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Monday, December 19, 2011

Use my car to shop, how you stole my money?

I am a constructive person. I love making things work. I love figuring things out. I would never sit around trying to figure out how to irritate someone else-- on purpose. I would simply walk away. Others with that destructive quality or who like irritating others on purpose? I often tell "go get a life-- and leave me alone".

I have the right mindset for business-- and spend most of my days working on business or technology ideas. This is so easy for me.

Over the last 6 or 7 years, another thing that has become easy for me? Coming up with the possible reasons for why I see the odd things I see-- in hopes of heading off possible problems.

During this time in my life-- I have asked [in amazement] those around me on more than one occasion-- "you destroyed that to send me a message?" This type of behavior simply goes against my grain. I work to hard to be destructive nor do I deal with others who have this mindset.

Another example? A fax machine I picked up from Circuit City just after I left Rockwell was destroyed about 2 years ago in an electrical storm. It was on a power surger and I was upset by the loss. When I got another, I put it on a a better surge protector and have also unplugged it once or twice when I felt an electrical storm looked particularly dangerous. I hate having things destroyed.

So, recently when I replaced a space heater near the fax machine and it fried the surge protector-- I was a little surprised I was not given a warning that putting the heater on high-- might short out everything connected to the strip. In this case-- also my new laser printer/fax machine. The fax machine is fine. The surge protecter is not.

My car another example. It is a Mazda RX7 shown in this blog's header photo, that I got brand new in June 1990 when my first RX7 died [purchased 1981], days after my father died. I waited about six months before getting the new car. I have had so much work done to the latest RX7 over the last 5 years and given I stopped driving it [other than when absolutely necessary] about 10 years ago-- because I could not afford to replace it-- I know it is being tampered with. It is garaged.

I keep thinking someone thinks I am trying to send a message with the inequality the automaker's name suggests? I had no idea about my relatives in 1981 when I purchased my first Mazda RX7 [nor-- for that matter, my second in 1990]. While at Circuit City- during my last year of college, Dan Sullivan and I were leafing through a magazine and I saw the RX7. Think it was yellow. I decided then and there that when I graduated and got my first career position, I would get a car like that. Within weeks of signing with Boeing-- I purchased that car in 1981. The point.. I am not sending a message.. I fell in love with the RX7 because I saw it in a magazine and thought-- that is "too me". Leave my car alone.

On Saturday, December 3rd 2011 around 2:00 a.m. in the quiet of the early morning-- I heard what sounded like gunshots ringing out from behind the house. When I got up and looked out, around 6:00 a.m. or so, I found the destruction that had taken place. It was in front of the house... I took these photos about 9:00 a.m. Saturday -[3rd of december 2011] morning. I took the photos on the street adjacent to my house-- which is on the far right in the following photo.

Just getting around to posting the photos because I was at first distracted with the hosting double billing that took place on Friday, Dec. 2nd, 2011 and then I stopped updating Q's Wire with other news outside of the double billing issue.

The possible reasons I came up with for this destruction?

  • Someone wanted to scare me at two in the morning
  • the new energy saving lampposts that were installed about 3 years ago did not have cameras and Maryland wants to call me a liar insofar as not driving my car {historic tags} and they want to install a new lamp with a camera.
  • I would be going out a bit more for the holidays and they wanted to call me a liar about driving my car and the repair crew would be the witness?
  • Put less light in the area making it easier to have others tamper with things around the house? But I have so much surveillance? Yes-- do you see the problem?

Why not-- simply a loud drunk in the area? Honestly, the only people loud and drunk in the area were the black couple that moved in next door after the Twohigs left. This about 4 years ago. The black couple left about 2 years ago. They were US government workers. How do I know? Government people came to ask about the neighbors for employment-- I was not mean.. explaining I did not know them. Also, I probably have more law enforcement and secret service types in the area than the president. The area I live in is old and established-- lot of older folks.. there are not a lot of teens. There are very few kids that walk to the elementary school less than a football field away from my house, and very few older kids that catch the bus. So why would Maryland want to call me a liar about my car if I have this much surveillance? Too many mistakes.. my arm. Rights. Someone is desperate [actually a lot of folks should be desperate] and I get it.

The logic of stealing my money and then hoping to call me a liar as I go out for holiday shopping [using my car]--- tends to suggest someone does not think-- if that was the hope with the lamp. I did see Maryland utility crews the following week- but they were road surface crews who staged in the spot where I took the photos. the work on the roads was elsewhere because the roads near my house were repaved last summer- after I got the new tags.

Two-- FBI, Maryland needs to check with their own laws concerning the use of a car with historic tags and then check with my surveillance to see if they are embarrassed. I stopped using the car 10 years ago.. I cannot afford to replace it..

FBI-- wanted it noted. John Winston-- I think you and Rockwell prepped me too much. This is not your caliber. these are idiots. By the way-- I work a lot building or trying to insure I do not lose more-- did I mention that? If taking my money was supposed to make me really upset this holiday season-- I am not. I am busy. I wish you were too.

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