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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Earpiece confirming crap with Kates... not on my time.

There is nothing going on. Yesterday, my mother decided there was a leak and a plumbing service came in to put in a new faucet. I never saw a leak. Earpiece provided [and yes/there are hearing aid devices in my ear-- inserted without my permission sometime before 1999 and turned on in early march 2012.] -- mother went to someone else's house and did something she was not supposed to do and that's why the neat Moen was replaced with a lesser Moen. Why am I providing this information? To show the crap that is going on. She called around 9:00 am said they would be here between 10:00 and 2:00 Monday came in yesterday about 11:00. Whole thing looks like crap.

What other crap? I am told that several nodes are used to maintain my site- qisoftware. On Thursday night-- I noticed the interfaces were a little slow so I blocked access for a range of IPs under the APNic region to prevent from going down.

In 2006-2008 or so-- I noticed that on the weekends WiredPages often had denial of service issues. The site so busy-- it prevented many from accessing including me. I believe sometime after that the Apache command:

"allow from all"

I had in the .htaccess file was removed enabling Apache system level commands to redirect my traffic. Here are some of the areas the earpiece is claiming the traffic was redirected to:

  • Earpiece claims Kate Midland is actually daughter of Sam Brownback and Jane Seymour. I have no idea. I passed on Kate midland.. Long before earpiece claim of what appears to be cousin's daughter. Sam Brownback appears to be the son of Ronald Reagan and my Aunt Judy however i have no confirmation. Also told via earpiece Large portion of traffic redirected to Kate's house [one of the nodes] and then redirected to WiredPages. What this does? Enables Alexa and other statistical organizations to ignore traffic for Wiredpages.
  • Kate Annapolis-- I am unsure if this is the Navy lab or Kate O'malley. Again earpiece provided information. Kate O'malley looks like a temp that came into my Rockwell office in the early 90's to work for one of my coworkers. Data entry clerk. Coworker a Larry Frick. Told she is actually a Bruce Leshan, George Clooney, Sam Brownback girlfriend. A little unclear but also thought earpiece provided she was also married to Sam Brownback. Not interested in the loud mouth temp that argured too much with the support staff [Mary Buffalow]. Why would Kate get my traffic?
  • to be continued...

This past Thursday, when I reinserted "allow from all" to top level .htaccess file and most of the sub-domains on the day following Alexa ranks dropped from 19 million to 14 million. I have screen grabs. On WiredPages I also denied access to most of Asia IPs. Asia -- japan, India-- not China to ensure did not drop. I did have a heads up.. They may have thoought I would put up the "repair site" for WiredPages-- something I started doing in recent months. About 5 weeks ago-- they started saying was overloaded because of the interfaces and they may drop it. Earpiece they. That is what I am trying to protect. On Thursday, they said Kelly was taking system interference off Who is Kelly? A female senator. At first she was a mossad agent. They are now telling me she is-- the 15 year old lover of the New Jersey governor who looks like my sister, Judy Thomas. who is his daddy [Gov.]? The suggestion a rockefeller. never said which one-- however I asked about Nelson. Not Jay Rockefeller. All of this earpiece provided. Judy has a granddaughter that tried to sue indeed. I was not consulted and hearing from earpiece. I do not owe judy's granddaughter nor New Jersey governor's little girlfriend they later gave a job. Said he was 10 or so and she was 15. Also a Lester Holt x-girlfriend. all earpiece. The Key 19,000,000 alexa ranking. Should not nave been that low. And yes.. site was slow-- from I believe is actually running on 4 nodes [very fast] government nodes and it should not be. is on a virtual server also something I did not authorize but not as fast. I can prove I pay hosting to the organizations who claim to be my hosting companies. is the problem. individual nodes were supposed to have been changed/cleared to prepare for ending this crap. the thing is-- settlement payment from the federal reserve was supposed to start June 1, 2012 according to earpiece and the unblocking from the government side in preparation. No starter payment. I was not upset-- because I am used to this lie. i was happy that appeared to be slower than normal telling me government blocks and redirects were taken out. This morning-- everything is running fast.. why?

Why is the Apache .htaccess command:

"allow from all"

important? On Thursday when I initially setup the top-level .htaccess file for and subdomain .htaccess file for I did not have that command in after all the denies to the APNic IPs. Permission was denied when I tried to access wiredpages-- but not When I added the command to the wiredpages sub-domain .htaccess file it enabled the requests. Why would denying the Asia Pacific IPs I inserted deny me access to WiredPages. I put the command in after the denies and now it works. It should not redirect even if the system commands are reinserted. Why is this tampering allowed in the first place-- FBI?

The leak problem.. listening as mom being taken advantage of by pushy guy that wanted to see if I would step in. I did. He wanted to redo the whole house. I gave him my business card and explained no thank you. Why these tests? Am I frightened of ugly pushy boys? No... I am too incompetent to run my business and have that much money owed me? I have been here 17 years. maryland keeps telling me I am competent. Maybe washington should stop.. Looks bad.. really bad. STop. Tired of you using my aging mother to push around === stop.

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