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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Wanted to add new fashion items...

My closets are filled with black, brown, gray, and olive suits. I wear a lot of black, preferring to appear tall and slender.

My physical stats:

  • 5 feet 6 inches, I often wear heels (some are surprised I am only 5'6")
  • About 155 pounds, however working on 130-135
  • D cup
  • No hips

With the weight loss over the last year, I decided I needed to update my wardrobe, however, most of the items in my closet are old classics that are now beginning to fit again. So I wanted to add to what I have.

I also wanted to see if I could add any of my new items to my shop- under the women's fashion category. I ordered several items as wholesale samples, including the slacks and tops shown in the following illustration.

I also ordered the two summer cardigans shown in the following photos.

In the following series of photos, I show how the one-size cardigans fit me, and why, though I love them, will probably not offer them in my shop.

From the photos above, you may be able to tell I am still researching my lighting issues. I finally decided that it is a lighting problem (almost purchased a new lens for my camera).

Amazon purchases I am or did consider to fix my lighting issues.


The last item I considered for my shop, are the button sweaters shown below.

I absolutely love these tops because I can wear them with or without a suit. Though these new sweaters are great, I was not happy with the crystal buttons that the manufacturer used, even though the tie hid them. I replaced them with the buttons shown or have on order replacement buttons.

I need a more business or formal appearance when out, however, I am trying to add new pieces like slacks. Not sure whether my new fashion items will work for my shop, however, I was able to get the items at very reduced prices, so I am not that unhappy.

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