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Saturday, April 20, 2013

I am going someplace with this-- bear with me.

I tend to watch Charlie's Angles [the original], Meryl Streep, Meg Ryan movies [white movies] and listen to Gospel and R&B Music. Not rap... Greg, Jan's husband once made a big deal out of the movie-- Boyz in the Hood. I never saw it. I tell you this so you understand what influences me.

Who influences what I have watched over the years? Mostly the Jewish Community. Let me explain. I was listening to WHUR the other night-- and a song came on that was not up to the arrangement levels of days gone bye. Earpiece said-- WHUR has to play new music-- and that Jewish guy is no longer arranging.

Movies, television productions, etc.. the Jewish factor is no longer present. Why? It's complicated. the Jewish factor in America has long been the standard... Jews came over with style, education, technology. Entertainment, PR, Style, education [lawyers, use of english, doctors]-- areas the jewish community has excelled in. I once heard a quote by Lena Horne-- her Jewish lover/husband gave her more entre...

Germany-- liked jazz and a big factor in moving pictures. A lot of the US jewish community arrived from Germany or came over because of religious persecution. This even before either of the World Wars.

Yesterday, I wrote a post [q's wire] about Senator Tammy Baldwin-- trying to show the abnormal issues of washington. Most agree now-- let her [me] go. It now appears that DOJ the hold out. Tammy Baldwin-- a non-jewish white woman. According to she is a lesbian with an undergrad degree in math and a JD. Earpiece saying neither. the other problem-- her throat. photo shows current deep throat. Why if she is gay? also what I noticed on CSPAN broadcast-- Thursday, April 18th, 2013.

Last night-- Angus King [the claim it was him] and others said "die, Regina" and turned up the volume on my vibrations. I looked up Angus King this morning. He is a non-jewish guy. His name sounds Jewish. I have a theory. It is said-- Jewish lawyers at DOJ the hold up and not the Pentagon, CIA nor the source of the funding. The problem-- the source long ago noticed what i noticed about the very smart Jewish community. They like owning everything and "everyone is stupid but me". This has angered many. We want to do business with you-- but you tend to take me for stupid and then get loud. The first time I really noticed this was a reality show with an italian chef and a jewish lawyer/investor. I need to get a hold on you so I can own and control.. is what i have noticed insofar as a jewish lawyer, promoter, manager. The mistake they make with me? They want to make me a celebrity they own-- and I am not.. I am a private business owner with big name relations.. too big.

once while waiting to check out at Costco-- a well dressed Jewish woman-- said-- "I think I will go in front of you because I have more". I laughed-- hearing well and said no, I do not think so... I have noticed the behavior of high strung folks.. both black and white. they may have started yelling at the woman. Me, I smiled and told her I did not think so... this is what I mean by--" everyone is stupid but me" as related to smart jewish people. I keep hearing i am too calm.. Stop doing this-- it only disappoints me.. I watched your documents over the years. I am disappointed with your crap and I look at it today.

Earpiece dc whites are mad about Tammy. Said-- CSPAN knew she was the wrong female for Regina to notice that day.. told everyone knows about her stalking problems. DOJ-- doing their own cleaning using me? Jewish community.. smart peop0le do not like your flim flam crap... I am smart... Asia is smart.. I like your style. I like your english... I do not like the fact you did not keep up with new innovations... you screwed yourself with junk bonds, mortgages, etc. Please stop thinking everyone is stupid but you... I am not stupid. Asia is not stupid. Angus torturing me? I keep waiting on him to be more Peck in Big country. He sounds stupid in my ear... I checked to see if he was trying to be white but really jewish-- his name. Not sure.. I do not like scams... DOJ-- I should not be doing your job.. You said you were going to do it.. do it.. You clean up washington.. Not me.

  • Like a Jewish lawyer on an Asian girl. When I heard this line delivered as part of a sitcom's dialogue I wondered if anyone was offended.
  • An Asian associate asked for the contract I put together for some work I did for a Jewish associate.
  • To big to fail-- Wall street wanted the Asian bankers to accept the bad mortgage debt. I heard a white General complain recently--- Asian banks own everything. I asked the general if he watched to big to fail.. They did not want to. They want you to own your own houses.. who did that? New York... No, General I do not want you helping me to run my business.
  • In the spring of 2012 around April or so-- I went to my bank like I do everyone week since 2004. When i returned, someone in my ear claiming to be kagan said-- I handled myself well at the bank. She was listening. Jewish people like doing this. I said a lot of things to her--- including i have been doing that since 2004 at the same bank every week-- why wouldn't i handle myself? It is an attempt to own.. Others claiming to be supremes had been on before. Not her.. she had something to say.. I told her right then not to come back.. she has --over and over... I am trying to show behavior of this type of person.. I told her day one-- to get off me.. she signed my psych review.. get her tapes. at the time I knew nothing about her legal issues as a child.. But the tapes will show a problem.. please get them and get her off me.

I am getting my thoughts together.. this is an interactive outline.. bear with me. I was hit hard last night... DOJ-- you are making a mistake.

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