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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Bag

Many of you may know-- I carry a leather book bag and Classic Coach purse wherever I go. The book bag shown in the header illustration of this blog. In the book bag:

  • Macbook
  • Netbook
  • Canon Camera
  • Backups
  • Master copies of sites
  • My Software
  • Information related to issues I have experienced. For example, car emissions problems in Maryland.

Until, June 18th 2012, I was never separated from the bag for an extended period of time. What did I do on June 18th, 2012 as I sat in the police car? I mentally let go. I had too. I never yelled. I never screamed. I did ask DB Long to loosen the handcuffs. I explained my right arm was broken and the cuffs were too tight. He wanted me to scream, I did not. When I got to the hospital-- I explained the middle finger on my right hand was numb. I sat in the hospital corridor between 8:52 pm till after 11:00 handcuff. I never cried about my bag-- nor the proof it contained as to who owned and developed software for qisoftware nor the myriad of other documents I had to back up my claims. I quietly asked on several occasions if he would loosen the handcuffs because they were too tight. He needed an excuse for what he had done and I never provided one. Another Anne Arundel Co Police person relieved DB Long for a moment and I asked him to look at the handcuffs. He did not loosen them-- but he knew and I knew they were too tight. Within minutes I was taken to a room after he checked them.

In the hospital room I was assigned for the night, when DB Long finally took them off -- my arms felt like dead weights. there should be surveillance camera tapes for all of this. Boy did he want me to scream. And anyone who knows about my bag-- which most who followed Q's Wire over the years-- get-- I should have been screaming about the separation from that bag. I did not. Even now I marvel at how calm I was about the bag.

I continued to feel numbness in my right hand-- on top but thought it would end after a bit. And it did. That said-- about 3 days later-- after getting out of the shower I hit my hand on top and I felt the numbness again. I was surprised. Honestly, I had not noticed it again after the first night. Now, if I hit it on top-- it is numb. I thought it might be because of AZT in some of my consumables. The earpiece, long before June 18th, 2012-- went into some detail about AZT and what it was. I wrote a post about it. Long ago-- because I do not like tap water nor ice from the automatic ice maker-- I started to freeze bottled water in the freezer. In a half frozen state-- I often noticed a slushy consistency to the water. Some of you may remember the post earlier this year. In a half frozen state-- I expect icicles on the edges and not a slushy state. When the earpiece was activated-- a lot of information about AZT, Speed, and some of the problems AIDs patients experienced was given to me-- including the common practice of putting AZT in common products because AIDS was more prevalent than reported. When I started freezing the water years ago-- that is what I found. Also years ago-- I noticed that my skin and my mother's skin was darker consuming bottled water. I also noticed I did not like the way breath smelled after drinking the water. At the time, I believed the use of Iodine was causing the skin discoloration and issues with the breath. For some reason I also thought the slushy half frozen water was due to the iodine. When the earpiece told me about AZT [claiming it is really fine wood pellets to help flush dead blood cells from AIDS patients]-- I said-- oh, that is the slushy stuff?

Over the years I have experienced numbness in my right upper leg when I sleep. When I was told about the AZT-- I asked if this could be causing my problem numbness. My body is not flushing blood cells-- nor the AZT that is bursting the cell [told it kills dead cells by bursting the cell and then flushing through urine]. I also asked this question at BWMC when I was there recently. No definite response. Nerve damage from the handcuffs or a problem with AZT in common products these days? I was not having a problem with my hand before the handcuffs. The day after I noticed nothing but three days later I did. Should be surveillance tapes to confirm. Earpiece is claiming they can see the nerve damage in the hand-- at the house. No confirmation at the hospital but here. I do not like this confirmation-- because I was told I had covered most of the x-ray type cameras in the house. How can you see it-- my question?

Anyway-- the first night-- I was told [earpiece] my sister took the bag, the Macbook which was not in the bag, and the purse and took them home. Told my mother was very upset. The next day-- told my sister my have given a federal guy copies of a directory on a flash drive but basically left everything else in tact. Then some mind games. In the end-- told my sister held on to the 3 bags-- until Wednesday of the following week. Told she purchased a trunk and lock when she had to do things. I do have a new trunk which can be fitted with a lock. So this checks out. On Tuesday, my sister was at the hospital and met with me, an attorney [Mike Flannery-- supposed to be representing me] and others. I did not ask where the bag was. Later I was told it was given to a Federal Judge that Monday. Said this was a lie. Given to a Federal Judge on Wednesday. Also told this was why it took so long to release me. Trying to get the bags returned to me without going through my sister.

