. I am. too many in washington are not. STOP.

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Thursday, October 04, 2012

DOJ Fax 10.04.12

Spoke with DOJ about an hour ago. Went in through the Civil Rights Division however transfered to the Criminal Division. As far as I know-- my complaints were all filed with the Civil Rights Division. Explained the Faxes I sent to the Baltimore office of the FBI over the last 6 months and told I could send them copies-- the fax number: 202-5148336. Just sent the FAX. Told the FBI has received many inquiries. They are reporting "under investigation" however the people I spoke with at DOJ seem to have no idea about any of this. Do you? People tell me all the time they know me, my blog or my software tools... DOJ doesn't? Or is that D. for middle name? Oh, yes I see something-- send me the fax. DOj-- dangerous game.

Wednesday, was supposed to be the new date to start the settlement payments. Told held up again for one reason or another. No the general, no chet, no Kennedy of the supremes [I asked why an appellate judge would have a say too-- told circuit judge overruled national security pentagon but kennedy asked to uphold], no etc... Big problem now-- pulsating day and night. I keep asking-- if there is no deal [PayPal, Amazon I find this hard to believe] why keep hammering me. I said no thanks.

I have blogged about the things I am going to blog about as related to this case. The Mike Mullen information I think is very important and only recently made clear how important he was to all of this. The rest of it appears to hope i want to risk a defamation law suit. Get the tapes and sue the people offering the information. Private lives and their insurance crap does not interest me.

DOJ/FBI-- check my known siblings-- and get their incomes and bank balances. Should you take me seriously? Because I owe them? Check sealed documents and settlements. I have nothing to do with their incomes. Judy-- Homeland/DOJ secretary. Andre-- not sure. They have trusts... source-- earpiece claim-- John D. Rockefeller IV/Cosby. I am not insured.. LunarPages-- I knew nothing about 60,000,000 usd settlement. Flim-Flam scam. I do not like con games. I am QiSoftware and I have no partners. Told this is the one that started the ball rolling....

Told via earpiece, Karen Kendrick and her boy [+mother] told to disappear with 5,000,000. This may have been to piss me off. This pisses off the academy more than me. That said-- recently told he could easily reappear. Not my embarrassment. Go ahead -- make his day. Told those black people a little too loud disapearring... wink, wink. Mullen-- earpiece unclear as to whether you handed Julie 5,000,000 however claim is that is what she got. That said-- earpiece claim you handed out 25,000,000 [tax payer money] to clean me up... I did not know I had a child that died. Am I clean yet?

DOJ/ACLU-- Told this is the Pentagon that will not release the pulsate on my frequencies master control. Why isn't the FBI or DOJ handling this... I was never Pentagon.. Did Mullen overstep his jursidiction? Pentagon should not be doing this in my ear. Please have marshalls go in and stop it.

Information I have been given about the older earpiece. It is very large and easily scene with the naked eye. Told most of the newer ones allow the frequency to be changed. I cannot change the frequency on the older one. The older one in my left ear-- put in around 1995 or so has a lot of bells and whistles. Just starting out... Told the newer ones cannot pulsate. The pulsate function so powerful it can make my whole body shake. Look up the older larger models of the inner hearing aid... Too powerful and I am being abused. Pentagon-- pulsating-- why am I a national security issue? That said-- marine general this morning said-- no I just don't like you... he wants to kill my ass, likes my top and thinks I should do him... DOJ--- if you lock him up again-- make sure you take his console and do not let him tell Kennedy I am a national security issue again... If any of the Mullen crap is true--he is that marines problem. Not me.

Keep in mind-- my earpiece lies to me a lot... I am told they tell me the truth but then lie or lie and then tell the truth.... They are backing away from Kennedy now. Why would I believe there is a deal... The big affiliates involved and the pieces I was given that at first did not make any sense... The other one-- Marine General asked me if I would pay $250,000 to someone so they could give him 2 minutes per day... Most who have read Q's Wire-- know I do not pay for your whores. In this case it was rather personal [extended family member]-- and I thought he may have been trying to offend me.. Even he believes I am going to get money... why if I am a national security issue... I can get paid if his whore is? No thanks. DOJ/FBI-- GET THE TAPES... Oct 2, 2012 or Oct 3, 2012. I asked Obama to look into it. He might say he was mind fking... why if I am a national security issue.... Voice pattern search on "2 minutes". That's all he needs a day... His quote? His dumpy wife he married 5 years ago-- stopped providing the service... Why would I owe his whore?

National Security issue looks like how many people I should pay to get away. Some of these people were in on the 300,000,000 USD paid out because of me and my business through scams, misappropiations and affiliate pay me and not her-- I will pay her because she is my relative-- they did not. the general said he did not get anything but does make 1,000,000 a year. He cannot afford his own "girl"? She will like him better.. she may confuse me with him-- and I would not like that.

I live in Anne Arundel co. The same county as my high school where i am owner of the Facebook Alumni group. The naval Academy is also in Anne Arundel Co-- Annapolis. I am told that when i told Missy I did not want to be her friend on facebook-- a lot of mutual acquaintances were mad. Mostly people that came out after me that I did not know well. But they saw her photos with the boy too. Today-- that Mullen would make the appointment when a lot are still in the area-- and this close simply looks plain stupid.. national security or plain stupid? Is that a double head? Earpiece says double head means person probably has parents' too closely related.. Can you think of any.. they have pointed out one or two... It provides insurance for some.

Lie down or pay you? Did you check with BWMC? I am tired of getting blamed for the idiot moves of Washington and the Pentagon.. I have been working for 17 years. Then I thought the FBI is finally here and the earpiece activation.. You should have told me a deal was put on the table last October that no class filth in washington wanted to steal... get off me.

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