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Monday, December 31, 2012

Beginning to End

The photo on the left was taken this morning-- New Years Eve 2012. The photo on the right on Feb. 22, 2012.

The photo on the left-- get up and go hair [did nothing to it but finger comb it]. The one on the right-- I spent about 30-35 minutes with a curling iron. the contrast in photos should take this into consideration. another note: I have winter hair and summer hair. Winter hair-- my hair is much tamer, finer. Summer hair-- it soaks up a lot of humidity. I always say-- I am a black red head.

The earpiece in my left ear was activated in Feb. 2012. Prior to that it had been a long six months. I had several projects going with wiredPages [new events widget, new..., etc. See Q's Wire for posts dated from summer of 2011 to the end of the year]. Then the display on my macbook started having problems and my elliptical died. In Dec. 2011-- I thought at last Robert Mueller and the FBI were on my case.

Here is another photo from Feb 2012. I am not sure if these photos were before or after the earpiece activation.

I look younger than I am-- given the earpiece also confirms my birth certificate is off by 2 years. I am two years younger than most of my high school and college graduating classmates. Just last night-- They told me that another mistake was made with my sister's passport and mine upon leaving England in 1971. Hers indicates 1971 and mine 1970. I am pretty sure we only lived in Tucson for just over a year-- July 1971-- [I just turned 10] through Oct 1972.

It has been a long year-- 2012. I learned of horrible things I never suspected via the earpiece starting in Feb 2012. I also had more rights violations this year-- on top of the fraud and washington interference with my business. I think blogging has helped me to stay grounded. I used to say what kept me sane-- when not working on a new software project or business area for QiSoftware-- I was asking why me? My early speculation seems so innocent as compared with the information I have been given over the last 10 months. I am sad and wish no part of Washington. If I could turn back the hands of time-- I would erase from Feb. 2012 on. No washington.. get your crap off me. DOJ and the FBI owe me...

The constant jarring-- FBI-- you need to have it stopped at once. I said no. I mean no. I always say, I get the luxury of denial as related to some of the things told me over the last 10 months. I wish they had not decided to torture me these last months. That denial would have been easier. They are concerned I have their secrets? I told everything important. All they have to do is disavow-- so I am not holding their secrets. Plus I added earpiece provided and there is a fiction question. Those claiming degrees they cannot prove? Sorry. Earpiece also confirming. Latest attempts at new news-- Ginsburg or Mike Wallace related to Edwards Mrs. Wallace Simpson. Camille Cosby daughter of Miles Davis.. Nancy Reagan confirmed via earpiece mother... Look up Sickle Cell Anemia. prelant in those from an area of India and Africa. Trying to say-- Davis.. That said-- earpiece not touching Bonzo and bedtime.

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