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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

About My Résumé

Recently, I updated my résumé. I also found a position on that I applied for, but more on that later.

This post, I simply want to explain why over the years my résumé reads more like a summary of my skills, however also offered links to WiredPages and other site areas which provided real examples of the type of software support and web design I offered.

I felt a widget was worth a thousand words-- or a least a two page résumé of detailed work experience.

Over the years, I received a great many accolades for the work I did on WiredPages, however because of security issues-- I do not now maintain the site online. That said-- I do have the code and can easily recreate the many widgets I custom designed and developed for the site. That said, I repeat- I really need to move the site to a more secure hosting platform.

Late in my tenure with Rockwell [my last position as a defense contractor], we responded to a RFP from the Navy. I have working [draft] copies of several of our résumés which were completed/updated and submitted to the Navy [on earlier RFPs too]. The illustration below shows part of my draft résumé-- and that of John Newcomb's, the program manager. Yes, I would have also been part of the staff providing input for our submission to the RFP.

Why am I providing this information?

  • Preliminary data, for a later post [that I really do not want to write].
  • There was a lot of abstract noise when I recently, uploaded my detailed résumé to The "I did not know that"-- should not have been coming from the sources I was given. I also had immediate responses to the résumé which if needed, I will also provide.
  • Question as to who doubts my credentials even at this late date.
  • Provides a timeline that can be traversed and found credible.
  • Provide a bit of discussion on why my résumé reads as it does. has the detailed version of my current résumé. I am hoping I will need no further entries on this topic-- however may in the future, post photographs of my actual résumé.

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