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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

My Vitals...

I feel in good health, however sometimes I seem to be very hungry and thirsty. I am losing weight anyway. The only medication I use is Advil on the rare occasion I have a headache. A bit of research provides I am probably a type 1 diabetic, however need a doctor to confirm.

Based on this information, I borrowed a glucose kit to check my levels over a period of three days. The levels were 67, 102, and 102. The 67 seems a bit low.

Other stats:
Weight: 160lbs (or so)
Height 5'6"
BMI: 26 (overweight)
HIV Status: Negative
Education: BS Mathematics 1981
Other: Maryland Licensed Real Estate Salesperson 2022

Why leave my age blank? A visiting relative once called me Doogie Howser. There is a lot of evidence to support this statement (started college at 15) however, official documents supplied by state and Federal governments provide a different age. Do I need to prove this? No.

You studied math, how could you question your own age? Actually, I do not. It was the many who came to me with questions that provided the research and answers as to the how and why it was done. Believe it or not, some of the questions came from classmates in my middle and high schools. I continue to have ties to my high school.

Using the glucose kit is a little new to me, so last week the pin prick setting was on 3 which did not draw enough blood. It worked with a setting of 4. This morning I used a setting of 5 to ensure it worked the first time and think I drew too much blood. This can be noted in the following video.

Why would I think blood pressure is tied to HIV? Awhile back I was in a situation where most participants were HIV positive- stats provided. My pressure readings were consistently higher than most in the group using the same equipment. My HIV status was reconfirmed at the time. My stress cards routinely show -no stress or green/blue rather than black. One of the secretaries had a stress card. Hers showed tense (black). Mine always showed not tense. Check with your doctor for the possible meanings. Why note all of this? Public statement in case there was a misunderstanding. That said, I believe there is a National database that provides this information. Temperature readings in offices and other public venues I believe are key. Is my information correct? Do the research.

One other note- I smoked for about 19 years. I loved smoking and used this vice to maintain a 6/8 suit size. I stopped smoking in December 1998, cold turkey. I did not know much about HIV in 2012 about the time I started to understand so many things I had not understood before. This was a major topic I researched. I was always busy with career that I understand now how I missed somethings. People are living HIV positive with beautiful lives. X-smokers have a harder time. I am an x-smoker who currently now needs to look at glucose issues. I had no health related issues before my recent observations with my sugar levels. As a heavy x-smoker, I cannot afford more health issues.

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