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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Who do you think owes?

This post was going to be about the Android System Software Upgrades I recently installed to get my new tablet's software up to date.

In all, there were about 3 installations from 4.4.2 to 5.0.2 [Android Lollipop]. I did not force the latest. When I first got the tablet, one of the messages indicated there was a system upgrade available. Since I had already read about Lollipop [5.0xxx], I knew the 4.4.3 installation the message noted was not the latest, however I allowed the automated process to install in the order it wanted and all seems to be working.

If you upgrade to Android Lollipop-- do not panic about how much time it takes to set up all of your current Apps. Here are the screen shots I was going to use for the post about how this went, and what I like about Lollipop.

In addition to the new tablet, over the last 3 weeks I have ordered twice- USB cable hubs for my new tablet. This one and this one. Screen shot of the returned/requested orders:

Neither order of USB cables for my tablet worked. Earpiece said they tampered with both orders. I assume US government. Both orders delivered via USPS. I have two tablets [at my disposal, mine my mother's] that I test with. If you look closely at the first order you will see I could test the cables with computers and printers that did not require the mirco USB hook up. Both hubs in the first order were defective and the new hub I received today. I am a little upset-- I am waiting on approval for the return.

Here are screen shots from the delivery tracking USPS offered for the second order. What's odd about this?

Initially, Amazon indicated the order would not be delivered until mid-March-- which was a little surprising. Then all of a sudden they are here within days. It arrived today and I requested a return today. Return packing all prepared. Did not allow me to print a return receipt... waiting on seller approval.

who owes? Amazon-- for sending it via the US government? They don't know I am in the middle of their crap or the US government. And FBI-- why are you allowing this crap.. dailey brags from these idiots with your consoles.. why?

FBI, both orders were under $10.00. If you think the Amazon sellers are being hurt-- because some from the US government promised me they were not going to allow me to have a tablet cable hub that worked-- why don't you owe? It is interference with the US Postal Service. Listen to the tapes from today. Someone said that was Bob GoodLattee-- who is really John D. Rockefeller's son with Sharon. He told me that he does not like me because his brother-- Lester Holt-- gets more women than he does. Lester is also my brother. FBI-- he interfered with US Postal delivery or someone else? He got the claim via the earpiece today.. why are they allowed to threaten me and interfere with my US mail deliveries?

Second, why does Verizon think I am not on my home network. My tablet is not paired with a cellular phone service. My mother's is. when it was down for 4 days last week-- she used her Verizon 4g tablet to watch tv. I can only use my fios wifi over my house network. This worked before last week. I am told too many employed by the Federal Government are leaching off our service? Is this the reason Verizon blocked many of our Moblle FiOS channels? Verizon-- you fixed or service on Wednesday of this week. We are on the in-house network and the router you supplied. I called.. They said the guy I spoke with last night was with the US Government... Did you listen to the tapes... Was he one of those leaching off our service? Too many thugs on watch, use this situation... Said no FBI.

Tom Cruise in "The Firm" said you cannot interfere with the US Mail. And Bob Goodlattee-- it surprises me too that you are supposed to have said the things you have said. was that really you today? get off me. If it is the government you can? I said no US Government. Please get off me.

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