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Friday, February 28, 2014

2014 Academy Awards Ballot Sheet... take one.

Vanity Fair made available, a ballot sheet for the 68th 86th [2014] Academy Awards. Note there was a typo on the ballot offered via their Tumblr Blog.

Print A Copy- [PDF].

Are you planning to watch? Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 [ABC].

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Hurry up, Spring

In pretty good spirits, slept well last night. No, I should not have this for breakfast, but it was worth the calories.

I do not know about you guys, but I am tired of the snow.

Can't wait for Spring. News, Washington? Odd. Not sure what's going on, however happy its a bit more quiet. I am told there are things happening-- but no direct promises to me at this time.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Yesterday, Morning

Yesterday morning it snowed, again. I sat in the family room watching AXS Tv and this program about John Harlin and his climb up the Eiger.

The documentary discussed in part, life in the Swedish Alps-- so my curiousity was peaked about things going on in remote villages in the area. Mostly, I wondered about where they purchased a lipstick. So I went in search of Swedish Bloggers who lived in the Alps.

Which led me to these links.

For most of the rest of the morning-- and a bit into the afternoon, I studied the recpie for the cheesecake, Diana's blog and the My Newport link and wondered about the people listed there. Why? They seem so far removed from things I see here. I wondered what they thought of things going on in other areas of the country. Abstract noise seemed to be interested in my look at these links. I wondered if they had normal lives.

I looked up briefly and noted CSPAN airing live hearings for new appointments in Washington. CIA, Pentagon and felt happy everyone seemed to be moving on. Later in the day-- I tried to disengage from things I did not want to be a part of. This morning, I was offended. I saw that person on TV yesterday and thought he moved on. I thought they were moving on. FBI they should move on. Kelly-- I have said no too many times. I said nothing yesterday. I thought you moved on. How dare you. Move on. Jill after I noticed the Cspan hearing-- so that cannot be blamed for this morning. She opened her mouth when I have asked over and over that she leave me alone. Get off me.

I collect items for things I may do in the future. I want to try that Cheesecake recipe. I am ready to move on. I am happy the people of Newport look normal. Washington-- please move on. I said no.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Paid Rent, Paid Web Hosting.

This morning, finally paid some bills that were bothering me. Last month I had a problem with a company I ordered blow dryer parts from. Abstract confirmation-- Washington interfered. The reason, I worry about paying bills.

This morning, paid the annual rent for my business address. My mother left me the van-- in case I wanted to go out, however I paid over the phone without a hitch. Was very happy to note that later when I went to the bank and after I came home and checked online-- the pending status of the rent I had paid earlier. Not because I have any problems with paying the annual rent in the past. This protects me and the business I rent from. Too many in Washington with access to my life like doing bad things. For example and documented on Q's Wire, double billing web hosting, access to my Amazon account, purchases I did not make. I note things like this because I want the FBI to continue protecting me and the businesses I do business with.

Also, paid the web hosting bill for for the period 3/1/14 through 6/1/14. Paypal and my web host acknowledged payment received however the transaction is not yet showing "pending" at the bank. I stopped allowing direct payment and use PayPal-- so this may be the reason for the delay.

I have emails, bank receipts showing new balances and screen grabs all acquired today as proof.

Washington news? Another drum roll last night but it may have been to check the behavior of many who will not let go. Under no circumstances will I ask any lawyer to act as my agent at this time. DOJ owes the explanation. Not an outside lawyer. Settlement template negotiated and funds put into play in May 2012. Stop insulting me. Further-- listen and get that crap out of my ear. I said no.

I will provide proof if a problem arises.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Scenes From Today- Feb 20th, 2014

Started the morning with my usual cup of espresso.

The last several days, we have had 40+ degree days- so the snow is melting. Yet, because of location [house straddles a corner with tall trees which the sun crosses in a diagonal path from the left front to the right rear]- it always seems to take the snow in our yard longer to melt.

We were supposed to get our new recycle trash container on Valentine's Day, however because of the snow it was not delivered until today.

I am not sure how we will fit it in the garage.

Other things I have been up to today?

  • Added a new post to my Tumblr blog-- a photo reblog.
  • Added new links to my Tumblr blogroll- lower page.
  • Added another Coach Bag to my Amazon Store.
  • Searched way too long for a Recycle Webding.

Last evening, I updated the social media icons and links in the upper right corner of this blog to include a link to my Tumblr blog. If you were counting-- you noted, I replaced rather than added to the icons. The QiSoftware PayPal verification icon and link were replaced.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

happened again...

It snowed again last night.

In this case, I do not mind. It provides a semi-reason for why "this or that". The snow, not really a lot and today in our area, it will get up to 40 degrees- so I think I will let the sun melt it.

Normally, I do not allow my schedule to be dictated by external factors, however lately- for some reason I have. That said, the snow is giving me- in part, a defense. I really need to get some things done that I have been putting off, [like paying the annual rent on my business address].

Other things I have been up to?

  • Adding to the QiSoftware Tumblr Blogroll- see lower page area. Where do I get my ideas? Things I know. Did you see the icon link for SouthernLiving's Tumblr Blog?
  • Updating my Amazon Stores. Found another Coach Bag I like. Also, if I can ever afford new stereo equipment, found a receiver that comes of age insofar as HDMI, the Internet and a myriad of other technology advancements- since I purchased my Sony Rack in 1986 or so. My Sony Rack had all of the "bells and whistles" for the time. I tend to list things in my Amazon stores--not only so visitors can take advantage of my research-- but also to remind me later, of what I want to look into if I can ever afford me again.
  • Wondering, how my mother is keeping the plant she received as a gift alive. It is thriving.

The plant when she first received it.

