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Monday, December 31, 2012

Who is Robert Hale?

Had a nice Christmas. My gifts included money and a new outfit. The gifts I gave-- seemed to be appreciated. Around mid day-- Christmas as I sat down to eat-- earpiece issues started again and have mostly continued without abatement ever since. Today, again a big deal insofar as payments to start. Awakened early this morning with more crap. One guy claimed to be Obama. Did sound like him. He seemed angry. I have asked over and over that he stay out of my ear. Jan-- are they giving your boy enough to do? Told he is no longer with Heidi.. So Robert Hale should be happy. He looks more like a power broker in Washington. Jan, tell your son to prep for his speech-- and get out of my ear. I am tired of his ignorant crap. Obama claims he wants respect. Cousin-- I do not owe you respect. I owe you-- leave me alone. See your daughter. Why tell me?

Speaking of ignorant crap-- last week Robert Hale-- claimed he was the wrong trash to be involved in this. He just did not like me. Was it really him? The voice claimed it was him. Who is he supposed to be? Reports vary. Said he took the place of Tony cordsman's son as the non- war time Chet. James Mattis supposed to be Chet in a war situation. Both appeared to have input to my situation. The fact that Robert Hale-- nor most washington types do not like me does not really bother me. Most of those guys seem to make whether or not I would do them an issue. I am not sure if this is an attempt to make me angry or pure stupidity. Robert Hale has a big head. I keep thinking there is a plan-- I just do not get. That said-- these guys are supposed to be CIA types-- and why I am involved when I have said no-- is not clear to me.

What else have I been up to? Well the hammering from the earpiece was continual over the last several days-- but I did manage to test out my mother's new Belgian Waffle maker and make Sweet and Sour Pork with the remains of the Pork Tenderloin I made for Christmas.

I also watched the Pride and Prejudice series with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. I have often seen the Knightly movie and caught it again throughout these holiday days-- in between segments of the Firth series. Another watch this holiday season? Flame and Citron on the Sundance Channel. It is a Danish film with sub titles.

This morning earpiece hammering is harder. I am irritated and pissed off. It started long before I checked my bank account-- this morning. Of course payments have not started.. but I have always checked my account online on a daily basis and continue to do so.

My plan was to wait until after the holidays and then start asking DOJ and the FBI why they were allowing the torture I am experiencing. I am not sure what is going on-- but I am ashamed of what Washington has done here.

Cleaning up its own filth? I was checking my account with a big online name a moment ago-- and a washington idiot [think it was an fbi agent-- may have been rock] said they blame you... I asked the idiot-- you mean they know who I am. Please explain to me why Washington can pretend I do not exist except via this earpiece-- and then attempt to blame me when something goes wrong with a major internet play? Statements like this from the idiot bunch in Washington always get my biting sarcasim-- which probably does not help with my desire to get away from their crap immediately.

DOJ-- it is said the FBI is hammering my ear? ACLU-- why is this okay.... Every night we are done -- you are owed- every morning why so and so can't stand me. Because I am in the house minding my own business? Get these idiots off me.. I am not owed more torture. Cousin-- Jan told me you do not have enough to do.. Look good for America boy. I keep telling the real washington power brokers-- the misunderstanding must be-- they did not get the part I am not a government employee. I am not.. Bama-- stay out of my ear.. Other blacks that want to get mad? Don't. He is my bama cousin and I told him no thanks Jan. 2009. I am still no thanks.. Boy get out of my ear. See your daughter's throat and leave me alone. You are a shun to me. Black people- I am not part of washington and not in competition with my cousin Obama. I do not mind if you like him. I mind his idiot crap is in my ear.... Find out if he is a lawyer and accept your symbol as just that. I wish him the best however do not have time for his idiot crap nor his excuses for why he had to do this or that... Tell David Rockefeller. Not me.

FBI/DOJ-- torture needs to stop.. Now.

Did I call Robert Hale trash? No. He called himself that. The plan? Not sure. I told him I wished he were more like me. How so? He seems to think his private parts should interest me. I never assumed a guy should think me sexy-- but many did. I let them tell me. He is not good looking enough nor cool enough to assume I want to know his private parts. I do not like disgusting filth. I told you-- ask the engineers at Boeing and Rockwell. Did they treat me like a whore? then other than to anger me-- ugly old man who is not part of my chain of command-- I work for me-- why would you? STOP. I said no.

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