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June 2015

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

this and that-- 6.24.15

It stormed yesterday evening and I went to bed early. Around six this morning, before getting out of bed- I watched the beginning of the first match of the day, for the tournament in Eastbourne GBR. This via my tablet, Verizon FiOS and WatchESPN.

Only, WatchESPN [ESPN3 - online] is covering this tournament's matches live, so I watched live all day on my tablet and took the screen-grab above [for this post]- from a WatchESPN replay.

The following are photos I have taken since last Saturday. Note the photos from my bedroom window last evening, of the after-storm sky. It was an odd sky, first yellow then the orange glow you see.

Do you have games on your mobile device? I have two. The FreeCell game app [iTunes App Store/Google App Store] shown below and something called Spider Solitaire.

Wimbledon starts Monday. If not otherwise preoccupied, I will be watching ESPN for all the live action.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Wimbledon 2015 Prize Money Break-Down

Click to convert £1,880,000 to US Dollars

I know, it seems these days I mostly concern myself with professional tennis. There are several reasons for this, including:

  • Too much interference where my business is concerned. Have you called my business numbers? No, I did not get a call. I could provide log files.
  • Security issues about maintaining up to date code and widgets for WiredPages and other areas of my sites. Too many want the bag. Not updating until this is over.
  • Always loved tennis. Started watching and playing when I was in college.
  • Current interaction with those involved in the tennis world. [Fiction Question-- check tapes starting Summer 2014]
  • Amount of money involved in professional tennis. It's a lot more than when I first started watching Mac and Borg or before that- Evonne Goolagong, a favorite of my father's.

Am I ready to start working on other things? Would love too. Yes, things are happening but not sure when this will end.

That said, professional tennis is a great distraction and recently, when the ATP updated their website-- I did get the opportunity to update software that I created which extracts prize money data for the players. I miss working on software and other business issues -- and hope to get busy again.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day.... Are you a dad? Add Happy..

Wimbledon is a week away. For the past week I have been watching the other grass court tournaments that lead up to this grand slam event.

There are two more tournaments coming up before Wimbledon and I may catch some of those matches.

I watched the movie, Gone Girl last night and did not get to bed until after 11:00 pm. So this morning I was a little late in rising [not a good morning, don't ask] and was pretty unhappy about almost everything.

Then I made breakfast and finished watching the finals for the three tournaments I have been watching all week.

I was in a better mood after breakfast-- so went out to check my gardens and noticed the Shasta Daisies in the front bed next to the house are starting to bloom.

  • Movie: Gone Girl, do the book too. I would start with the movie first... What's this really about?
  • Paid Skype [phone number] quarterly bill.
  • Thinking about more business projects.
  • Added new garden photo to my Tumblr blog

there are all sorts of things I would like to say this afternoon, however I am not going to...

Did I wish you a Happy Father's Day?

Friday, June 12, 2015

On the menu... this hot June day...

It is hot, hot, hot today [like yesterday]. I am staying in the air conditioned cool. The electric bill arrived, over $400. I keep thinking- we need solar panels.

Anyway, along with the air conditioning- that we keep at 77 or 78 degrees Fahrenheit, I am watching live tennis from Europe [on my tablet] and having mini tacos for lunch.

I have not checked the weather for the weekend, however have no plans anyway- so I am going to stay in and take it easy. Wish I felt like painting. One or two rooms need painting. Anyway, hope your weekend is going to be more productive than the one I plan.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lunch: BBQ chicken sandwich, great...

Not doing much today. My mother and sister are out running errands. I was out trimming the bushes-- but decided it was just too hot to finish up right then.

That said, feeling lots better today. Photo [at the bottom] of me taken today. Other photos; my mother and new location for the Hosta-- Monday.

Also recently:

  • Movie: Begin Again, w/Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo {Did you like the new ending for the song? Okay, I did.}
  • Movie: A Different Loyalty, w/Sharon Stone and Rupert Everett
  • Various grass court tennis matches from tournaments in England, Germany and The Netherlands. [Via Tennis Channel].
  • Had a BBQ Chicken Sandwich for lunch that was pretty good.
  • Found a heavy duty nail file by Mac Professional that I added to my Amazon Store. Been looking awhile for one of those.

News? Always. Right now, just happy a lot less interaction with those using consoles.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Tennis, long nights...

For the last two weeks, I have done little else other than watch the French Open. Wimbledon starts on June 29th. A myriad of grass court tournaments are now in progress through the next 2 or 3 weeks, which help the players to condition for Wimbledon.

ESPN and the Tennis Channel are not covering as many of these tournament matches, so I will be doing other things until the end of the month. If this ever ends, I think I am going to subscribe to Tennis TV or Tennis Channel Plus.

I have not done much else, mainly because I am experiencing a lot of irritations from the many consoles some still have. What I do not understand; who in this area is allowing the relay. FBI is that you? This is hurting me and causing a great deal of sleep loss. One of the many reasons I have done little else, other than watch tennis.

That said, over the weekend I caught several notable movies and did a little gardening.

  • Movie: The Judge
  • Movie: In the Bedroom
  • Movie: Nightingale
  • Moved one of my Hosta plants to a planter on the front porch. Original planter damaged.
  • Renewed the domain for another 2 years.
  • Paid web hosting for up until 9/01/15
  • Updating Amazon Gift Ideas store for Father's Day

End in sight? News from Washington? Too much. Not sure what it means. Seems many are still hoping to generate a libel suit. I am amazed DOJ and the FBI are allowing this.

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