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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Potato Salad

I love potatoes. Good for my figure? Probably not, but they are high in potassium, so for me- it is not all bad. Potato dishes I eat on a regular basis:

  • Fried Potato Slices w/ Onions & Green Peppers
  • Baked Potato
  • Potato Salad w/Boiled Egg

This post-- about Potato Salad w/Boiled Egg.

I love potato salad with honey barbeque wings and rolls. I had this for lunch today.

How do you like yours?

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

who knew...

Several of the bloggers I read- have recently moved to new homes. Most use Instagram to record events in their daily lives- including how their moves are going.

Web development issues dictate I insure my tools are backward compatible so I tend to keep older versions of browsers rather than update. The downside to this? New advances with AJAX and JQuery are not compatible with the older browsers I tend to keep.

Services like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook-- all use new advances to create sleek user friendly experiences. That said, they are not user friendly with the old browsers I use.

This to explain why, until this week I had no idea I could not sign up for Instagram without a compatible mobile device.

I did start using an updated version of Firefox I downloaded sometime ago- [on my Macbook] so that I could update my Twitter design-- and discovered I could upload images and videos to my Twitter account. I am not sure if I can share the photos with other services like Tumblr- but plan on testing this option in the near future.

So this week, I have mainly worked on design issues- but found time to do a little reading.

Some of the new links I found interesting this week:

Recently, I have also posted to forums more than normal- while researching issues I have been having with my sites and planned productivity software purchases. I have been busy [and snowbound]- but also found time to watch "Drive" with Ryan Gosling. A movie I enjoyed.

Plans for next week? Continue downsizing my bag-- recruitment for the Facebook Thingamablog Group-- and hopefully more news from Washington.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

forgot to tell you...

I wish I could tell you I have been working on code issues [broken widgets and interfaces] as related to my sites. Every time I look at WiredPages, I want to get started on the fixes and updates I have planned for that site.

Instead, I have been working on design or data update issues-- as related to other online resources I maintain, including:

New Tumblr blog look:

Today, I also downloaded new icon sets:

Sorry, I cannot provide the link. I get a lot of traffic, no matter what is being reported by those counting.

I had several issues earlier this year [more than normal]- bad power cord, went down for almost two whole days and trying to ignore the problems with my car-- so in the middle of all that, I neglected to post about my new watch. It was a late Christmas gift.

I am very pleased with the elegance of this watch. You can find it in the Brass section of my Amazon store.

News from Washington? Sounds like some issues still remain. Hearing from those that may not understand- early on [late winter/spring 2012] I was given a lot of information. Why are you here, now? I have no loose ends. Do you?

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Color Laser Printing

Over the years, I was hesitant about entering the color laser printer market. Even though color laser printers have come down drastically, toner replacement seemed so expensive.

Before last Christmas, we had two monochrome laser printers and so many ink jet printers, I do not want to think about how to dispose of them. The problem- ink replacement also expensive and the ink tends to dry out.

So late last year, when my mother announced for the umpteenth time- her ink jet printer was not printing, I decided to look at color laser printing options again. I chose an inexpensive solution and so far, I am very pleased.

Because printer replacement supplies and a printer hub for multiple computer hookups were also purchased, I am not worried about her printing woes anytime soon.

The printer itself, prints in vibrant color and I am impressed. Photographs come out, about the same quality as with any color printer. This factor more dependent on the camera in use [my camera only 8 mega-pixels].

The illustration provided below, is a bit dark-- however in actuality, quite impressive.

I created the photo card on the right, using iPhoto [Mac software], saved it to PDF, which allowed me to print the file using a connected computer [in this case, my mother's HP notebook] and Adobe Reader.

Though none of my computers are directly connected to the new printer, I have lots of software that will support its features. Highlights for someone in business include:

  • Works well with most of my software including: iPhoto [cards and calendars], MS Professional Office Suite [including PowerPoint & Publisher].
  • Business productivity: flyers, presentations, charts, business reports
  • 1200x600 DPI printing also provides [nice-enough] photographic reproduction dependent on the camera in use.

