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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Car tags again?

Today, I received a letter from the Maryland MVA stating I can not renew my car tags because of a tags suspension notice I received in September 2011. Because of continuing issues with the car I rarely drove, in 2011 I chose to go with historic tags. Every time renewal came around before that--- had to pay huge auto repairs because Maryland said I was not passing emissions tests. VA who is more strict insofar as emissions standards-- said I was. Anyway-- I chose to go with historic tags in 2011-- negating the need for emissions testing. Another factor, my car gets driven about once a week-- and garaged. Check Q's Wire for emissions problems.

I have the September 2011 notice and it clearly shows the old tags. This should be a simple call to the MVA to have the computer update-- however it has been my experience-- I can call a local maryland authority and further have my rights violated. Therefore I sent faxes to the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice and the Baltimore office of the FBI-- showing the notice I received today and the following suspension notice for the old tags.

Showing redacted copies and originals underneath. Image can be seen larger in separate window.

Earpiece is saying he should not have done that. I was not sure who he was. Now they are saying Pentagon/CIA interfered. DOJ/FBI you owe. I have the original emissions tests, I have everything. The bag was not cleaned. As I was typing this-- they are now saying again-- Maryland crap-- that should not have been done.

I am tired of being harassed. I go nowhere. I have too much stuff that I need to carry and cannot leave anywhere. Earpiece claims-- they want the bag-- another reason I stay secure-- only going out if I really need to. Further... today- pounding, pounding, pounding. Mark they are saying you and Navsea. What is your problem?

Earpiece also saying some sort of court case just [last week] ordered my way-- and this should be over in a matter of days. That said-- I have heard crap like this before so I am not sure what the truth is. I should not have problems with that car. I owe criminals jail.

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