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Sunday, July 22, 2012


How much is 3 mg?

I arrived at BWMC at 8:52 pm on June 18th, 2012. I stayed in the ER area until about 11:00 pm, Tuesday, June 19th, 2012, more than 24 hours. I no longer have the paperwork with DB Long's name [AA Co Police Officer's name used on the original documents that put me at the center], but do have my ER bracelet and the States' Lawyer [Mike Flannery] who handled my case- who should have a copy. No I do not believe DB Long was his real name.

Earpiece is claiming DB Long was fired, as was the idiot that used that false name. Idiots in Maryland have been violating my rights for many years why single him out? The problem for him.. too many procedural violations including the use of a false name. Too many people at the hospital knew who he was... A show boat that should not have done what he did. I still have his photo on the disk inside my camera. He makes one more mistake as a police officer and the state is going to owe big money. Can the state afford him. Yes, the earpiece has asked my opinion-- and that was my opinion. Two many mistakes-- can the state afford him? Also told he hired a lawyer even before I left the hospital, hoping to get money out of it. Said this pissed off a lot. For violating my rights? FBI owes him jail. The other problem? Feds have the video and it is said he lied too much. I owe him? The hospital bill is $38,000. DB Long and the state are going to be paying it.

The camera was inside the bag- and I was told DB Long was upset the bag was not touched. He found out when I posted the photos. He knew I took photos-- but thought the bag would be cleaned. I am told it was not touched-- and this tends to suggest it was not- along with other things. Too many shocked at what happened and how it happened. I am a little irritated the original document using the DB Long name was taken from my folder-- but do not see a problem insofar as the FBI/DOJ and State's Attorney finding the original document.

Anyway- when I was moved to a different area of the hospital on Tuesday, June 19, 2012-- I was half asleep and tired. I had not spoken with any doctors and other than going to the bathroom every 15 minutes had caused no problems. Surveillance should be able to confirm. When I moved to the new area-- I was very tired and a black nurse wanted to give me a sleeping pill and something called invega. I was so tired-- that I started to complain I had not spoken with a doctor and I did not need a sleeping pill nor a mood stabilizer. And who ordered it anyway? I took the two tablets and put them under my tongue, swallowed water and when she left [I was in bed]-- put them in a paper towel and flushed them down the toilet.

I later told everyone I did this, one-- because they kept taking urine and blood samples the next day and I knew they would not find any drugs in my system, and two a doctor should have told me he ordered something for me and I had not spoken to a doctor yet. The Invega tablet I was given that night [June 19th, 2012] looked like it was about 30 mg.

Here are the two documents showing the non refillable prescription I was given the day I left [July 5th, 2012] of 3 mg daily for 15 days. Why is this important? The 3 mg for 15 days [with no refills] is not a typo. Two documents providing the same prescription. A prescription the doctor knew I would never fill.

Here are examples of an Advil tablet of 200 mg and a Tylenol for 500 mg. 3 mg would be about 1/10 of the tablet they gave me that first night.

Invega prescription looks like a joke.

There was also a hearing as to whether the doctor could force me to take a variety of medications to try to stabilize my mood. Told doctors do this and then watch patients to get readings as to the best way to cure mental illness. Never been under a doctor's care for mental illness and nothing I did in June-- nor ever --shows mental defect. Looks like hearing to buy time. Getting the bag back to me -- looks like the problem. It was postponed the first time [26th but held the 29th]-- I was prepared for the first- they postponed it. The hearing determined I was not a danger to myself nor others. I even told the doctor-- you should be asking if I am crazy because I am so calm about all of this. I was prepared for the hearing in that I had the nurse provide documentation about a myriad of medications they listed. The EKG done because Invega was not recommended for patients with a heart condition. I believe I have a slight heart murmur. EKG come back normal. The Invega and an antibiotic the only thing ever prescribed. Most asked why I was still there. Did I behave as if I was talking to myself? No... That said-- the earpiece did provide information during my stay. What type? Who's who. AIDS/HePTITIS status of most I came in contact with. Nurses often asked me did I hear voices. I responded no-- using the excuse not at the moment you asked. that said-- I did explain the earpiece as I have done in this blog. Does it exist? Yes. The frequency a big problem. Old technology. PUt in around 1995 or so. Frequency so rare it is a flag-- told even the hospital security folks [Bob] can tap in. Does he believe me-- about the earpiece? Probably. In 1995 maybe a hard sell. Today, network huge.

I also explained to about 10 doctors and nurses very carefully--that because my eyes where slightly misaligned I had spent a lifetime staying away from drugs and alcohol. About the only thing I take is Advil and anti-biotics. I also explained my travel sickness. Surveillance cameras at the hospital would show a very calm patient and ask what abnormal behavior? They came back almost immediately to say they would not force me to try anything after i left the hearing-- and the 15 or so medications listed-- never offered to see if I would take any combination.. The whole time I was there-- I took an antibiotic for a bladder infection that may have been because a dirutic was added to a drink I had before arriving at the hospital. Surveillance key to all of this-- both here and at the hosptial.

