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Monday, May 30, 2022

Do You Vacuum?

I am getting something I have wanted for years, however could not justify the expense. I am not going to explain further in this post, however will in the near future. Stay tuned.

Something I am going to discuss, the new Aspiron Canister Vacuum recently purchased.

Shown below, the powerful little Aspiron vacuum with attachments, that replaces a more expensive Kenmore canister vacuum. The Kenmore seems to have a short in the electrical system.

The Kenmore's attachment was motorized providing a two motor system whereas the Aspiron's attachment is not. I like the power and less bulky nature of the Aspiron and I think it is a keeper. The Aspiron is easier to move up and down the stairs for baseboards, upholstery, and the steps, however it is stored upstairs.

For some reason, I will buy a new vacuum. Two that I purchased, the Deik cordless stand-up shown on the left (great price because of a lightning deal, Dec. 2017) and the Fuller Mini Maid Handheld (Oct. 2016) vac for electronics on the right.

The stand-up Dyson vacuum shown below- was a holiday gift from a family member. It is used on the main level where there are both carpeted and hardwood flooring areas.

Do I vacuum? Not as much as I would like, but yes, sometimes.

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