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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dude, I got this..

I have been playing around with different looks lately-- rather than working on business related issues. Here are recent photos:

Intelligent Glasses with Puffy Hair?

Messy Hair Combs-- Market Yesterday

why am I doing nothing- but playing around with different looks?

  • Preoccupied with what the FBI is doing,
  • Work intensity level between August 2011 through Christmas could not be sustained with the number of issues that also presented themselves during that time.. mind burnout.
  • Hopeful my part in whatever is going on-- is coming to an end.
  • Extreme diet.

Who do I believe Robert Mueller is today? The younger brother of Bill Clinton, his mother Virginia Clinton Kelly, his daughter Paula Zahn [her mother Joyce Anderson], his father-- if not Jay Rockefeller then another Rockefeller. I believe Jay Rockefeller.

The following photo is interesting to me. It was taken in 2009 or so.

  • I have always maintained Kathleen S-- reminded me of my first homeroom teacher at MacArthor Jr. High when we first moved to Ft Meade.
  • Eric-- Reminds me of Perry King.
  • If Robert Mueller is Paula Zahn's father-- and she looks very much like Joyce Anderson-- who I believe is Jay Rockefeller's sister-- then these three point to somethings as related to me.

What-- I know-- Perry King is my first intimate boyfriend. Fall of 1975. I have looked at abstract noise that seems to suggest something happened while I was at MacArthur Jr. High. I remember passing out in the lunch room once-- but nothing else after that. Did something happen while I was sleeping?

Lester Holt reminds me a great deal of my father. He sounds just like Darryl Anderson to me-- one of the reasons I was drawn to him-- when I first noticed him on MSNBC years ago. In 2010, I said-- oh my god he looks like my father's son. Mrs. Anderson and my father? That would explain her mean attitude toward me-- as my why me search was starting in 1996 or so.

Did something happen to me when I was young while in the care of the Andersons? I have no idea. An incident in England seems to want to suggest it did, but it appears a bigger problem for Joyce Anderson, if true-- Robert Mueller's age when he fathered Paula Zahn.. These three abstract figures [in the last photo]-- may mean something to me. Is Robert Mueller pointing this out in 2009?

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