Said a State's Attorney [female] was on with the "Monk-- earlier description used to describe for hospital staff." guy the other night. Still not sure who the Monk guy is. First he said Rock's attorney. Then Mossad. Then Special Prosecutor. I am not sure what he is-- but he has been in my ear a lot. Hospital folks-- might know. The state's attorney, angry and condescending with me. Told me to leave AA Co because I would have no emergency services. I asked her-- if we could get a tape of the conversation to make sure that when emergency personal failed to respond we could use it as evidence. Sometimes I cannot believe the idiots that are hired as government lawyers-- or given guns to protect citizens. I do not like threats-- especially when it was your idiot that violated my rights. The other thing that amazes me? She is on with me-- and I am told DB Long pissed he is caught on tape lying. The number of AA cops on the corner-- and he never read blog posts explaining this house is wired-- and then he lies... amazing-- and she is talking via the huge network.. Maybe technology to advanced for the law and lawyers.. Think they should catch up.

And what's really interesting about events surrounding this-- from the Monk-- DB Long thought he was doing the white man a favor--- and then he said he took the order from Andre. I asked the Monk if he knew what he just said. My brother is black. Then I thought about it some more and asked about the Lt Gov. He looks like the son of Camille Cosby and my brother. Do not go look up the ages-- in case it is true. DB Long had a direct order from the Lt Gov to violate my rights? Five naval Academny grads [go look up my Linkedin account-- in/Qisoftware] that I worked with at Rockwell all white. DB long an idiot? Of course the monk always lies to me-- so I am only repeating his script. Was he being funny? Kate O'Malley... looks like Sam Brownback's ex. Sam my Aunt Judy's son--- I think. Told he is not a Reagan son. Not a fan of Kate. She should stay out of my ear. And no-- the state's attorney was not kate. I do not believe kate has a law degree.. but you can check... neither does qt. FBI-- my brother's bastard-- if that is who he is-- should not be in my business violating my rights. Not sure what the monk was talking about. Israel interest.. why is he trying to instigate? Annapolis no where near me-- FBI. Sam Brownback looks like a black boy-- and kate has an idiot doing things to help the white man according to DB Long? Get that idiot away from me. Said no. I told earpiece a joke. Told them-- DB Long should go see if Germany wanted an idiot. Earpiece responded to my stupid joke-- Brinks and Germany said no thanks.

And kate-- earpiece explaining to me-- you like getting in my ear. Told you today-- I do not like you and to stay out... also explained to me-- she told you she is a lawyer and she [Regina] took my head off... do not get back in her ear with your crap... And Kate-- I mean really. Sam-- you cannot handle this x-- I will have the FBI look into it. That is her in my Rockwell office? I said get your bitches' off me.. Cous-- I mean get your bitches off me. Kate and QT look too insured. I do not owe my brother's bastards-- nor my brother. No more monk.. Mind Fking over... DB should be jobless and I am not kidding. I say I do not want to discuss. yOU let it go.

Pentagon-- the white man does not need to steal from me in broad daylight. Seventeen years-- too long... I do not owe stupid idiots. You need to get Babs, and Annapolis off me.. I said no...

by the way-- earpiece says it can see slight imperfection with my heart beat-- explained before June visit to BWMC. Also can see numbness in upper right leg and spot on chest. I did not think it odd BWMC requested a chest x-ray the first night with some lame excuse about my white cell count.. What I did find odd-- they wanted to give me the 30mg invega without an ekg or doctor discussing it with me.... help the white man... I have known white men all my life. Intelligent white men. I am tired of idiots.. get them off me. CIA owes me a clean shot-- not a bunch of idiots that look like keystone cops-- Why? I am too decent-- and I do not like paying cowards and their bimbos. Get these idiots off me. I am insulted. I said no Pentagon.. FBI you owe me.

Update 07/23/12: monk- earpiece voice today-- again-- still wants to discuss DB. There should be outrage by law abiding citizens. Monk wants me to garner sympathy for him? Why doesn't this person leave me alone. I never wish to see DB again in life. The state owes me a lot of money for other issues and I have indicated this should be used as part of the amount already agreed too. He wants to go to court.. it would be my pleasure. Tell him to hire a real lawyer and not someone claiming to have a law degree. It will be my pleasure to had him his overweight idiot ass. pentagon 17 years and that idiot needs sympathy? I do not. I do not owe pussies. Monk -- you said goodbye yesterday--- what happened. Said my deal is still in hold pattern. I said not crying about that. I am mad because you will not get out of my ear... I said leave. Leave. And marriage? I do not find you attractive nor someone I want to know. kate has a hard time with no... go see her. She is not owed what I am owed? I like men. Not male whores. get off me.

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