Check around and read reviews for the Konica Minolta Magicolor 1600W Laser Printer. I like this solution a lot for my mother's needs- and if I need color laser output, I no longer have to run to Staples.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

iPhoto Library[s]...

Awhile back, I noticed my Macbook was a little sluggish. The main problems:

  • Seven [7] GB of photographs used by iPhoto.
  • Enabled all of my browsers to maintain browsing historical data. [To insure compatibility as related to web development, I use every browser I can find.]
  • Other data & files I maintain on the hard drive. My MacBook is 6 years old and I keep almost everything.

So with the new year, I decided to move at least my iPhoto Library to an external drive. I chose the Kingston Digital DataTraveler SE9 16GB USB 2.0 (DTSE9H/16GBZET).

For some reason I thought the iPhoto Library move to the external drive would work in the same manner I used to port my MacBook iTunes Library to other computers and devices. It was a little different.

First I copied the iPhoto Library from my Macbook to the Kingston data drive.

Initially, because I could not figure out how to get the iPhoto application to see the new iPhoto library sitting on the Kingston drive, I used the following command in "vi" [unix editor] to edit the AlbumData.xml file which globally changed the path of the library. When complete it pointed to the iPhoto Library on the Kingston drive.

This did not work. So after some research, I found a forum thread that provided a Macbook software application, iPhone Library Manager- would allow multiple iPhoto libraries. I found the version I needed for my operating system and downloaded it.

This did work. Now I can point to the iPhoto Library sitting on my Macbook hard drive or the version sitting on the Kingston Data Traveler.

I am very pleased with this solution.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Customizing Online Resources

As some of you may be aware, starting late Saturday, Jan. 11th, 2014 through early morning Monday, Jan. 13, 2014- was unavailable. My web host's servers experienced a network DDoS attack.

To notify what was going on, I posted to the official blog on and also my Twitter account. Also last week, because of a frayed power cord I was without the use of my netbook, where I maintain this [Thingamablog] blog which meant I could not post to this blog [did not want to waste the battery until I got a new cord].

So early Saturday morning, I posted to the Remix blog about the Thingamablog Facebook Group- here.

Long story, short- because of this problem or that, I have worked on the customization of online resources I maintain. This included my Twitter page and the look of the Thingamablog Facebook Group.

The new Twitter page.

Before Saturday, I had done little or no research on how to customize Twitter so I was a bit surprised at how easy it was.

Also in this period, I have been searching for Thingamablog users and inviting them to join the Facebook Group. Recently, I was so impressed with how the RX7 Facebook Group responded to my queries about issues with my car, that I thought a group that responded likewise to Thingamablog blogger issues- would be great.

I started the group in 2011 and had about 11 members before Facebook changed the way groups worked. For some reason, I lost all of the members at that time but still had the group. So in this downtime period I thought I would try to get the group going again, in that the official forums for Thingamablog have since closed.

Last night, UPS delivered my new power cord so I am back in business insofar as posting to this blog. I have a number of projects on tap, so will be busy for awhile.

News from Washington? Abstract.

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Sunday, January 05, 2014

backing it up...

I have started down-sizing my bag [shown in this blog's header photos], however to date, I have only destroyed two discs. This process is going to be long and slow.


Note- I use storage media from days gone bye, like 3.5" diskettes. There were several reasons for this, which I will not bore you with here.

The links below show how to get similar devices/discs like those shown in the illustration for this post.

When finished my bag should contain a Macbook, Netbook, external harddrives, flashdrives and camera equipment and will be only a third of the size it is now.

New bag options:

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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Toll House Cookies

Today, was a good day. Recently, I have been posting over on Q's Wire and today, finally I had a chance to get back to projects I have been planning.

  • Updating Amazon Stores
  • Started backing up old discs to my new hard drives.
  • Updated parts of WiredPages.
  • Made Toll House Cookies

The cookies I made today.

They are pretty good.

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