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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Strange Crossing Guard Behavior

Recently, local police have been all over the place. This really does not bother me as much now- because I believe Washington is more involved.

That said several odd things happened today:

  • This morning, the crossing guard was talking with a cop in a cruiser on the corner for almost the entire time she was there. When she was about to leave she rang the bell and knocked several times. I know-- because I looked out the peep hole and returned to what I was doing. It should be noted that in the morning she normally stations herself on the corner opposite my house and this is where the police cruiser was also parked.
  • Also this morning, around the time the cruiser was parked there, a strange wifi location was listed amongst those available [along with my house wifi access]. The strange location Looked like a phone number starting with a 4.
  • This afternoon when the guard returned-- she again stopped by the house and rang the door. My mother was here-- so she answered the door. The guard not realizing I was home- claimed a cop was stationed on the corner this morning because he wanted to catch speeders. She also claimed someone came out of the house and took a photo of the police cruiser and she wanted to explain why he was there. I never said anything-- and quite frankly did not hear her say someone came out to take a photo. Since I am the only one here that does that-- when my mother told me-- I was a little angry. I did not answer the door. I assumed she thought no one was home-- so who did she see? That said-- I was home and no one else was here.
  • When she left-- I went out side and asked her what she was doing? I gave her my business card sometime ago.. and she has been stationed on that corner for about 3 to 4 years. She comes to the house twice in one day ringing and ringing-- because she wanted to explain a police cruiser was trying to catch speeders on the corner. I asked her to stop coming to this house and ringing the door bell. she said okay.

This bothers me a bit-- because along with the neighbors down both streets- [I live on a corner], I also gave this crossing guard my card. As I said-- this about a year or two ago. Today, for some reason she told me she was a reserve police officer. I explained I did not care who she was-- to stop coming to the house. She seemed to get quiet when I asked why would she be coming to the house and ringing the bell both in the morning and evening. To explain why a cop is sitting on the corner?

Her behavior very odd. What I see? People may want to start things for the wrong reasons.. or Fed types knew I gave her my card. She does not get what I get. I do not mind if Fed types want her gone. I mind this person running her own-- game on my time when I am minding my own business.

She also lied. I have not been out of the house to snap photos of the many police cruisers parked, riding nor anything else-- since early January 2012.. Earlier in January 2012-- I felt a subtle change and do not feel as concerned about cops sitting on the corner anymore. That said-- maybe they should be concerned. I live in a quiet residential area. I am seeing way too many cruisers parked on the corners. No this no longer angers me-- but I feel they should stop wasting their time-- if only to annoy me. I am not. I am when people come to the door I do not expect. I do not answer the door unless I expect company or a package. The people I know call first. She has my business card. She should have called first. Now she should do neither.

The odd wifi access location? not sure-- is this a police wifi access location? If so, happy it appears they have not yet copied my hard-drive. I turned off the wifi when I noticed this. Yes, had reason to believe my password was cracked-- but the abstract noise on this should be trusted. That said-- I changed it.

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