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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Tweaking My Advertising Game

Currently, I handle all of the advertising management efforts for QiSoftware sites:

  • (main business site)
  • (hosts many of my applications to alleviate resource burdens on
  • (resume site)
  • (real estate site)
  • (e-commerce site)

A brief discussion about advertising resources I use with my sites is provided in this blog post - QiSoftware Advertising & Utilization of

Allow me to step back for a moment and discuss an old advertising management resource aptly named BlogAds. Years ago, I used BlogAds to handle advertising for the blogs I maintained on

Today, I use any number of resources to handle advertising for all areas of my sites, not just the blogs. Is this complicated? In my opinion, yes and I understand why most businesses and bloggers use advertising management services to handle their advertising needs.

Did I say complicated? Some of the advertising resources I use:

  • Header bidding for all areas of (the only, of my sites accepted by the service I use)
  • Google Adsense all sites and areas ( was initially rejected earlier this year however has since been accepted)
  • Google Ad Manager (also a requirement of the header bidding service I use)
  • Various affiliate marketing partnerships (I develop applications for my affiliates using their API resources, e.g. Amazon's Product Adverting API, CJ's API using GraphQL, and Best Buy's API)
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media

Let's start with a less complicated advertising management effort. For years I have been an Amazon Affiliate and I purchase a lot from Amazon. That said, only recently have I started providing feedback in the form of product reviews. So I decided to provide my Amazon customer profile link.

I research quite a bit, and try to provide feedback for the cost conscious consumer. I also purchase a lot as a small business owner. It might be worth your time to follow me as an Amazon customer. Does this assist with my advertising efforts? Yes.

Another less complicated advertising management effort involves Google Adsense and something called Brand Safety. I recently researched this area, made some changes, and have noticed a slight increase in my Adsense revenue.

Now let's discuss a more complicated advertising management effort. Header bidding. I started integrating header bidding into site areas in October 2018.

I continue to learn new things about online advertising management, and new features are coming online daily. In 2018, when I first started using header bidding, sellers.json and Floors were terms not used. If you decide to manage advertising for your sites, you have to stay on top of the new technologies and features. Any number of variables can affect ad revenue.

This is not meant to be a tutorial. Recently, I have been tweaking a lot of variables in all areas of my advertising game with some positive results. I have to admit, it is rather complicated. That said, it may have been the route I chose to integrate the features I wanted to experiment with for publisher advertising.

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