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Saturday, March 03, 2012

FBI-- How do you spell fraud

The following illustration shows quarterly stats through yesterday [03.02.12] for the Amazon interface I maintain on this blog [right sidebar] and several WiredPages.

The really surprising thing about these stats? Each time a page that has the interface is requested-- a hit should be recorded by Amazon. It is harder for me to show fraud as related to orders or clicks-- but since I know I requested one of the pages with the interface more that 15 times and my hosting stats also indicated I had other visitors-- someone is lying. In this case the lie looks like fraud.

FBI-- not sure how you are spelling fraud these days.. but I know how to spell it.

Another spelling error? Rick Santorum.. Does that equal Bill Clinton in 1997-- but I slept through it again? His nephew wants to point out exactly what he is? Why?

Dude, I don't owe the clintons. If they were behind the horrific rights violations I was subjected to between 1996 through 1998-- I owe them jail.

The AIDS question? People are living with AIDS? I am not. I have no health care. If I had Aids it would be easy to see. I was never in a high risk category and exams I had in early 2000s also back up my assertions. Public figures do look ill to me. Abstract noise suggested one public figure in particular is angry with me-- because while violating my rights he did something while I was sleeping. I never had AIDS nor HIV. If abstract noise is correct-- tell him to check out who else he did. I did not wake up? Someone probably gave me a sleeping draft-- that said-- I can place someone that looks like the public figure in question, in the environment and if he did have AIDS-- he should stop pointing a finger at me.. he should have only done me-- and he would not have AIDS. That said-- he violates my rights and I owe him? Dude, I do not owe that trailer park idiot-- have his nephew explain. By the way-- I also do not owe your child's mother. I said no dude.

I started looking at the AIDs question last summer because I read a Rockwell coworker's wife died. Early in my why me search, 1996-- there was a question about AIDS. I was never into oral nor anal [no experience], I do not lead, nor too many partners [passing on a lot-- including Amaury Bannister someone I was seen with a lot in and around Washington-- but we never did anything.. just hung out]. Sorry-- I do not have it. Also- I have not had sex in over 17 years.. Rick Santorum [name-- asked if he was Dude's son a month ago-- just examined his name last night] would like to suggest otherwise? I would love to have a judge looking at any tapes from 1995 through 1998 [or anytime for that matter].... Why? Not because I am worried someone can call me a liar about no sex-- but more because the idiot who shot the tape is going to have to explain what I am doing there.. Goes to horrific rights violations.

Had Blue Cross Blue Shield and something else until about 2006 or so... Had blood tests.. If I had a problem those health insurance providers should know about it. Why did I cancel it? I only used it for routine things-- and could pay out of pocket rather than the large premiums being paid.. it was also being used as leverage.. I do not like threats. My broken arm-- a major reason I wanted health care insurance until it was to threaten me.. I do not like threats.. from anyone.

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