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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Doings this past week...

I am told things are happening in Washington. Me? I am being harassed with both vibrations and chatter from the earpiece. Unsure where DOJ is in the process.

To keep busy, I successfully installed my French CDs to my netbook. I am starting from the beginning. I told earpiece listeners last evening that I would require a French conversationalist from here on out. Chet never thinks I am funny.

I am hopeful this may be ending soon so I started to come up to speed on the use of a Palm Treo I was given several years ago--- but never activated. Wondered if I could access my Skype account. Told-- I will need an iPhone.

I am not sure if this is ending anytime soon--- but investigating what I can and can not do-- and what phones can do the things I will need for business has been interesting. In the past, I never bothered with what was going on with hardware unless-- I owned it. Earpiece provides that if I get an iPhone for both Skype and mobile use-- I will probably not keep the Palm Treo. I explained I wanted to evolve the mobile technology in that I did not get to -- when these devices first came out. I think my Palm is pretty nice-- so I look forward to testing new things-- if this ever ends.

The nails on my left hand are getting longer while those on my right are breaking. I am right handed. I have also been caring for my nails a lot.

I am not sure if what's going on now are more tests-- but whatever it is-- it's very irritating. I have found the French lessons a great distraction.

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