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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

another lie-- starts this morning.. why?

This morning, went to the bank sporting a new jacket I got for christmas.

Here is a close up of the fleece lined jacket.

Also went by a local auto parts dealer to pick up a new radiator cap for my car. When I arrived home-- I had this {Yakisoba-- Stir Fried Noodle dish you can get in bulk from Costco} for lunch.

It's only 250 calories and pretty good. I love noodles.

Earpiece still active-- yes it irritates and sometimes hurts too much-- FBI-- this should cease at once. Told someone got into a lot of trouble last night. TV personality? why am I surprised.

Everyday-- something new. Right now-- claiming the threat of law suits being quashed? Me-- what law suits? I would love to see someone counter what they have said in my ear-- especially when the FBI and DOJ are online constantly. I repeat what law suits? Also claiming any day now for payments to start. Why not get a lawyer and sue-- communications are a problem-- and two-- I and everyone else knows the FBI [at the very least already investigating]. They really need to do something about those with government consoles who are abusing the earpiece in my left ear.

Why are they constantly trying to upset me- with lies? I am not sure. Not direct confirmation-- but told psychiatrists are running tests. You have insured personnel with the Federal Government either abused by a high ranking government VIP or insured Military personnel abusing me for this length of time and you are asking me if I am crazy [again]?

Someone said Kagan was on again. I asked her what her sealed issue was when she was 14 and why it looked like she could not deal with her own issues so needed others to provide more respect than they should. The federal government was asked to approve a specific amount as their part of the private settlement-- not allow an appellant judge they are claiming was selected because she had problems and issues with a case when she was 14-- {told you can find something under her original name. } to hound me over and over again. Get Kagan out of my ear. Listen to her tapes and have those doctors examine her. Dr. Beyer observed me for 2.5 days at BWMC in June 2012. I was given a prescription of 3 mg of Invega for 15 days. I am told in medical speak that means I am okay. Should have been given more for longer if there was a problem. What really amazes me? Told Kagan one of the judges that okayed this rights violation and she is still in my ear?

Washington -- too pity party [aids], too insured. Criminals with sexual insurance issues. What if Michele is her father's insurance. If Michele checks out as Kennedy's daughter-- how would I know if not the earpiece? Told this was confirmed. See recent posts-- q's wire. Do you know the mind issues she might have? For too long she would not get out of my ear. I do not have these issues and they have abused me long enough. Get Kagan out of my ear. Not her? FBI needs to explain why someone claiming to be her-- is doing just that. Kennedy is allowing Michele and Kagan to harass me after he claimed he okayed the abuse with the earpiece that may have caused a heart attack weeks earlier? FBI-- what are you listening too? If any of these issues are real-- these idiots are crazy and should be allowed no where near my earpiece frequency.. what the hell are you doing? Its really a CIA mind fk campaign? FBI-- what are you watching and listening too? I said enough.

I was nice yesterday-- but told any doctors observing I was in a good mood. Watching Aerial America a series produced by the Smithsonian which airs on their cable channel. Made me think of all the neat projects I could be doing.

This morning irritated someone claiming to be Hale told me I had to learn to pronounce his name- before.... When he is not telling me I owe him a sexual favor I need to learn to say his name? EEOC-- this clown ought to have a lot of complaints. Me? I am not a government employee and tired of those idiots.

I do not mind doctors checking me out. I am sane. I mind idiots in my ear that need doctors. FBI what are you listening too? Another tidbit about consoles. If you get one-- it must be anchored to the floor. Also a camera must be installed overhead so government observers know exactly who is on. No, I do not have a console. Earpiece provides this data. I am told even the pentagon and CIa personnel must allow the cameras access. That said-- I am a civilian and DOJ needs to explain that to the CIA and Pentagon again... Kennedy and his people? get them off me. That is why I keep asking the FBI-- what are you doing?

If it is not a DOJ or FBI employee-- they should get out of my ear. Do you all listen to yourselves? You sound like idiots.

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