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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

She looks like Cosie's Ann to me...

When I lived in Bowie, MD [1989 through 1995], I had a neighbor-- Cosie D. Cosie had lots of friends and when my father died- she kept me busy when I was not working. Busy? Saturday morning flee markets, dinners, etc.

Cosie was from Maryland and well connected through her sisters. One sister-- Marie [very pretty] worked for Digital Equipment Corp (DEC), as did Cosie when I first met her. Marie's boss- was black and once when I was waiting for Cathy Moultree and Miriam Sheppard at Jaspers [having dinner] in Greenbelt-- he recognized me and asked me if I wanted to have a discrete affair. I looked at him as if he was an idiot- and said no.

Cosie was always having some sort of party or going out. I met Kim Gee through Cosie. Kim had a birthday party at the G. W. Marriott in Washington. I think at the time, Kim also worked for Digital Equipment Corp. I knew Digital because Rockwell and the Navy used quite a bit of their equipment and I once took a DecWindows class at their Landover facility.

I wanted to establish the DEC tie to explain how I met other friends of Cosie's that also worked for DEC.

  • Angie-- petite dark skinned black female
  • Ann looks exactly like Stephanie Ruhl of Bloomberg television-- She is too young to be Ann-- so I believe there is a good likely hood she is her daughter. The problem? She looks exactly like Ann. It is my experience that when this is true-- the parents were probably related. I look just like both of my parents.
  • A guy who used to work for Wang [out of Boston] but hired on with Digital because of cut backs. Today- he reminds me of Sam Brownback with a mustache.

I believe Sam Brownback is my Aunt Judy's son [Virginia Johnson] with Reagan.

I believe [speculation] Sam Brownback kids include:

  • Mariah Carey-- Jan
  • Natalie Moralies -- A Kennedy
  • Clive Owens -- not sure who the mother might be, Jan again?
  • Nicole Ritchie with a Veronica Jones of Arundel Sr. High
  • The youngest daughter on Fresh Prince with Darnetta's friend Crystal [Burrell?]
  • The other Bush twin with Kathleen Matthews or her mother Laura.

Another of Cosie's sisters was a manager at [Chevy's?] in Greenbelt. Can't think of her name right now. Anyway-- I met Angie and the Sam look a like the same evening at her sister's restaurant in Greenbelt. Angie wanted to set Cosie up with the Sam look a like and she wanted me to go. Cosie had been dating this guy named Melvin- and she was not interested in the Sam guy.

Later I am told-- the Sam look a like and Angie started dating. Cosie and Ann-- who by then I had met once or twice at parties Cosie had given decided they did not like the dark skin Angie dating the Sam look a like. Sam Brownback too looks white. So do a lot of my grandmother's kids and grandkids.

Today, if you told me Ruhl was a Kennedy I would believe you. I think I met Sam in England, then in Dover in 1972 or so, at Crystal's one holiday and again with Cosie. The last time-- the MayFlower in 1996 or so when I was first beginning my Why Me? search. I never recognized him as being the same person. It was his voice that had me asking-- why is the person all over me. Thought I found the answer.

I never gave any of the Sam look- a likes any indication that I liked him/them. I did like the guy in ChippingNorton England. He was older I thought him cool. For a long time I thought that was Darryl Anderson. Today-- I think it was Sam. That said-- I was only 7 and I thought that older guy was cool and interesting.. that's all. I remembered him. I never thought the adult Sam was interesting.

Why bring this up? As my Why Me? search was beginning I heard a lot about the Kennedys. In 1998 when I figured out who Richard Nixon was-- I thought it was to help me understand who I was in all of this. If Cosie's Ann is a Kennedy-- I had no idea. Further-- I was not overlly impressed with Ann nor Angie and tried to keep my distance.

Sam the question I have for you? Why does it seem I keep paying for your crap-- when I passed on you over and over? I do not owe you.. nor your kids.

Stephanie Ruhl has that same arrogant manner as her mother [if Ann is her mother].. When I knew Ann she was single and to my knowledge had no kids. Never went to her house... thought her too arrogant and a bore. And Angie was too dark for the Sam look a like.. I stayed out of Cosie's friends' crap.

Caroline, I have said no thank you over and over. I grew up watching documentaries about the Kennedys. I was impressed. I am not impressed with the things going on now. I repeat, no thank you. Did you or one of your relatives confuse me with Jan? I am not.. Sam-- why does it appear your women are mad with me? I still think he is an... I did not tell any of them to have his kids nor date him.. get a life. I did not even know who he was. My rights violated horribly because of Sam? You're kidding, right?

Caroline, I keep asking why such a loud voice behind OBama. I have seen photos of the first ladies [all except hillary and laura of course]. Oddly Michelle does not look like first ladies of the past-- and I am not talking about race. Her daughter does. Is that why? Caroline, Ann cannot disappoint me.. You could. I am tired of telling the Kennedys no thank you.. FBI-- I said no thank you.

Sam... tired of telling you too.. get your crap off me. And Stephanie-- I really do not owe Kennedy shuns.. you are not even Sam's [who appears to be a blood tie to me] kid? I said no.

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