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August 2014

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tennis: Big Pay Day

The other day, ESPN showed a quick table of the prize money for the 2014 US Open, but I only remembered how much each winner of the first round would get-- about $35,000.

Researching the site I found the data page. Here is a portion of the page...

I was unsure if the Tournament Champions for both men and women received just $3,000,000 dollars or that plus the prize amounts for each round won to get to the final. The number of prizes (shown in the parens) for each category did suggest that the champions would receive the larger amount and just to make sure I created a quick Excel Table to see what the totals were...

Do you think I have too much time on my hands?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014 US Open Early Rounds...

Spent most of yesterday watching the US Open. Both ESPN and the Tennischannel covering the early rounds. No cable? You can also pick up play on WatchESPN.

I'm keeping track of the draws...

Did you get your charts? PDF Printable: Women's Draw / Men's Draw

Day one non-tennis highlights [in case you missed them]:
  • Winan Brothers singing the National Anthem at the opening ceremony
  • Alec Baldwin catching one of the balls hit into the stands [8.28.14 rdt edit]
  • Bees chasing the players...
  • Watching celebrity fans enjoying the fun

Washington News? A little disappointed promises are still being made that are to easily broken. ACLU-- anything you are not getting?

Friday, August 22, 2014

At Last, The US Open [Tennis]

The US Open Tennis Tournament begins Monday [August 25th-September 8th, 2014] and I plan to watch most of the coverage [Tennischannel, ESPN, CBS]. I have done little else this summer in the way of television viewing--other than watch tennis tournaments.

All of that tennis research- has given me a pretty good idea of who everyone is, so I printed the Men's and Women's Singles Draws to keep my own notes.

Printable PDF Files for the 2014 Singles Draws: US Open Women's / US Open Men's Other things I've been up to:

  • Movie: Personal Velocity-- every time I watch this I want to discuss what the author wanted to say.
  • Movie: Donovan's Echo
  • Movie: Walking the Dead
  • Updated my Amazon Store.
  • Perusing a blog about RVing.
  • Updated the bloggers I read list.
  • A little gardening.

Are you watching the Open?

News from Washington? Wish I could figure it out...

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Rogers Cup @Netbook

I have been watching Tennis all summer and Canada's Roger's Cup is on this week. Serena and Venus Williams played in the first womens semi final earlier today and the second was scheduled for this evening [I am watching now]. ESPN aired the second semi final on so I decided to watch from my netbook.

Earlier, I also watched the first men's semi final on ESPN and plan to watch the second [starting at 8:00 pm] later. Not sure if I will move to the television or continue watching from my netbook. With the monitor and speakers the stream of video and audio is pretty good.

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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Weekend Activities...

Did not do much this weekend. This is what I had for Lunch today:

  • Being Mary Jane- just found this series. It seems I am late to the party.
  • Tennis: Semi Finals and Finals [later today] for CitiOpen in Washington and West Bank Open in Stanford, CA.
      Movies I have watched this weekend:
    • The Purge
    • The Ghost Writer
    • Lies & Illusions

Found this chair I absolutely love- Avenue Six Curves Tufted Chair. Coffee Fabric. It comes in Chocolate and Coffee. What do you think? I added it to my Amazon Store under Home Furnishings & Kitchen.

Plans for the coming week? Not sure.

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