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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Found It?

I would like for you to read this post on Q's Wire. The post is a bit lengthy and goes into a lot of detail about why I was a little upset at the time.

In the post-- I reference a "marine general". Search the post and you will see it. I am talking about a news briefing with a general and hillary clinton. Of course, I speculate on a lot as to why I am in the situation I am in-- and the fact the 11 year old that was in the White House had a throat and my own experiences-- did not make me pro-Hillary. I had searched for years during her husband's administration- for anything about my life as related to sex, drugs, etc-- that might explain horrific rights violations. thinking there was a horrific misunderstanding as to the reason for all of the rights violations and an arm that went unset, I initially thought it was a whistler blower issue with the major Defense Contractor I had worked for-- for ten years. And then with the Obama adminstration-- there is an 11 year with a throat that looks like she has been swallowing bananas whole? I stopped telling Hillary [thin air] to go get a job-- but to go home.

I started telling thin air that it appeared Hillary Clinton wanted to interfere in my issues as related to rights violation in 1997. I politely explained to what I thought was articulate woman [briefing I watched in 93 or so about a Chicago Mercantile issue she was having with stocks ]-- that I had written to Reno, her husband [Bill Clinton], 7 Senators, FBI Director Freeh, and any number of other departments in both Maryland and Washington trying to get relief. Told hillary to go get a job-- when she was the first lady. I have written to the right people.

I loved the idea of Jeff Bridges in "The Contender". If there was going to be a female president some day.. based on my brief look at her-- I thought she might be it. Someone that lets me go to bed at night and leave the worrying to her. The idea of Jeff Bridges did that for me.

Then I saw-- the 11 year old's throat and remembered my long explanations to thin air about anything about my sex life [in total] that looked even remotely odd. I did not learn of deep throat until well into my 40s. I had not seen a male gender part in person until I was much older than 11. A Tucson girlfriend's parents had a nudist colony magazine and I remembered seeing an overweight guy with white skin, dark hair all over and a white thing hanging from just below his stomach.

I also remembered one evening when Hillary was on the Senate floor- and she was talking about something being broken now. At the time-- I thought she was talking about her husband's thing-- because of Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Monica, etc.. I broke my arm in 1996 and it went unset. Hillary was referencing that in 2005 or so? After I see the child's throat-- I tell Hillary via my blog and thin air-- to go home. I no longer see Jeff Bridges.

Lately, I have been researching Robert Mueller, the current FBI director. I am hoping to find at long last-- an open door out of this situation.

I keep thinking I like this photo of the director.

I have had a lot less problems with local police clowning around on the corner and an easy time when out since my extended search into Robert Mueller began in early Jan 2012.

Yesterday, I noticed the marine general I referenced in the post in civilian clothes in some sort of program on C/span. Noticed the segment several times through out the day. Did not know he had retired and went in search of his name based on CSPAN programming for yesterday. It is Gen. James "Hoss" Cartwright [ret.]. Here is a photo- that reminds me of the director's photo.

Reading the article associated with the image link, you will find he retired last summer. My article written April 2011. Abstracly-- At the time I felt, the message was the wrong one from the marine general and stated as much to thin air. Hillary? I am not another country, so I do not expect to hear from her.

That [ret] marine general was on a lot yesterday. Today, I wondered why. I provided thin air with some thoughts-- which I am not going to offer here. I was a little surprised by how much the two photos reminded me of one other.

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