It was not known on June 18th 2012 I would call AA co police to ask them to run a vin check on the car. So all that transpired-- was a surprise. Also told many including my sister, initially just did not like the way I was separated from the bag-- so there was a great deal of disgust. Yes, the bag was wanted-- but not like that. After I got the bags back-- I was told that Judy started to behave a little oddly and the surveillance and Federal judge watching the issue-- decided to get the bags from her-- she had not had an opportunity to copy. No flash drives nor drives with space. She needed to go out and buy some. Told my mother was also very upset and she had her hands full with the bags and my mother. Told the first night-- what really happened was a Federal guy had her look at some things over her shoulder. Yes, all of our homes have built in cameras according to earpiece. Because many know of my issues with the Macbook- told her not to boot that and to be careful when looking at things.

On Tuesday, July 3 when I was told I would be leaving on the 5th I did not understand why the wanted to release me when my mother and sister were supposed to be in Wilmington. Told they were really not there-- but this is the lie they tell every 4th. going to Wilmington for the 4th. Told most of the family moved to the DC area long ago. Not sure. Anyway-- after bags returned to me-- told Federal Judge thought my sister may have lost her good intentions and tried to copy files. She came to the hospital that Wednesday night and she was in a horrible mood. The judge told her he would return them to her when she came to pick me up-- but that was never really the plan. A lot of people asked me when I was leaving daily. Staff, other patients. No, most knew I was not taking medications and had no problems with alcohol, depression nor other substance abuse. This in part to explain-- why it took so long. I took a cab and I was told an insured, bonded company/agents delivered the bags [only had the book bag and macbook in separate bag]. They put it in the new trunk and told my mother and sister to stay away.. the excuse in Wilmington. Judy thought she would get the bags back. Never planned. Would she have copied? not sure... Why so long, explained.

I did take an antibiotic for a Urinary Track Infection. Something called Ciprofloxein [or something like that]. The first night I was there I had to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes or so.. Surveillance can confirm. They took urine and blood samples. I was directly under an air vent and wondered if this could be causing the problem. I asked the staff. Later told I had a Urinary track infection and they were giving me an antibiotic. Sometimes at home-- I have to go to the bathroom a lot. Asked earpiece if someone was putting a Diuretic in my drinks-- when I remembered other problems over the years. Had not asked about this of the earpiece since activation in late Feb early March 2012, however they have said on more than one occasion you have been fed so much crap over the years, we are surprised you don't have something. Also asked thin air before I knew about earpiece-- about the use of Diuretics. Told via the earpiece the hospital also thought it was a Diuretic with further testing but gave me the 10 day antibiotic as a precaution. I had a soft drink just before the police arrived that monday. It was a new case my mother had just purchased. That said-- during college because of my constant on the go state-- work, school, home again-- I had a bladder infection. I learned-- going as soon as I needed too and not standing [I hate foreign toilet seats] could help to prevent this condition. I also go as soon as I need to- and maybe could have gone every 30 minutes rather than ever 15. Years of conditioning.... all can be confirmed with the hospital surveillance cameras I saw all over the place.

Earpiece told me things about the bag-- daily [while at BWMC]... not all of the truth at the time. But things to suggest-- this was not the way to get the bag and many did not like what happened. I prefer to believe this. I watch the bag now... I do not cry about what I cannot change. I agree-- I should not have been separated from my bag in that manner. It was bad all the way around... I never cried nor screamed about it... when I got the bag on Thursday, July 5th and I was home alone.. I cried. Not a lot.. but I did cry.

If the bag is not important to anyone but me-- why do I have a new trunk that locks? I never discussed the bags with my mother and sister. I let the earpiece tell me things. Sister said once-- your bags are safe--- I said "I don't want to discuss it.". I did not tell her to buy a trunk. Told when she needed flash drives-- this caused a flag.

I was there from Monday, June 18th, 2012 until July 5th, 2012. I took the antiboetic between June 20th 2012 through June 29th, 2012. It looked really odd to the other patients that I did not go to get meds after Friday, the 29th. This started more questions. Most knew [including staff]-- because of groups I was only on an antibiotic the whole time I was there.

Details about odd things-- not really part of the main topic [in this case-- my bag]-- can often lead investigators to the truth. Why would I go on about medications I took? To explain why the length of time i was there looked odd to staff and others and why the length of time may have been important to returning my bags to me without further compromise. Why was I there almost a whole week not taking anything? I was told on Friday, the 29th I was not a danger to me nor others and did not have to take anything. A week later I was released? Why? There is a method to my madness-- I will tell thin air when laying out a post like this. I write for FBI and DOJ types.

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