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Thursday, April 11, 2013

MVA Renewal Receipt

Yesterday, I called the MVA and without much hassle the second representative I spoke with explained a computer glitch and promised the error would be corrected in the system that night at 12:00 midnight. When I tried to pay online before making the call I was unable to.

This morning without mishap-- I was able to access my records and pay the renewal registration fee. I have the receipt and screen grabs of the windows that came up during the process. The following screengrab shows the payment window with my car title number blanked out.

Earlier in the week someone said I only get one good thing a week. Yesterday-- on and on about over. A lot of pounding. Not over. this morning-- the reason for the lie -- Thursday to start payments-- revenge for Danielle? You are kidding right? I saw her on CSPAN. I heard her that night or someone claiming to be her that night-- she asked why she had to do this and this for a government job-- and I was owed a large settlement-- I explained she did not have to take the job--- and then you lie about my settlement payments because I reported it in Q's Wire?

DOJ-- you were given the funds to pay. Guy Allen's daughter has nothing to do with me. I am told she left the vibrate on her console? Was not her? get the cia idiots off me. She asked why-- I explained why. You owe Danielle? Not on my time. Further if that is her raping my ear-- you have her stop. She asked why she had to get a government position. I am not seeking a government position. Guy is she really your daughter? get your idiot off me.

GotBaum [doj]-- I am told her mother is mattis' sister. Dad-- catholic I believe. DOJ should not be playing I like pushy jewish girls with aids that think regina owes them. She is irresponsible [a question] with her console and my ear-- you do something about it.. Not lie to me about settlement payments to start... You have a JD. I am told she has a large salary, no education and an important uncle. I do not owe pushy little girls with aids from the cia. And when I waste my time to explain why-- tell her to use the high IQ test scores the cia said it is paying for-- to understand why she should not ask a question if she does not want the answer. CIA-- now have her go get an education. She wants to play word games. I did not like guy when I knew him.. do not like Danielle who is said to be his daughter. I said no.. She wants to play word games, really? get off me.

Danielle-- I was not born with a broken arm. You were born with aids.. continue to rape my ear-- and I do not care who your uncle is-- I am going to have you thrown in jail.. get off me.

Gotbaum they are saying you want to make this a jewish issue. Jewish money not in play. I am owed. Stop the crap. I have been here 18 years asking doj/fbi to do something. Mattis' niece not my problem. I met guy's mother and father. Father does not look like mattis. Guy does. Danielle looks like Guy. I asked Jean Tara mother. Danielle blue eyes like Jean. Confirmed Mattis niece. I am not sure about Tara. Biden's wife linked to Mattis. Guy, Danille, Mattis all have big heads. I like smart. When I knew guy--- he was lazy. Danielle takes her high IQ scores and explains why the CIA pays her so much? not my problem. My problem when-- she thinks i want to play word games and I asked her to get out of my ear. Get her out of my ear. Danielle-- I test well on IQ tests too. I do not want a CIA job-- nor will I get a mullet to say no thanks. I own a business, do not have aids and do have an education. Guy told yours is not real either. Master's EE Johns Hopkins-- no. Saying not even Maryland EE real.. get off me. Take your cow with you. Biden's wife-- is this one of those family plan things.. I do not cross breed unless unknown to me... get off me and take your filth with you. If it is not this government bitch-- its that one. Guy-- I dealt with men. I dealt with you.. I am being screwed by the government so your mullet head can feel smart? get off me.

Your question? Regina, why would danielle claim it was her in your ear? My response-- you would not believe the arrogance of some of these idiots. What I always say-- you are that high on the totem pole-- why would a peon lie on you. But a lot of these people-- especially the women-- think this is a who is smarter pissing contest. My rights are being violated and I am being tortured... these people are crazy.. have danielle's daughter give you her data sheet. also get the tapes. get that stupid bitch off me. I am told a general can cover the camera with a black clothe. Danielle is not a general. she is a highly tested cia niece with a mullet throat.. and I said no.

Had I made the call before they said "one good thing per week?" No. That said-- last week I said I was going to call this week. They kept bugging me to call. Yes, the FBI is saying if I had not faxed both DOJ and the FBI-- as well as posted about it -- it probably would not have been as smooth... I waited a week before calling-- and in the meantime i got another MVA notice. Before opening it -- It thought it was the correction. What was it-- a notice 3 months in advance that my driver's license was up for renewal too. Earpiece said the notice a little to soon. My birth certificate shows 07/20/59. All levels of government playing mind fk.. Told cia asked MD to do this crap... DOJ-- I said no.

photo of the envelop the notice was sent in-- showing date, part of the notice and the return envelope for the driver's license renewal. For some reason-- an earpiece voice wanted to me to post the notice.

After I posted this-- earpiece now saying -- "i did not know you kept the envelop it came in". Are you kidding? It shows harassment... I am looking for everything. I said get off me. You did not want me to post? what are you doing?

by the way-- when i noticed Biden's wife years ago-- it was not the woman I see now. Told awhile back, [the one you see] she also linked to Mattis. The thing is-- I like mattis. Never liked biden's wife.. do not like most hard headed women from the government. I said no. who is Jill biden? Not sure.. but she should also get her nose out of my business... Mattis-- cia general.

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