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Friday, July 20, 2012

bday '12

Today is my birthday and I finally got a Wii. I got the console with the Super Mario Bundle but I will need to get the Sports CD. I also got the Wii Fit Plus Bundle. I started using the Wii Sports CD at BWMC and decided I really liked it. Here is a photo.

You will notice a 200 ml bottle of Grand Marnier Liqueur in the photo. Yes, this was a birthday gift also. I have a large open bottle in the bar and a smaller [50 ml] unopened bottle.

Why so many? This year my mother asked me if I wanted her to make me a cake for my birthday. In an off hand manner, I started telling her about the ingredients that would be needed to make the Lemon cake-- I love. I thought when she heard how difficult it was, she would tell me to make it myself-- normally I do.

Not realizing we had the liqueur she went out and purchased the 200 ml bottle. The icing for the cake uses the Grand Marnier Liqueur. We did not have the cake flour and I am actually allergic to citric acid-- so I decided to have a spice cake with cream cheese icing rather than the lemon.

What else am I doing today? Honestly? BWMC-- do you remember the guy with the gray hair that was sort of combed in a monk style without the bald area in the back? He wore a hospital gown without undies for a day or so. Starting the week I left. He has claimed several titles-- the last being a special/federal prosecutor. He had sort of this irritating way of talking as if he was the idiot and asking others to make his day when they assumed he was a stupid idiot? Anyway-- he has identified himself as being one of those in my ear lately and he promised to leave me alone today because it is my birthday... He lied. He has already been in my ear. Do I believe he is a Federal Prosecutor? For some reason, I think because I have known lots of real attorneys [both privately and professionally], I am not buying he is a lawyer-- but I do believe he might be a special prosecutor. How can he be this without being a lawyer? You would be surprised at the number of politicians who claim to be lawyers who are not. No college- whatsoever and it shows. That said-- that same voice [at BWMC] has been in my ear almost from the day I left. He likes pretending if I cater to him he will release the funds in my Federal Reserve account, then tells me he actually has nothing to do with that part. I keep wondering why he thinks I am a stupid idiot. He also told me the Pentagon owed me 1.5 billion the other night. US Navy- why do I want to ask about Jim Webb? He looks like my Aunt Judy's son, Howard Freeman? If he is-- I only guessed this several months ago. The voice [earpiece voice claiming to be a federal special prosecutor] is focusing on Mike Mullen. Why? What am I not getting? Someone in the Federal Government will not let go.. my deal was actually set before I left. Yes, it is a lot of money. Looks like the Navy is too mad with me-- and I have no idea why. I thought part of the reason it happened was to run psychological tests on me. But they have been running these tests for years. They know who I am. I am sane, decent, hardworking and owed. The other problem-- BWMC-- "just too catch something". Why? this is too loud. I developed the Blogger Calendar in 2004. It was noted at the time. I am too known on the internet.. why keep doing this? What am I missing?

Jim Webb, earpiece claims he lightens skin. I speculate about who he is-- earpiece confirming my guess. My Aunt Judy about 5'3" my uncle Howard about 5'5" or 5'6". How tall is Jim Webb? Used to be Secretary of the Navy. Looks just like my Uncle Howard except lighter? US Navy- why is the special prosecutor all over Mike Mullen? At BWMC, the girl that had the cyst removed-- reminded me of my Aunt Judy. I pointed her out to my mother when she came to visit. Earpiece provides she is a relative from Aunt Judy's side of the family.

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