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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Non Retired FBI, are you listening?

My mother went out of town on Thursday of last week. Saturday evening, just before midnight a windstorm combined with snow knocked out power. Sometime after that the Verizon FiOS service died. All three components:

  • Land Lines
  • Cable
  • Internet

I was awakened, just before 1:00 am Sunday morning, the reason I know when the lights died. When they came back on-- Verizon FiOS was working-- however died shortly after [earpiece providing details]. I made a call with my cell phone to Verizon early Sunday morning-- and they promised to have a repair guy out first thing Sunday. They said they would need access to the house-- because it was the box in the basement that caused the problem [earpiece contradicted].

I decided to reschedule for later in the week, but wanted to coordinate with my mother who returned Sunday afternoon--so I waited till late Sunday to call Verizon again.

Long story short, I was without cable, internet and land line phone service till about 7:30 pm last night-- and happy to have all of the service back.

Last week, I borrowed from the public library two ebooks via OverDrive. One I returned before I could finish the first chapter. The second, "The Broker" by John Grisham I started reading, via my browser. I started Thursday, and by Saturday evening when we lost internet service I had only gotten to Chapter 11.

My mistake, not downloading the ebook as an epub to be read via the OverDrive App from my tablet storage. On Monday, I went to Columbia to pay my annual business space lease and after returning [also had to pick up the mail]-- went by the library [parked outside-- yes, open on Monday a holiday] to use their wifi to download the book [The Broker]. I finished it around 11:00 am yesterday morning while waiting on the Verizon Tech to arrive.

Needless to say, I am very happy to have Verizon FiOS back. I have already started reading my next "missed" Grisham book --"The Litigators".

Silva Mayes [nee], whose son works for the Baltimore Police often tells me [via the console her son supplied her with] that I should roll my hair at night with sponge rollers. I got up Monday morning and used a hot iron to put curls in. The photo below, taken after I returned from Columbia. I lost most of the curls.

I asked my mother to pick up some sponge rollers from Walmart, Monday afternoon. I used them Monday night. I like the result. Someone asked Silva-- why on earth she would tell me to do this. I have photos-- but don't like my makeup..I will put one up later to show how long the curls lasted..

Awhile back, when I was trying to figure out why I felt so bad-- vertigo, I drove down RT 176 toward BWI Airport. The feeling and vibrations stopped. Often, I am told about those in VA who are hammering me with their consoles. Bloomberg employee, a cousin- Liz, etc. Relatives of those I once knew in the work place. The thing was-- I also knew that if someone were located in the house next door-- I felt pain so awful I would lie awake screaming. It was confirmed that the closer the console the more pain it could inflict. What I did not know was that it was a retired FBI agent who has been inflicting most of the relay pain.

I am told this FBI agent has been on the scene for awhile. He often talks to Neil Baron-- someone from NAVSEA I once knew-- but only barely. He was a point of contact on one of our tasks. His known relative- is an anchor from ESPN. Anyway, when I wrote the post about how I moved the fast Memorex CD writer drive from the PC that died-- the retired FBI agent stood on the corner that Sunday. I had never seen him before-- but do recognize his voice since almost from the beginning when [feb. 2012] they activated my earpiece. He said he took the hard drive in the summer of 2012. He also said the other day-- after I explained I wanted to reformat the C hard drive [he did not take]-- before taking it to a recycle center-- that no one wanted that--there was nothing on that one either.

This is one arrogant person. He even claims that he has amped up or relayed the torture I have been experiencing. He wants to own my business. He wants my code. Why? I am not sure. He knows I am not insured. I told him he would have better luck black mailing Washington types whose kids are fakes. No, early this morning-- he once again bragged-- "I am the one torturing you" and you talk to me this way".

FBI, I never knew who this joke was. He stood on my corner the day I wrote th post about my cd writer. I do not owe him. I am tired of him telling me how he used ot allow my rights to violated whenever he felt like it and I am tired of him thinking I would let him anywhere near me or my business.

I do not owe the retired FBI agent that has apparently lied to everyone he can find. Sure the military gave him an early license, but today.. all has been explained. All can be proven. Get this joke off me. Others via the console-- you see him... I only saw him for the first time about 3 weeks ago... He walked in, damaged my computer, brags about torturing me or amping up the torture offered by others and he is still in my ear-- this morning bragging? And what does he want? My business. My software. Get him off me. I asked him what made him snap. When did he stop being of a law enforcement mindset. He indicated he was insured... his son. FBI is this true? He should be blackmailing WAshington filth. Not me...He claims, has been here since the late 90s he. Get him off me...

By the way, he claimed that he was supplying me with ideas all along. They only activated the earpiece in Feb. 2012. I stopped writing code about the same time. If he was giving me ideas-- why didn't he know that when I tented my bedroom computer to write code-- I always deleted the multiple copies that JBuilder buts in various directores. I assume he was hoping he could find hidden versions of some of my code. No, I knew early on that JBuilder stored hidden versions. That's how someone got a draft version of the Technorati Blog Ranking tool I developed on my Mac Desktop using the Mac version of JBuilder. I simply forgot to erase in that environment. II never forgot to overwrite and erase source and class files that the JBuilder IDE used on my Windows system.. He rendered my system dead over the summer of 2012 trying to get versions of my code I may have left on that system-- and didn't know that I was erasing and overwriting under that tent? If he gave me ideas via his console and the earpiece over the years why didn't he know that? Why did he steal my d: hard drive? I was told the earpiece could prove I had had my rights violated and they did not want to tell me. John MacLaughlin's son [chirpy] told me he searched and searched for the frequency. In Feb. 2012 he found it. Silva--- ask your son if my frequency is odd. They never used it because it would prove what they had done. how dare this lying old idiot.

FBI that lying old clown is nothing but filth.. He brags about torturing me... This makes sense...He is here and close... John's kids are not... I went to tyhe airport-- no pain. No vertigo... get his ass off me.

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