Also recently, a relative had minor surgery-- so that is another issue going on. Everything is fine. All in all-- happy I am safe and waiting to hear "different" news from Washington. Yelp, its on-- oops have to take care of this or that. Them not me.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sun's out, driveway cleared.

This past week, was overcast and snowy. Glad to report, the sun is out, driveway cleared and the snow is melting.

I think our official snow stats indicated between 18"-20" of snow for the week. So glad the sun is shining.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lately- yesterday, today.

Today, I made almond flavored white cupcakes with an almond buttercream icing. Valentine's cupcakes.

I have to tell you, these cupcakes are pretty good and they freeze well.

The last time I put makeup on, it looked awful. It was last week [Friday, 2/7/14] when I went to the bank. It almost looked as if I had forgotten how [stayed in the car and left my sunglasses on]. So yesterday, when I considered going out to pay the annual rent on my business address-- I played around with my eye makeup. [If I had gone out, I would have curled my hair.]

Believe it or not, this looked a lot better than how it looked last week, even though I appear tired. You will recall my car is still in disrepair and my mother does not like using her new car in the snow. Not sure when I can get over there, may have to do it via the phone.

Periodically, I provide photo updates-- just to say I am still here. In the past, whenever I went out-- I used to take a photo. The reason? I liked documenting where I went and when. Some may know I have several issues-- and I like insuring I am known as the owner of QiSoftware. I do not get out as much now-- because of car issues and my bag gets heavier and heavier-- so I take photos just to say-- I am here. They are not meant to worry.

I have also been updating my Amazon Store. Washington news? Let's skip it for right now.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Ginger Jars...

Earlier, I found a photo of a jar similar to the one in the entryway and discovered it's called a Ginger Jar.

Have no idea why I did not know that. I like the jar and wanted to add something similar to my Amazon Home Furnishings Category.

Here are two lamps I found using the search term "Ginger Jar".


Other examples of ginger jar items around the house:

My search yielded lots of great finds [ginger jar like items]-- and even some vases, but I like the covered jar pieces as shown in the photo above- because you can put them anywhere and do not have to worry about a floral arrangement.

Do they collect junk? Yes, in this house they do, however as you can see- they are covered.

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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Mom's Spice Rack

I have always loved my mother's spice rack.

I am not sure when she got it [nor where], but do think it is absolutely adorable.

I went in search of something similar to add to the ...Kitchen category of my Amazon Store. I really did not find a lot in the way of options- however these are close.

Have you ever seen this pattern? [Shown- Google Image search results]:

It is called MacKenzie-Childs. I especially loved the utensil holder. Search results.

I also liked the lamp on the left-- of the same brand.

This is what I have been up to this morning [searching for things I find while looking around], further checks to my Tumblr blog's template-- and an update post on Q's Wire.

What else have I been up to? If I had surveillance they would probably say complaining loudly about issues I feel I should not have.

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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Working out Kinks with Tumblr Template

A couple of months ago, the strap on my Classic Coach Bag ripped. The bag is over 20 years old and I have carried it around almost everyday for more than 10 years. I am sure the cobbler can repair it, I simply have not had the opportunity to get over there.

This is why every time I see a Classic Coach bag-- I want to order a new one. The other Coach bag I want? This one.

I found the bag above searching for one similar to the one I have. Other things I have been up to?

  • Creating Social Media Icons for my Tumblr Blog-- that I have since chosen not to use.
  • Creating a master template for my Tumblr Blog. I like maintaining master copies of blog posts and templates offline. This to insure-- my versions are my versions.
  • Adding blogroll code to my Tumblr Blog [see the bottom of the page].
  • Updating the Celebrity Blogger List. Have you ever noticed who the large organizations follow on their Tumblr blogs?
  • Minor updates to my Amazon Stores.
  • Dealing with abstract noise issues.

Today, I was so busy insuring my new Tumblr template worked on the older computers and browsers I own [running to the upstairs office]-- that I managed to burn a boiled egg. Everything is okay.. it only smelled like I burnt something.

News from Washington? I wish it were clearer as to what they are doing. Mostly not doing what they say they are going to do. That said, I am not sure who is saying what.

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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Brass Ring Lamp

Yesterday, after I finished posting about the new logo for my Tumblr Blog- I turned on the television [think it was Oxygen] and caught scenes from the first "Sex and the City" movie and "Pretty Woman".

As everyone knows by now, Carrie's wedding party meets at Charlotte's after the wedding is called off. In the scene where Carrie discusses her dismay at length- for the first time, she is sitting on a sofa next to a table with a lamp so striking that when I noticed it this time, I went in search.

I found a mention on Pinterest, however it was a bit sketchy. So after further research, I found another reference in French Madame. The owner of that blog, also pens Paris Pastry, the reason I thought I wanted lots of desserts last night.

This to explain, why there is a slice of pink cake shown in the latest post of my Tumblr blog.

To stay current, I normally sign-up with most popular services, however only to establish a presence. The QiSoftware Tumblr Blog is really not about software services my company offers, but more to say- I use the service and can provide assistance if a client needs help.

I am not sure why, I am in "Working Girl" mode, i.e., Melanie Griffith explaining why it was her idea, but I am.

By the way, shortly after I listed the Brass Ring Lamp in the Brass section of my Amazon store, it went unavailable.

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Saturday, February 01, 2014

New Logo @Tumblr

Today, I decided to get back to website design issues.

I noticed the Washington Post Style Blog on Tumblr and came up with some ideas for a new logo for QiSoftware's Tumblr Blog.

Here is the new header logo:

The process I used to create the logo:

I also had to change the html for the template to incorporate the new graphic. Unless you are familiar with the inner workings of your Tumblr blog's template-- I recommend you get someone who is.

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